David Trummer and Zarja Cernilogar succeed in Maribor

David Trummer and Zarja Cernilogar succeed in Maribor

David Trummer and Zarja Cernilogar succeed in Maribor

The first round of the iXS European Downhill Cup 2014 is in the books. This weekend, about 380 riders from 27 different nations made their way to Maribor (Slovenia) to take part in a race on one of the world’s most popular tracks.


Maribor is special in more than just one way: Already since the end of the ’90s, Maribor has been a traditional venue for international races and despite some longer breaks in the big racing business, it never stopped being present in the scene. There is hardly another track that has been referred to as the favorite track of the downhill elite more often. And it’s even more than this – every single race is special: The course is situated directly above the city with its 100 000 inhabitants and provides the riders not only with a perfect track, but also with a huge number of visitors and spectators – two ingredients that are essential for big events in the sport. The final ingredient for a perfect weekend would have been the sun shining from a blue sky – but what’s really perfect? At least on Sunday, the rain stopped for a few hours.


It has been a tough weekend, especially for the organizers. Already on Thursday, the weather put up a first obstacle: a heavy storm caused quite a few damaged passages of the track that had to be mended on Friday in the early morning. Just in time for the track walk, numerous helping hands were able to fix the track until 10:00 a.m. After this, the riders started their first training sessions of the weekend. Despite the rather bad weather conditions, the 2,6 km track with its 450 m difference in altitude was in nearly perfect shape again. Therefore, the first enthusiastic candidates, like Markus Pekoll (AUT – MS Mondraker) already proved their ambitions in the first training sessions.

On Saturday, the choice of tires was an easy one: after heavy rainfall all night long, there was basically no choice left. Even the fact that the rainfall stopped around noon did not help very much: the overall conditions for the Seeding Run were still far from easy. They were, however, the same for all the participants, but some of the riders seemed to be more used to them than others. Pekoll, for example, can be counted to the “rain-riders”, although he definitely prefers dryer conditions in general. David Trummer (AUT – RRP Ghost) also seemed to be not too challenged by the weather and succeeded in Saturday’s Seeding Run. The former Junior vice champion already proved his skills under similar conditions in Champéry and after a spectacular second place in Maribor last season he is eager to reach the first place this time. With 20 years he belongs to the youngest favourites of the season. In the Elite Women category, Zarja Cernilogar (SLO – Blackthorn-GT) put up the fight where she left off: With a ten-second lead in her Seeding Run, she set the bar already quite high on Saturday.

On Sunday, the weather showed some sympathy with the riders – or maybe it just ran out of water for a while. It stayed relatively dry all day and even the sun came out for the finals. As always, the Masters went first: last year’s winner Rostislav Stencel (CZE – Bikeplac Racing Team) put up a real fight against his strongest competitor Frank Hedwig (GER – RAD-ART). At the end, he was able to defend his title while Hedwig went second, followed by Christian Voigt (GER – Reichmann Engineering) in third.


The U17 category was dominated by Till Ulmenschneider (GER – Youngguns), followed by Mirko Manazzale (ITA – Airoh Axo SantaCruz) and Filip Zeman (SVK – CTM Racing Team).

In the Elite Women category, Jirková Simona (CZE – Giant Cycling Team) set a real fast split time, before Mariana Slazar (ESP – MC RACING) took over her lead. In the meantime, Harriet Ruecknagel (GER – RAD-ART) failed to keep up her result of the seeding run and finished in twelfth place in her final run. Also the Seeding Run second Janá Bartova (CZE – Bikeplac Racing Team) did not reach Slazar’s time. However, Zarja Cernilogar was the last woman to ride down the track and she definitely delivered some high-class racing. With a best time of 4:22.645 minutes and an eight-second lead, she succeeded and took the first title of the European Cup in 2014.

