Mtbmagindia – Issue 13 Out Now

Mtbmagindia – Issue 13 Out Now

Mtbmagindia – Issue 13 Out Now

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13 – Superstition?! Yes or no? We believe things happen for a reason. And a lot of things have happened in the last 2 months again. First, tragically, Tarun Dagar, the Mastermind of Pedaler Village, left us. I hope he is watching us from above, and that he can see us continuing his work, his dream! Akshay Chaudhary, who joined our team as rider and editor, will make sure that this dream comes alive. Already we are on the 13th issue, showing our tour of India, the spectacular district ride in Germany, and the first ever Fox Hunt with Rachel Atherton! Not only is our number of issues growing, also the number of riders in India. Good things are in progress in Delhi with ATH and with Navi Saini, a trail rider from Jaipur in the section Young Gun. The Asia Bike Show was held in Nanjing, and we’ll show you some new products. We hope you enjoy Issue 13, and keep on riding!

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Women in Adventure Take Centre Stage at SHAFF 2015

Women in Adventure Take Centre Stage at SHAFF 2015

Women in Adventure Take Centre Stage at SHAFF 2015

Women in adventure sports will take centre stage at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (March 20-22) with organisers encouraging more women filmmakers and athletes to submit films to this year’s festival as well as running a film competition, photography exhibition, photography competition; and hosting panel discussion and forum on whether we’re starting to see a shift towards seeing equal numbers of women in adventure sports on the big screen, behind the 
camera and in the audience.

Shaff 2015

ShAFF organisers have teamed up with the British Mountaineering Council’s film channel BMC TV, WomenClimb blog, theSport Is Beautiful campaign (celebrating women’s sport through photography and film), camera bag manufacturer Lowepro and outdoor news website

• BMC Women In Mountain Adventure Film competition. Entries will be available via BMC TV where viewers can vote their favourites on to the shortlist. A panel of judges including Mina Leslie-Wujastyk (BMC Vice President), Mark Turnbull (Producer of the legendary Hard Grit) and Matt Heason (ShAFF Director) will pick a winner who will win the £500 prize.
• Lowepro Women in Adventure Photography Exhibition. The ShAFF 2015 photo exhibition (which for the past two years has attracted more than 3,000 visitors) will again fill the Showroom Workstation. This year the entire mezzanine level will be dedicated to an exhibition curated by of adventure photographs taken by female photographers and/or featuring female athletes. 
• A special category in the Lowepro Single Shot adventure photography competition. The Lowepro Single Shot competition rules are simple – one entry, open to all whether amateur or pro. This year, in addition to our overall winner, we’ll have a special category celebrating women in adventure sport. There will be a Lowepro pack for the winner and a matching prize for the best “Women in Adventure” photo. 
• ShAFF Fringe ‘Women In Adventure’ Forum discussing how to increase women’s participation both in front and behind the camera. 
• A target of more films featuring and made by women as part of the #ShAFF2015 programme. Last year only a fifth of films screened at ShAFF featured or were made by women. 

Climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk said, “The Women in Mountain Adventure Film competition is a brilliant and exciting opportunity to showcase female adventures as well as film making. Having worked recently with Jen Randall on a documentary project, I am totally inspired by her skills and I would love to see more women follow in her filming footsteps. Women are doing great things every day, let’s show the world how impressive we are and how creative we can be!”

Nicola Underdown from the BMC’s Equity Steering Group said, “Even as a weekend warrior, I know how much inspiration I get from knowing women of all ages and backgrounds are getting outside and having adventures in the mountains. The BMC is determined to show that mountain adventure can be for everybody, so I’m passionate about encouraging women to share what they’re doing, to provide role models for us all.”

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival PR Lissa Cook said, “Over the past couple of years ShAFF has been criticised for the lack of women on the big screen and in our trailer. On the one hand, our response is ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’. The reality is that the majority of films submitted to ShAFF are made by men starring men. Only a fifth of last year’s films were either made by or featured women and sadly none of those were suitable for our Young Adventurers’ screenings. On the other hand, it’s simply not good enough.”

“We’re delighted to be working with partners like the BMC, WomenClimb, Sport Is Beautiful, Lowepro and MyOutdoors to raise the profile of women in adventure sport. The debate we’ve been having over the past three years makes me think that we can’t single-handedly revolutionise the industry but we can lead by example and work with female athletes and filmmakers in the same way we do with local Peak District film producers and photographers.” 

