SRAM XX1 Quarq Power Meter Cranks

SRAM XX1 Quarq Power Meter Cranks

SRAM XX1 Quarq Power Meter Cranks


SRAM Powermeter PR Images

SRAM XX1 Power Meter:
• Carbon arms – 170 and 175mm
• 156 and 168mm Q-factors
• 104 BCD – 32, 34, 36, and 38-tooth chain rings sold separately
• GXP and BB30
• Multipoint, active temperature compensation
• Accelerometer cadence

• Built hand-in-hand with the XX1 drivetrain – highest performance, integrated look
• Designed for X-SYNC™ and compatible with XX1, X01 and X1
• Light weight, LED indicator and replaceable CR2032 battery
• Each power meter is individually calibrated at the factory to eliminate temperature effects on power measurement
• Accelerometer for cadence – no need to install a magnet
• IPX7 waterproof rating (1 meter of submersion for 30 minutes)
• All SRAM MTB Q-factors, crank lengths and bottom brackets

SRAM Powermeter PR Images

The 1X™ drivetrain that launched an XC World Championship, SRAM XX1 was built to be simpler, lighter and more durable than any other. Calibrated to work together, SRAM XX1 components deliver remarkable chain control and rapid, high-precision shifting. Which gives serious riders exactly the edge they need. UNSTOPPABLE.

SRAM X-SYNC™ 1X™ chain rings provide the highest level of performance and durability. The SRAM X-SYNC™ tall square teeth edges engage the chain earlier than traditional triangle shaped teeth. The sharp and narrow tooth profile, as well as rounded chamfer edges, help manage a deflected chain. To provide the best possible performance in muddy conditions, the X-SYNC™ chain rings have been designed with mud-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers. Engineered in Germany, X-SYNC™ rings are an integral part of the SRAM 1X™ drivetrain. Accept no imitation.

SRAM Powermeter PR Images

When SRAM’s engineers first turned their attention to X-SYNC™, they began by examining the multi-speed, single-ring systems that were already on the market. From inside and outside derailment to mud-clogged gear recesses, the rings presented clear opportunities for improvement. So the engineers started to design—and redesign. Each iteration of the new chain ring went to the field for trial runs. And from all of this came X-SYNC™, MTB’s first wide tooth, narrow tooth chain ring.

But wide tooth, narrow tooth alone didn’t cut it. The SRAM team plowed ahead with a single goal in mind: to create a ring that contributed to the SRAM 1X™ drivetrain built around simplicity and durability. Every detail was scrutinized, leading to optimized square tooth geometry. To asymmetric tooth-tip offset. To sharp-tipped teeth that catch the chain at extreme offsets. Chamfers and radii designed for optimized guiding. Enhancements engineered to limit roller movement. And mud recesses that keep the chain clean and moving. All focused on the dynamic bike platform for XC, Trail, Enduro, and Gravity riding. And all part of an integrated SRAM 1X™ system precision-designed so that every aspect of X-SYNC™ works perfectly with the rest of the drivetrain.
The original wide tooth, narrow tooth chain ring is the optimized ring for riders who never compromise. X-SYNC™—ONLY BY SRAM.

XC riders use it to dial in their training, objectively assess race results and fine-tune their diet.

Marathon racers use it to pace themselves and monitor energy loss.

Enduro and downhill racers use it to see how often they pedal and how hard, analyze power and cadence vs. gear selection and seated vs. standing pedaling, and monitor fatigue.

SRAM Powermeter PR Images
UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships: Dame Sarah Storey again victorious

UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships: Dame Sarah Storey again victorious

UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships: Dame Sarah Storey again victorious

Women C5 podium: (from left to right) Anna Harkowska (Poland), Dame Sarah Storey (Great Britain), Samantha Heinrich (USA)
Women C5 podium: (from left to right) Anna Harkowska (Poland), Dame Sarah Storey (Great Britain), Samantha Heinrich (USA)

The British rider excelled on the first day of the time-trials, winning the Women’s C5 category in Greenville (South Carolina, USA).

Now holder of 15 World Championship titles, Dame Sarah is the most successful Paralympic athlete in the United Kingdom. On Sunday, she will attempt to add another victory to her record in the road race.

The British rider won the event with a 50-second lead over the Polish rider Anna Harkowska, the American Samantha Heinrich taking third position on the podium.

In the other events of the day, the host country continued collecting medals, winning four gold, one silver and one bronze. Even Italy, another strong para-cycling nation, was not able to keep up, obtaining only three medals.

Managing to retain her title in the Women’s C2 category, Allison Jones explained the American domination with these words: “Defending the title in our own country, there wasn’t a lot of pressure, but there was always the reminder of everyone cheering for you, cheering in English, and your family and friends being there,” said Jones. “I could see the red, white and blue out there on the course, and it was such a positive atmosphere, so it was really awesome to get the win.”