The Elite Men category also provided the spectators with some real action. The 16-year old Loris Rivelli (ITA – Argentina Bikes) was the first to ride down the hill and already set a time that would have saved him a place in the top 6 in the Seeding Run. Even Joe Connell (GBR – SC-Intense) did not reach this time and so Rivelli occupied the Red Bull Hot Seat for quite some time. After 45 minutes, another Italian rider took over his lead, when Simone Medici (ITA – Pedroni Cycles Racing Team) set a new best time with 3:38.221 minutes. Another 60 minutes later, Martin Lebl (CZE – Krabcycles Trek) took over with 3:35.813 minutes. From now on, the Red Bull Hot Seat was occupied by a lot of different riders in a row: first, Maxime Chapuis (SUI – Specialized) took the lead, then he was edged out by Robin Wallner (SWE – Team W-Racing), who gave way to Slawomir Lukasik (POL – NSbikes FroPro) shortly after. Cameron Cole (NZL – Rinding Addiction) set a very fast split time, but finished only in seventh in the end. Seeding Run second Markus Pekoll finished in ninth place, while David Trummer was able to keep up his lead in the end with an incredible best time of 3:30.148 minutes. Trummer took the first EDC title of his category in 2014, followed by Lukasik in second and Wallner, who completed the podium and took his 5th podium of the iXS EDC. Only five minutes after Trummer crossing the finish line, heaven opened its gates and it started raining again.

The first round of the iXS European Downhill Cup is in the books, the season has started and the first points for the overall rankings have been collected. One race done – six to go. In five week’s time, riders and spectators will make their way to Schladming in Austria, when it is time for some more high-class downhill in the second round of the EDC 2014. We’re looking forward to it


Red Bull WIde Open – course preview with Todd Barber

Red Bull WIde Open – course preview with Todd Barber

Red Bull WIde Open – course preview with Todd Barber

Livigno and the Mottolino Bike Park are gearing up for the all new Red Bull Wide Open. The unique track construction has already begun and it is not long now until the top downhill, 4x and freeride athletes will race head-to-head on July 11th – 13th 2014. The track is designed to push all the racers to their limits – sending them higher and faster than ever before. Catch up with Sport Director, Todd Barber for the first glimpse at what awaits us this summer in Livigno.

The Red Bull Wide Open is an evolution of downhill mountain bike races. It is a competition uniting the best features from a variety of disciplines, based on the extreme Supercross race formula. The best gravity racers will have to conquer at high speeds gaps of more than 18 meters, massive wall rides and technical rock gardens. Red Bull Wide Open will be a show you do not want to miss!

To get more info on the event visit www.redbull.it/wideopen



Saalfelden Leogang 2014: Let the games begin!

Saalfelden Leogang 2014: Let the games begin!

Saalfelden Leogang 2014: Let the games begin!

Saalfelden Leogang in Salzburger Land, Austria, May 14th 2014 – If you thought the last couple of years at Saalfelden Leogang were great, then this year you will be blown away! Packed full with top-events including a new discipline and of course all the riding, pros and amateurs could possibly desire – the 2014 season starts this weekend, on May 15th.


Without a doubt, the last few years at Saalfelden Leogang have been peppered with mountain bike bangers! Apart from the hugely successful UCI Mountain Bike events and races, which have proven to be a massive spectator magnet, the region has rapidly developed as one of the most versatile mountain bike areas in Europe. On the flowy tracks of Bikepark Leogang and the surrounding Saalfelden region, pros, beginners and thrill seekers will all find the perfect trail. If you’re looking for more than a heavy adrenaline fix, then Saalfelden Leogang also has you covered with its top notch event calendar.

The slushy remains of Saalfelden’s winter season are about to finally melt away. Slowly but surely the mountain bikers are taking over the Asitz mountain once more. The season will kick-off this Thursday, on May 15th, when Bikepark Leogang will open its doors to eager bikers, waiting to rip up their first berm of the year. If you don’t have your equipment ready yet, do not worry – the local bike rental Sport Mitterer, stocked with top range SCOTT bikes will hook you up with everything you need. For the GraVity Card holders it gets even better! As a member of the leading bike park alliance, your pass will grant you access to this UCI World Cup bike park – the perfect place to start making new memories.

