Italian Cycling Federation promoting safety and health among children

Italian Cycling Federation promoting safety and health among children

Italian Cycling Federation promoting safety and health among children



Nibali’s Giro d’Italia win has inspired Italy’s young generation


Vincenzo Nibali’s victory in last year’s Tour de France has inspired a new wave of young cyclists in Italy.

The Youth Sector of Italy’s National Federation, the Federazione Ciclistica Italiana (FCI), reports a 5.3% increase in children’s membership in 2014 compared to 2013. The 7-12 year category alone boasts 14,641 members.

The activity of FCI’s Youth Sector lies at the intersection between growing the sport and promoting bike mobility. In this respect, Italy – one of the traditional powerhouses of cycle-sport – is devoting increasing resources to enlarging the bottom layers of the pyramid, with a true cycling-for-all vision.

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Giving every child the opportunity to ride a bike is one of the three objectives of the UCI Advocacy Commission. In this spirit, FCI developed a number of projects, with a range of collaborations that tells all about the intrinsic cross-sectoral nature of cycling.

Now in its 8th edition, Pinocchio in Bicicletta is an educational programme catering to primary school children aged 6 to 10. It focuses on three areas: nutrition, the environment and bikeability (basic knowledge of the machine and road safety fundamentals).

“By teaching children the essentials of how a bike is made and of how they should behave on the roads, we lay the foundations to nurture a generation of cyclists,” says Youth Sector Director Maurizio Luzzi. “Every year, we manage to connect with 10,000 to 12,000 school kids.

“More and more schools are becoming aware of the importance of cycling in the upbringing of kids. They welcome our efforts, and facilitate the distribution of our informative literature.”

Sulla buona strada…in bici (Riding on the right path) targets intermediate schools. The project leverages on one of the assets of the FCI: its widespread network of affiliated clubs and cycling schools. Workshops are organised with practical sessions, where kids are given the chance to refine their technique under the supervision of licensed cycling coaches. The initiative is run in cooperation with the Ministry for Transport, and while still in its pilot stage reached between 3,000 and 4,000 youngsters in 50 schools across the country.

A number of partners are brought on board in the framework of the Icaro XV road safety campaign. The initiative is led by the Traffic Department of the State Police, with the contribution of the Ministry of Education and other public and private sector organisations. The FCI plays a central role in the coalition, having produced all the tutorials concerning cycling, which is the core theme of this year’s Icaro. Ambassador of the campaign is Paolo Savoldelli, 2002 and 2005 Giro d’Italia winner and arguably the best descender in modern cycling – a guy who can say a thing or two about the importance of bike handling skills.

On the pro cycling side, it should be noted how the National Traffic Police – simply indispensable to any road race – has a long-standing partnership with Giro d’Italia Organiser RCS Sport. Since 2001, thanks to the joint projectBiciscuola, 100,000 children are reached each year – both at school and during the stages of La Corsa Rosa. The focus is on road safety and biking to school.

“Health and safety are our two top priorities in cycling for all, and with bikes we redesign our cities and our life trajectories,” says FCI President Renato di Rocco. “We have the responsibility to teach children about how good cycling is for themselves and for the society. By giving them a correct education, we ensure they can stay as safe as possible on the roads – enjoying cycling all through their lives, staying healthy and preserving the environment.”

Five Titles Awarded on Second Day of Track Championships

Five Titles Awarded on Second Day of Track Championships

Five Titles Awarded on Second Day of Track Championships

Annette Edmondson, Ashlee Ankudinoff, Amy Cure and Melissa Hoskins of Australia won the Team Pursuit golden medal


Annette Edmondson, Ashlee Ankudinoff, Amy Cure and Melissa Hoskins of Australia won the Team Pursuit golden medal


Day 2 of the 2015 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France, saw five world titles awarded, with a second world record also set.

The first title was awarded in the women’s 500 metre individual time trial, with the same three medalists as last year, but reverse order. Russia’s Anastasia Voynova took gold after finishing in the bronze medal position last year, while world record holder Anna Meares of Australia retained silver, and defending champion Miriam Welte of Germany dropped to bronze.