The time-trials are continuing today, Saturday 30 August, on the Millenium Campus in Greenville, before the road races take place on Sunday and Monday. You can follow these events “live” on

Para-cycling sport classes

C – Cyclist: conventional bike with some minor adaptations
T – Tricycle: three-wheeled bike
B – Blind: tandem
H – Handbike

Each group is divided into different sport classes depending on the severity of the handicap.

Bell Introduces Super 2R Helmet

Bell Introduces Super 2R Helmet

Bell Introduces Super 2R Helmet

Bell Helmets, a company that since 1954 has delivered purpose-built helmets marked by industry-leading design and performance technologies, today unveiled its “Super 2R” – a groundbreaking all-mountain helmet for riders, setting a new standard for helmet versatility and performance. Building off the success of the Super, Bell raised the bar with Super 2R, addressing the increasing demands of all-mountain riders with a category-defying helmet that bridges the gap between trail riding and downhill thanks to a removable, protective chin bar that can be easily attached and detached throughout the course of a ride. 

The Super 2R was designed to serve the needs of a new generation of mountain bikers who are riding faster and farther than ever, and are taking on varying trail terrains and downhill situations. Bell’s Wraparound Protection technology addresses the need for added adaptability by delivering a protective chin bar that can be removed and carried on climbs, then quickly and easily snapped into place for the descent. The chin bar utilizes buckles with proven technology inspired by ski boots along with removable and adjustable cheek pads. These features add stability, comfort and protection to help improve performance on the downhill portion of rides and eliminate the need to carry an extra helmet along the way.

Bell Super2
bigquotes With the Super 2R, we wanted to introduce a helmet that could address the various situations that a serious all-mountain rider might encounter. For avid mountain bikers, escalated downhill speeds call for enhanced protection in a full-face helmet. Until now, there was a choice between wearing an open-face or full-face helmet, or carry both to swap back and forth. We felt it was time for one helmet that effectively achieves all of that. The Super 2R is a single helmet that offers adaptable protection and comfort to address the riders’ headgear needs. – Azul Couzens, Director of Marketing, Bell Helmets

Everything about the new Super 2R was designed for all-mountain riding. In addition to its Wraparound Protection technology, the helmet is fully loaded with essential elements for riding across varying terrain. Overbrow Ventilation channels cool air through the helmet to prevent overheating on long rides. The Super 2R’s Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system provides a comfortable perch on the occipital lobe, while a newly designed camera mount features improved breakaway capability. Additionally, the GoggleGuide System lets riders easily adjust and stow goggles under the visor. From Enduro to XC, this host of performance features was designed to deliver more of what the all-mountain rider needs and positions the Super 2R as the new standard in all-mountain helmet performance. 

Bell Helmets Super 2

The Super 2R is an upgrade from Bell’s original Super helmet, and the chin bar will only be compatible with the new Super 2R and Super 2. The Super 2R will be available in three sizes, is CPSC and CE EN1078 certified, and will also come equipped with ICEdot emergency identification and notification service; a label with a unique code that the user can activate at no charge. After setting up a user profile, first responders will be able to access emergency contact info and any special health conditions via SMS text through a standard mobile device. It will be available in five standard color ways. Super 2R is priced for retail at $200 and will be available at Bell dealers in November.

Qhubeka: mobilising a population

Qhubeka: mobilising a population

Qhubeka: mobilising a population

Qhubeka: mobilising a population
Qhubeka: mobilising a population

With its catch phrase “mobilising people with bicycles” the Qhubeka charity has had an enormous impact on the lives of tens of thousands of people living in rural Africa.

Qhubeka is an Nguni word meaning “to carry on”, “to progress”, “to move forward”.  Since 2005 the African charity has lived up to its name, distributing more than 45,000 bikes to children and adults who have suddenly seen their commuting times reduced by up to 75%. The result?  More time to study, greater productivity, better results, less fatigue. With a bicycle, these people can travel further, carry more, discover new places and get there quicker.

Food for thought: Of South Africa’s 16 million schoolchildren, 12 million walk to school. Of these, 500,000 walk more than two hours each way, spending four hours getting to and from school each day. The positive impact of a bicycle cannot be denied.

With a bicycle…


  • A child’s commute time to school is reduced by up to 75%
  • A person’s carrying capacity is increased five-fold
  • Healthcare workers can visit more than double the amount of patients per day
  • Children’s school marks improve by an average of 25%
  • School attendance rates rise by 18% on average


Empowering adults and children
Each time Qhubeka distributes a bike, it expects something in return. This work-to-earn concept is part of the charity’s desire to empower people and give them dignity. Qhubeka’s five different programmes result in improved access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity.