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Director Matt Heason said, “I’m optimistic that the tide is finally turning. Submissions haven’t closed yet but my initial impression is that we’re getting more submissions of films featuring women and I’m actively sourcing more. Last month’s Buxton Adventure Festival statistics were encouraging with a 45% female / 55% male audience split which means more women are coming and see our films and hear our speakers. We hope this year’s ShAFF will prove to be a tipping point towards equality in adventure sports.” 

To Enter: 

Enter the BMC Women In Mountain Adventure Film competition here or email Nicola Underdown at the BMC ([email protected]) or Emily Pitts at WomenClimb ([email protected])

To be considered for the Lowepro Women in Adventure Photography Exhibition, please contact Dave Mycroft at [email protected]

The Lowepro ShAFF Single Shot Women In Adventure Category Competition Winner will win £100 + Lowepro photographer’s rucksack (make & model tbc). Open for submissions from 1st November, closes 1st February. Submissions will be trimmed down to a shortlist of 6 by a panel of judges and a winner chosen by online vote and announced on March 1st. This year’s panel of professional judges will be announced soon.

If you’d like to get involved and be part of our Women In Adventure Sport network of partners, filmmakers, photographers, ShAFF athlete ambassadors, please email [email protected] or tweet @Heason_Lissa. 

For ShAFF film submissions contact [email protected] (Deadline is 1st December, but we have some room for flexibility if you have a project that will not be completed in time).

Where the Trail Ends Season 1 Hits iTunes

Where the Trail Ends Season 1 Hits iTunes

Where the Trail Ends Season 1 Hits iTunes

Where the Trail Ends

For the iconic film Where The Trail Ends, it was impossible to tell the full story of Darren Berrecloth and the boys’ three year global search for big mountain terrain, in a one hour film. Many amazing stories had to hit the cutting room floor. 

We’ve been able to share some of these untold stories in a 6 part television series chronicling in-depth tales like Darren’s full battle with the front flip, repelling into lines in Nepal, getting shut down in Argentina, and the life changing reason Aaron Chase was only able to do one trip. If you’re a fan of Where The Trail Ends, a fan of adventure, or a fan of peering over that next horizon, then the Where The Trail Ends TV Series is for you.

Where the Trail Ends

Click here to preview Where the Trail Ends, Season 1 in iTunes.

Where the Trail Ends

Stay up to date on news like this and more at We’ve revived our site to include photography and artwork from all our films past and present. Revisit the New World Disorder film series and find out more about what NWD Films has been up to lately. For exclusive content, be sure to subscribe to the NWD newsletter.

Photos: Blake Jorgenson

Treelines Official Launch

Treelines Official Launch

Treelines Official Launch

We’ve been tromping around the woods for a while now. Building trails, riding bikes and coming up with new ideas for a clothing line dedicated to trail building. After several years of learning and growing, we finally put a line together that we think is solid enough to share with the world. Treelines is for profit, but we donate back to local trail clubs and build crews. Trail building is what this is all about. We ride, but spend more time on the shovel creating lines and more riding opportunities. Our website officially launched this week and has an online store that ships globally. 10% of all product sales on the site will go back to trail building via IMBA. You can visit our site

Packing it in.

Heading out for a classic day of digging. The back country grill is designed for cooking with wood, on or keeping a fire contained. Lightweight and packable but really intended to be left and moved down as a trail is being built. The plans and designs for this will be available on our new site very soon. We are always thinking of new ways to make digging easier or more fun. What better then to cook for your build crew.

Cooking Lunch

Over the years we have been known to sponsor trail days for other crews and cook up some of our woods famous tail tacos. This is just another standard we adopted.

Running Saw

All our shirts are a poly/cotton blend work inspired fit, to reduce moisture. Tested in the woods and at the local pub, they are rider and builder approved.

Rolling in

Sometimes we ride, but usually its in the form of a flow check. Always bring the bike into the woods.

cuttin trail

Stepping up

Airing the rock

Product testing is a must. I have been wearing and washing our products for several years now. 

Stepppin Down

I choose a T-Shirt over a jersey, and most days it’s Carharts and work boots. All our products are designed and printed by us. Check up on the website to see new styles added frequently, we are just getting the store loaded up. The plan is to keep this project organic, original, and very non-corporate! We are not trying to be a bike clothing company. We are a trail building clothing company. Support us if you like what we are about.