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The Team Pursuit for both women and men concluded this evening, with Australia finally breaking Great Britain’s four year winning streak to take the title in a record-breaking time of 4:13.683; almost three seconds faster than the previous record of Great Britain, who took silver. Canada defeated New Zealand for the bronze medal.

“For the past couple of months all four of us have all been training inside and out, really hard,” explained Amy Cure. “It is so special to share these special moments with these girls. We couldn’t ask for anything else.”

“Beating the Brits, who have dominated the past few years and we’ve always been trying to top them. They put out a bloody good effort, setting pretty much a world record as well and it took a lot to beat them, but we did.”

The men’s gold medal final was one of the most exciting of the evening, with a seesaw battle between New Zealandand Great Britain that saw the two nations swap the lead multiple times before the New Zealand pulled away in the final lap and half to win by six-tenths of a second.

“Yes we are very proud,” agreed Dylan Kennett. “We are a super young team. In the Final the oldest was 21. Regan [Gough] is only 18, so it’s pretty crazy really for that to be the first team to win one.”

“Beating the Brits, two time Olympic Champions, and having the Aussies on the third step there … a pretty special feeling to top those two teams. Beating Great Britain in the finals is something you dream of.”

The men’s Scratch Race saw a race winning break of five riders develop just past the halfway mark, with Lucas Liss of Germany attacking the other members of the breakaway as they lapped trailing riders, and then hanging on for the win. Albert Torres Barcelo (Spain) took silver ahead of Bobby Lea of the United States.

“This is the first time for me that I am World Champion. It is a very nice feeling,” said Liss. My father was World Champion in the Men’s Team Time Trial in 1973, I hope he is very happy now. Now we have two World Champions jerseys at home. It is a great feeling.”

The biggest cheers of the night were reserved for the men’s Keirin, with defending champion Francois Pervis of host France taking a thrilling win in a last lap attack. Edward Dawkins (New Zealand) just held off Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia) for silver.

“Yes, this title is better than last year,” Pervis said. “Last year was my first title and that is always special. A back-to-back title is always great, but to win here in France, in my town in front of my fan club, my family, my public, it is unbelievable.”

“All this winter I had very bad condition, never made a very good time in the training and all my competitions were very bad results. In my head it was very difficult. I crashed one month ago and it was hard on my motivation. But I was World Champion and wanted to be World Champion in France, so I must be motivated. I couldn’t give up.”

The UCI Track Cycling World Championships continue on Friday with three titles to be awarded in the women’s Individual Pursuit, the men’s kilometre metre time trial and the men’s points race. The women’s sprint and men’s Omnium also begin.

Follow the competition live on and get involved on @UCI_Track #SQY15

iLike Interview – Kenny Belaey

iLike Interview – Kenny Belaey

iLike Interview – Kenny Belaey

Kenny Belaey


Kenny Belaey


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A true ambassador of his discipline, Kenny Belaey is not only the trials rider with the most UCI titles but he also likes to introduce people to his sport. He travels the world with his show and produces his own TV show called Kenny Belaey’s BIGtime. It goes to say that Kenny is hyperactive and is always working on a new project. When we contacted him to answer to our iLike Interview, he jumped at the chance to talk about Trials. Let’s get started!

Name: Kenny Belaey
Age: 32
Nickname: The Magician
Discipline: Trials
Main success:
– 4 Elite World Champion titles, 4 Elite European titles, 6 overall World Cup wins, 3 Junior World titles, 2 Cadet World titles, 1 Junior European title.
– Part of the biggest Adidas campaign ever, reaching 1.3 Billion people
– Managed to have the first ever live stream of a UCI Trials event (Aalter, 2012)

An actor/actress: Will Smith
A TV series: Terra Nova
A movie: Avatar
A song: Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd. Goose bump guitar solo
An artist: Jimi Hendrix
A book: Losing my virginity by Richard Branson
A colour: Blue
A meal: Sushi
A country: USA
A race: World Championships
Another cyclist: Sven Nys
Another sport: Enduro
A sport person: Tony Hawk
3 things that you would take with you on a desert island: a bike, a boat and a fishing reel
A person who inspires you: Nelson Mandela
A motto: Winners never quit and quitters never win
A dream: To live long and happily, without regrets and having done something meaningful in life

Something people don’t know about you?
I am a work addict… I can’t stop working on projects and taking on new challenges.