The Qhubeka programmes


  • Qhubeka ECO provides bicycles to people across Africa in return for work to improve their communities and the environment, including planting trees, recycling waste and farming food.
  • Qhubeka Education supplies bicycles to school children. With less time spent getting to and from school, the students spend more time in class and on homework. They are less tired and have improved concentration.
  • Qhubeka Enterprise helps individuals and communities set up and develop micro-businesses that use bicycles as a central work tool – for example delivery services.
  • By providing bicycles to healthcare workers, Qhubeka Health facilitates focused healthcare work with Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), as well as home-based patient care.
  • Qhubeka Sport is dedicated to sports development in Africa. By providing bicycles, organising sports events and partnering with sports organisations, Qhubeka Sport encourages children to experience and enjoy sport, and learn vital life skills through their participation.


World Bicycle Relief
Since 2013, Qhubeka has been part of a wider international programme World Bicycle Relief.  As its South African arm, Qhubeka benefits from World Bicycle Relief’s expertise in product development, supply chain logistics, operations and programme design.

World Bicycle Relief is a US-based non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming individuals and communities through The Power of Bicycles. Since 2005, World Bicycle Relief has trained more than 800 field mechanics and provided more than 125,000 specially designed, locally assembled quality bicycles to disaster survivors, healthcare workers, students and entrepreneurs in the developing world.

The Qhubeka Bike
Branded the Buffalo Bicycle, the distinctive yellow Qhubeka Bike was developed by World Bicycle Relief. It is a robust, purpose-built machine that was designed, tested and assembled in Africa.  Close attention has been paid to user feedback and the bike undergoes rigorous quality control.



Bicycle maintenance is also an important part of the Qhubeka programme, which promotes long-term sustainability and ensures that owners can keep their bicycles in working order. A network of local distributors guarantees that replacements are easily accessible.

A partnership with Africa’s first ever UCI Professional Continental Team
The name Qhubeka has become well known in cycling circles since the establishment of Team MTN-Qhubeka, Africa’s first ever UCI Professional Continental Team. Team MTN_Qhubeka rides to build exposure for Qhubeka’s initivatives and also aims to inspire potential new athletes among those who have received Qhubeka bikes.

“The team and Qhubeka formed a partnership because we have the same dream of developing African cycling talent and taking that talent to the highest levels in world cycling to see what is possible,” explains Team Principal Douglas Ryder.  “This is a very difficult task when the base you want to draw talent from in Africa and South Africa does not have access to bicycles. Hence the relationship with Qhubeka. The more successful Qhubeka is, the more successful our team, and the future of African cycling, will be.

“Qhubeka is incredibly important to the team riders and staff, and it is one of the major reasons why we have attracted such fantastic talent to our team. Our partners also contribute to Qhubeka in various ways: kit sales, bike sales, product sales & mobile contracts. We want to help as many people as possible by providing them with bicycles.”

Team MTN-Qhubeka received wild cards to participate in several UCI WorldTour races in 2014 and will start the Vuelta a España, its first ever Grand Tour, on August 23. For 23 days, the team will promote Qhubeka’s message on worldwide media.

In association with the UCI, Team MTN-Qhubeka is also supporting a feeder team, the MTN-Qhubeka World Cycling Centre Africa Team. Headed by Jean-Pierre van Zyl, the director of the World Cycling Centre in Africa, the feeder team is based in South Africa. It acts as a bridge between Africa and Europe for aspiring professional cyclists. Riders train and race like professionals, and learn about equipment, nutrition and race preparation. They learn how to become a professional rider and to be competitive at a professional level.

“Africa is the last continent that reflects in the European and professional peloton,” van Zyl said. “From what I’ve seen in Africa, I think the next ten years will be dominated by Africans. These are exciting times, there is a lot of hard work and a lot of trust that needs to be put into Africa, but we will be successful. African riders are proud and hard working and they will blossom within this structure.”

In more ways than one, Qhubeka is shaping Africa’s future on two wheels.

More information
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EUROBIKE 2014 Novelties Press Conference “Lebowsk-e” fat e-bike

EUROBIKE 2014 Novelties Press Conference “Lebowsk-e” fat e-bike

EUROBIKE 2014 Novelties Press Conference “Lebowsk-e” fat e-bike

EUROBIKE 2014 Novelties Press Conference

EUROBIKE 2014 Novelties Press Conference

“Lebowsk-e” fat e-bike from Felt With the Lebowsk-e, the company Felt is not only presenting their first fat e-bike, but first fat e-bike in the world. It will go into mass production for the 2015 model year. For the Lebowsk-e, Felt is relying on the Bosch Performance drive, which offers especially high torque and ensures optimal assistance in difficult terrain. A 400 watt-hour battery ensures a long range. The Sram-X01 drive with eleven speeds is the perfect fit for the Bosch drive, which due to its design can only accommodate one chain ring on the crank. 

Felt Electric LEBOWSKe from Felt Bicycles TV on Vimeo.