More information about bike rentals at Sport Mitterer can be found here: http://bike.saalfelden-leogang.com/en/bikeshop-bikeschool/shop-rent/

The first event is dedicated to riders who enjoy pushing their limits in difficult endurance races. On June 4th, the impressive rider line up will begin the MTB-stage race, BIKE Four Peaks, right here in Leogang. A few weeks later on July 8th – 10th the amateur road bike marathon, Peak Break, will also weave its way through Saalfelden Leogang.

More information about Bike Four Peaks on:

More information about the Peak Break race on:

Despite the awesome event calendar, there is one occasion that sticks out above the rest: the Out of Bounds Festival from June 12th to 15th. Never before has this weekend been jammed with so much action. While the global freeride elite attempt to impress the judges and spectators at the FMB World Tour Gold Event, 26TRIX, the downhill athletes will be racing for every tenth of a second during the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup. In between this action, the Four-crossers will be battling for the UCI rainbow-jersey at the UCI Four-cross World Championships.

Additional information and news about the Out of Bounds Festival can be found on:http://bike.saalfelden-leogang.com/en/events/2014/out-of-bounds-festival/ or on:http://www.facebook.com/OOB.Leogang

Next on the list is the brand new Biketember Festival. The weekend is guaranteed fun for the younger and more mature riders, who enjoy everything from cross-country trekking to grueling enduro and thrilling downhill. Everyone is coming to Saalfelden Leogang from September 19th to 21st. For kids aged between 3 – 16 years, the SCOTT Junior Trophy offers great competitive fun. On the schedule for the slightly older, more ambitious riders, is the iXS European Downhill Cup final. Last but far from least that weekend, Bikepark Leogang will host the final stop of the Specialized-SRAM Enduro Series for the first time.

It is no coincidence that enduro is making its way to the heart of Saalfelden Leogang. With its diverse trail network, the region is ideal for this challenging discipline. Outside of the internationally renowned Bikepark Leogang, there are over 720 kilometers of trails and tracks to discover, perfect for enduro enthusiasts!

Further information about the Biketember Festival can be found on: http://bike.saalfelden-leogang.com/en/events/2014/biketember-festival-2014/

Bikepark Leogang is constantly working to ensure a well-maintained and up-to-date site. That’s why the former-known Kids Mini Bikepark has been transformed into the biggest beginner’s bike park worldwide, now known as the Riders Playground. It is dedicated to beginners and the aspiring youth, looking to develop their skills on two wheels in a fun and safe environment. Situated directly beside the bottom station, it offers many possibilities such as drop lines, a pump track and some easy freeride lines. Everything needed to progress on to the faster, more challenging lines further up the mountain.

More information about Bikepark Leogang: http://www.bikepark-leogang.com/en/

Kili Flyer – A Bike for all Trails. A Bike for all Seasons.

Kili Flyer – A Bike for all Trails. A Bike for all Seasons.

Kili Flyer – A Bike for all Trails. A Bike for all Seasons.

Kili Flyer

Remember in days gone by when you just got out and rode? Before being stereotyped by marketing suits selling you the latest buzz words for riding? Well this is what the Flyer is all about. Riding up, riding down, slaying trails, roosting corners, racing your mates, epic days in the saddle and getting loose!

2014 Saracen Kili Flyer 123

We started development of the 120mm travel Kili Flyer in 2012 and we were one of the first bike companies to bring a 27.5” trail bike to market in 2013. It took a while for component manufacturers to catch up and offer a good choice of parts that were not just gravity orientated.

Blake and Manon take the Kili Flyer to the trails.