Stellar Resolution: The Nikon D810A Captures the Cosmos in Epic Detail

Stellar Resolution: The Nikon D810A Captures the Cosmos in Epic Detail

Stellar Resolution: The Nikon D810A Captures the Cosmos in Epic Detail

The D810A Provides New Features Specifically for Astrophotography, Nikon Also Announces Availability of D750 Filmmaker’s Kit

Stellar Resolution: The Nikon D810A Captures the Cosmos in Epic Detail The D810A Provides New Features Specifically for Astrophotography, Nikon Also Announces Availability of D750 Filmmaker’s Kit

Stellar Resolution: The Nikon D810A Captures the Cosmos in Epic Detail
The D810A Provides New Features Specifically for Astrophotography, Nikon Also Announces Availability of D750 Filmmaker’s Kit

Nikon Inc. announced the new D810A, a DSLR optimized for astrophotography and other scientific applications. By modifying the infrared cut filter for the hydrogen alpha wavelength, Nikon has created a camera that gives photographers the ability to capture the diffuse nebulae in the night sky and to create colorful, breathtaking celestial images. The D810A shares its architecture with the powerful and professional high-resolution Nikon D810 DSLR and includes other new features designed uniquely to help capture the cosmos, letting users achieve sharp and vibrant images of the universe.

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“The Nikon D810A is engineered exclusively to meet the unique demands of professional and hobbyist astrophotographers,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “The camera’s distinctive feature set and powerful imaging capabilities make it an appealing option for those who are ready to discover the fantastic cosmic features that are hidden among the stars.”

Stellar Resolution: The Nikon D810A Captures the Cosmos in Epic Detail The D810A Provides New Features Specifically for Astrophotography, Nikon Also Announces Availability of D750 Filmmaker’s Kit

Stellar Resolution: The Nikon D810A Captures the Cosmos in Epic Detail
The D810A Provides New Features Specifically for Astrophotography, Nikon Also Announces Availability of D750 Filmmaker’s Kit

I AM Star Struck: DSLR Optimized for Astrophotography

The Nikon D810A provides hobbyists as well as professional stargazers with a powerful combination of impressive resolution and features specifically created for astrophotography and scientific applications. The infrared (IR) cut filter has been optimized to allow transmission of the hydrogen alpha spectral line, resulting in four times greater sensitivity of the 656nm wavelength. The resulting images capture the brilliant red hues of diffuse nebulae and constellations in striking detail and fidelity. While not recommended for general photography, the D810A is an excellent option for photographing the universe with either NIKKOR lenses or third-party adaptors for telescopes.

In addition to the optimized IR cut filter, the D810A adds other features that are useful for astrophotography applications. A new Long Exposure Manual Mode is implemented, giving users the ability to set shutter speeds from 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 120, 180, 240, 300, 600 or 900 seconds (15 minutes), as well as Bulb and Time settings. Building upon the D810’s excellent low-light capabilities, the ISO range has been optimized from 200 to 12,800 (Hi-2 51,200), for maximum sensitivity with the optimal signal to noise ratio.

The D810A also adds a new Virtual Exposure Preview Mode, which displays an estimated preview image and is available when shooting at shutter speeds longer than 30 seconds when in Live View. The brightened preview image represents a 30 second exposure, simplifying focusing and composition.

The Best of Both Worlds

The Nikon D810A is based off of the Nikon D810 architecture and retains all of the features that make it a powerful tool for creating images. Users will be able to produce photos of the heavens in super high resolution thanks to the 36.3-megapixel CMOS sensor. The image sensor works in tandem with Nikon’s exclusive EXPEED 4 Image processing engine to deliver images with low noise and a dynamic range that is nothing short of stellar. The D810A also features an Electronic Front Curtain Shutter Mode, letting the electronic front curtain act as a shutter when in live view or first composing through the optical viewfinder in mirror-up mode. This feature minimizes vibrations to attain maximum sharpness when shooting subjects at very slow shutter speeds. The camera also features a durable magnesium alloy body that is sealed against dirt and moisture, giving users peace of mind when getting away from the city lights means a trek off of the beaten path.

The Nikon D810A is compatible with a wide range of high quality NIKKOR lenses and accessories, including wireless infrared remotes, cable releases and the new WR-1 wireless remote system. Additionally, Nikon’s Capture NX-D software is available as a free download, and it will feature a new option for Astro Noise Reduction for use with D810A image files.

Nikon D750 Filmmaker’s Kit

For users who are looking to take advantage of the Nikon D750’s advanced video capabilities, Nikon is now offering a Filmmaker’s Kit that includes everything needed to get started in the world of cinema.  The kit contains three NIKKOR lenses in popular focal lengths, including the AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G ED lens, the AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G lens and the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens; all which provide stunning HD clarity and excellent depth of field control for filmmakers. The kit also contains two additional EN-EL15 batteries, an ME-1 Stereo Microphone, one Atomos Ninja-2 External Recorder, and Tiffen® 67mm and 58mm Variable Neutral Density Filters (8-Stops) for superior control of light. In addition, the Nikon D750 Filmmaker’s Kit features custom foam inserts, which are ideally sized for use in a hard case for transporting equipment to your next video production.

Price and Availability
The Nikon D810A will be available in late May 2015 and pricing will be announced at a later date. The Nikon D750 Filmmaker’s Kit will be available in late February for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $3,999.95*. For more information about the Nikon D810A and other Nikon cameras and products, please visit

Vittoria Eastern States Cup Announces 2015 Schedule

Vittoria Eastern States Cup Announces 2015 Schedule

Vittoria Eastern States Cup Announces 2015 Schedule

Vittoria ESC
Vittoria ESC

The Vittoria Eastern States Cup was established in 2010 to ensure the future and well being of gravity mountain bike racing on the East Coast. Over time, we’ve come to realize that there are three main partners in the sport: athletes, venues and sponsors. The Vittoria ESC brings all three together to provide the most comprehensive and fun series in the country. We work to offer a format that will excite all three groups, insuring that gravity mountain bike racing will continue to prosper on the East Coast. For the 2015 season, you can expect the same commitment to excellence we’ve always aimed for along with some pretty awesome developments that will make for an even better racing experience for everyone involved! Our goal is to continue to cultivate the best racing community for not only the east coast, but the entire country. We will achieve that by continuing to race at the best mountains, with the most challenging and fun tracks and of course, the best people. What better way is there to spend your weekend?

ESC Mountain Creek Pro GRT

VITTORIA will be coming on board as the title sponsor for 2015 which is a move that has many people looking forward the upcoming season. “2015 is an exciting year for Vittoria. The storied Italian tire brand is making a hard push in the MTB segment, so aligning with a key event series like the Eastern States Cup is a natural progression of company culture. Vittoria was born from racing and we will continue our involvement with racers to create the best quality products on the market.” – Ken Avery,Vittoria North America Vice President

WTB East Coast Showdown Super D and Downhill 2014

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“We are stoked to be the title sponsor of the 2015 Eastern States Cup. This is a big year for Vittoria since we recently rebranded GEAX under the Vittoria name. Our North American headquarters is in Boston, so an East Coast series is super important to us. Rumor is the 2015 ESC will be the best yet! We have a ton of tires to giveaway too, so we’ll see you there!” – Devin Dube, Vittoria USA Marketing Coordinator

Jeb Wallace-Brodeur s favorite ESC shots of 2014

“DP Brakes are very excited to continue our partnership with the Eastern States Cup Family. With this type of high profile exposure and support to the racing audience, we hope to build a strong name in the mountain bike industry as well” – Larry Mills, President DP Brakes North America

Corinne Prevot in Bartlett NH

“The Eastern States Cup is doing great things to grow gravity racing and we’re really excited about partnering with the series for the sixth year. We’ll be awarding a FOX DOSS seat post at every enduro with the FOX Enduro Climbers Challenge again this season.” Says Mark Jordan Fox’ global marketing and communications manager.