It’s pretty funny hearing the conspiracy theories about 27.5” but people need to get over the fact that this wheel size is not just hype created to sell more product, but a wheel size that 90% of the population could ride and that offers rolling advantages on rough terrain that when timed on a stopwatch, is faster than our much loved 26”.

Kili Flyer 122 getting wet

The 2014 Flyer is the next step in the development of what we feel is an ideal trail bike.

Kili Flyer 122

We’re a small team designing great bikes that can be ridden anywhere in the world. Our headquarters is home to some of the wettest weather on the planet so we get to test the bikes in the muddiest and grittiest conditions. That’s where the “designed for UK trails” comes from, knowledge that your bike can handle wet weather as well as dry, dusty trails.

Real-world conditions

The Flyer features our own custom butted and formed 6013 Alloy front triangle with a Toray carbon rear triangle for stiffness, strength and weight saving over the original full alloy bike. The Toray carbon rear has been designed from knowledge we gained while developing the Toray carbon swingarm on our Myst DH race chassis. We call the suspension platform, on all our bikes TRL. It’s simple really: Tuned Ride Link. Single pivot for stiffness with a linkage driven shock for great suspension performance and combined together with a long top tube and relatively slack head angle for perfect trail manners.

Kili Flyer 123

The Kili Flyer range starts at £1999 (for the full alloy model) and tops out at £3199 with a framekit option at £1599.

As Manon Carpenter recently said on one of our shoots, “If I could only have one bike, this would be it.”

Kili Flyer – A bike for all Trails. A bike for all seasons.

Kili Flyer 123 - 3199.99
Blake hits warp speed

Kili Flyer 123 – £3199.99

Kili Flyer 122 - 2599.99
Manon Carpenter finding some grip.

Kili Flyer 122– £2599.99

Kili Flyer 121 - 1999.99
Jack getting airborne.

Kili Flyer 121 – £1999.99

Saracen Kili Flyer 12x frameset - 1599.99

Kili Flyer 12X Frameset – £1599.99

2014 UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup opens in Tuscany

2014 UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup opens in Tuscany

2014 UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup opens in Tuscany

2014 UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup opens in Tuscany

2014 UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup opens in Tuscany

Competition in the opening World Cup round kicks off on Friday May 9th with the time trials on a fast course through the town centre. The athletes will cover the 15km circuit once or twice depending on their sport class. The road races on May 10-11 will lead the riders on a short circuit of just over 8km, to be completed between three (for the tricycles and WH1-2 classes) and 14 times (MB).

In total, 318 athletes from 36 countries will participate in this weekend’s competitions. Although it is the first major road competition of the year, many of those in the C and B classes already confronted each other at the UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico, four weeks ago.

Second behind the USA in the overall World Cup rankings last year, the Italian athletes will be hoping to perform well at home this weekend. With a team of 50 competing in Castiglione Della Pescaia, they can count on a particularly strong handbike contingent which includes 2013 World Cup winners Luca Mazzone, Alessandro Zanardi and Francesca Fenocchio who won the WH2 class last year in front of fellow Italian Claudia Schuler.

The Australians, who count three road World Champions and led a very successful campaign at the track World Champions in April, will not compete in Italy this weekend. However, 19 World Cup winners from 2013 and 21 reigning road World Champions will be present, making the task of claiming the leader’s jersey in the different categories particularly difficult.

After Castiglione Della Pescaia, the 2014 UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup will move to Cantimpalos, Segovia (Spain) for the second round (July 25 – 27).

Para-cycling sport classes

C – Cyclist: conventional bike with some minor adaptations

T – Tricycle: three-wheeled bike

B – Blind: tandem

H – Handbike

Each group is divided into different sport classes depending on the severity of the handicap

Photo: Second in the 2013 World Cup, the popular Pizzi brothers Ivano and Lucca, World Champions in the time trial, will be looking for a solid performance in Castiglione Della Pe