Jeb Wallace-Brodeur s favorite ESC shots of 2014

“We are really excited to be partnering with the Vittoria Eastern States Cup”, says Bruce Dickman at ProGold. “This is a fun and demanding series and we believe our products will prove to be the obvious choice for athletes looking to keep their bikes running optimally. We’re also excited to be providing our ProGold lubricants and washes to the 4th and 5th place finishers at every Vittoria ESC event this season!”

The man behind the country s largest gravity series ain t afraid to jump right in
WTB East Coast Showdown Super D and Downhill 2014

Series director George Ulmer is chomping at the bit to kick things off in 2015. “We are really proud to present the 2015 Vittoria Eastern States Cup’s plan.” he says. “This will be our 6th year hosting DH races and our 3rd season of enduro events. We are expanding the East Coast Showdown to three weekends. The Showdown weekends will feature both DH and Enduro essentially functioning as a mini-series within our regular series. Racers that compete in both disciplines will race for the East Coast Showdown Championship. We’ll also be back at the Duryea Urban Downhill in Reading PA, the Windham World Cup Test Event and the “Race the World” DH race during the World Cup Weekend at Windham. Plattekill Mountain will kick off our Enduro Season and host the Atlantic and New England DH Finals while Killington will host our first East Coast Showdown Weekend and The Enduro Finals. We’ll also have the Spring Classic ProGRT race at Mountain Creek Bike Park. Finally, we’ll be topping off the season at the East Coast Super DH Championships at Mountain Creek Bike Park! It’s going to be an incredible year and we can’t wait to see everyone back at the races!”More about Vittoria: Since 1953 Vittoria Industries Ltd. has built highly reputable partnerships within in the cycling industry and created a unique brand image. Today’s Vittoria Industries Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tires, with an annual production of more than 7 million tires and 900.000 famous tubulars and cotton tires. Its research & development center develops the best racing tires for all levels, especially the unique Corsa Series cotton tires. Running its own production facilities in Thailand, and providing global sales and marketing network from North America (Boston) to Asia Pacific (Bangkok), and in Europe (Italy, Netherlands and Germany).

POC ESC Enduro and Super D Cups at Attitash Mountain NH 2014

2015 Vittoria ESC Schedule

Atlantic Downhill
May 3 Duryea Urban Downhill – Reading, PA
May 24 Plattekill Gravity Open – Roxbury, NY
June 21 Plattekill Mountain – Roxbury, NY
May 31 Mountain Creek Spring Classic UCI ProGRT – Vernon, NJ
July 19 Windham Mountain World Cup Track Test Race – Windham, NY
Aug 9 Windham Race the World –World Cup Weekend – Windham, NY
Sept 13 Blue Mountain – Palmerton, PA
Oct 11 Plattekill New England and Atlantic DH Finals – Roxbury, NY

New England Downhill
June 14 Pats Peak MTB Bike Festival – Henniker, NH
July 4 Killington East Coast Showdown #1 – Killington, VT
July 12 Jiminy Peak – Hancock, MA
Aug 1 Mount Snow East Coast Showdown #2 – Dover VT
Aug 23 Sugarbush East Coast Showdown #3 – Warren, VT
Aug 30 Attitash Mountain – Bartlett, NH
Sept 27 Berkshire East – Charlemont, MA
Oct 11 Plattekill New England and Atlantic DH Finals – Roxbury, NY

East Coast Super DH Championships
Oct 18 Mountain Creek – Vernon NJ

May 10 Plattekill Mountain – Roxbury, NY
June 7 Blue Mountain – Palmerton, PA
June 28 Attitash Mountain – Bartlett, NH
July 3 Killington East Coast Showdown #1 – Killington, VT
Aug 2 Mount Snow East Coast Showdown #2 – Dover VT
Aug 22/23 Sugarbush East Coast Showdown #3 – Warren, VT
Sept 6 Killington Enduro Finals – Killington, VT

Super D
May 30 Mountain Creek Spring Classic Super D – Vernon, NJ

May 2 Killington Bike – Ski – Run Triathlon – Killington, VT

East Coast Showdown Events
July 4 Killington East Coast Showdown #1 – Killington, VT
Aug 1 Mount Snow East Coast Showdown #2 – Dover VT
Aug 23 Sugarbush East Coast Showdown #3 – Warren, VT

Vittoria ESC

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