First Look: Renthal 1XR Chainring

First Look: Renthal 1XR Chainring

First Look: Renthal 1XR Chainring

Renthal 1XR Chainring


About 18 months ago we began a project to develop a retention chainring for 1X drivetrains. We saw problems with wide/narrow in terms of durability and use in muddy (British!) conditions. After going through a number of different designs, including ultra tall teeth and a whacky chainring with three in-line teeth, we proved the best levels of chain retention were achieved with alternating wide and narrow teeth. So, we went back to the wide/narrow format and tackled the issues that it caused. Here’s what we did:


As the tooth face wears, the inner chain plates come into contact with the wide section of the chainring tooth. When this happens the efficiency of the chainring is lost, as the chain is no longer running on just the roller. To alleviate this problem and extend chainring life, we profiled the face of the wide section to allow clearance for more tooth face wear to occur before the chainring has to be replaced. Durability is further bolstered as we use a full width tooth face and manufacture from 7075 T6 aluminium, which is then hard anodised. We bench marked the two market leading chainrings and the Renthal 1XR showed considerably improved longevity.

Mud condition performance

In heavy mud conditions, two issues occur; mud quickly builds up on the shoulder that links the wide section teeth and it can clog on the x-section wide teeth. Both of these cause efficiency and premature wear issues at best. At worst, it can cause the chain to lift up and de-rail. We tackled this in three ways. We significantly lowered the shoulder between the wide section teeth, giving mud room to evacuate. We also added mud grooves in the tooth bed to further speed the process. Additionally, the profiled front section of the wide tooth allows clearance for mud to purge out, rather than clogging.

Technical Info

Renthal 1XR – Ultimate chain retention. All conditions.

• Alternating 1.8 / 3.5mm width teeth
• CNC machined 7075 T6 Aluminum
• Hard anodized surface finish
• Mud grooves in the tooth bed
• Ultra stiff I-Beam cross section
• Mud clearance and wear-proof profiling
• 104mm BCD, 32, 34, 36 and 38t
• £49.95 / €59.90 / $59.90 USD

Renthal 1XR Chainring
bigquotes The Renthal 1XR chainring tooth profiling ensures the highest level of chain retention, in all conditions. Alternating 1.8 / 3.5mm width teeth interlock with the chain for ultimate security, with no loss of efficiency. The 1XR can be used with a clutch-type rear derailleur, without a chain guide. The reduced frontal profile of the 3.5mm wide teeth increases mud clearance for the inner chain plates and extends longevity. Durability of the hard wearing 7075 T6 aluminium construction is maximised with a hard anodised surface treatment and mud evacuation grooves in the tooth bed. We used a number of riders in the UK to test the chainring for retention and durability, as the harsh UK weather provides the best test-bed. Yeti/Fox riders Jared Graves and Richie Rude used the chainring last year and the MS Mondraker team also used them at the back end of the WC DH season. – Ian Collins, Renthal Marketing
Renthal 1XR Chainring

Pinkbike has just received a 1XR ring to test. We’ll be putting it through it’s paces, so expect a full review soon.

Kali Launches DOT-Certified Shiva Full Face

Kali Launches DOT-Certified Shiva Full Face

Kali Launches DOT-Certified Shiva Full Face


Kali Shiva Speed Machine

Kali Protectives showed PB its DOT-certified Carbon fiber Shiva full face helmet over a year ago in anticipation that they would be cranking them out in short order. Reportedly, fine tuning the new lid’s impact performance and complications that Kali’s manufacturer faced perfecting the process of in-molding the “Composite Fusion Plus” triple-density liner pushed its official debut back nearly a year. The wait should be worth it, especially for gravity riders who also ride moto, because the Shiva is certified for both sports. Kali pegs the weight of the new Shiva at 1050 grams and claims that it is up to 600 grams lighter than its competitor’s DOT-certified lids and perhaps more important from a protection standpoint, it is 30-percent smaller on the head.Check out the official video and press release below:

Kali’s New Shiva DOT-Certified Full Face

Product Features:

? World’s lightest DOT certified helmet. Weighs 1050g
? Full carbon fiber shell
? Integrated Airflow system, 8 forward facing vents, and 8 rearward vents
? Meets DOT, ASTM DH, ASTM BMX, ASTM Snow, and CPSC Standards
? Three colorways: Raw carbon, Speed Machine, & Stripes
? Camera and Light Mount accessory Kit
? Premium Travel Bag
? Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, & XL
? Retail Pricing is $500 USD, $399 Euro
? Contact: Kali Protectives

Smaller, Lighter, Safer

If we had to choose three words to summarize the technology behind our revolutionary new Shiva™ full face, we’d be hard pressed to find three better adjectives. Weighing in at a mere 1050g, the Shiva™ is between 400g to 600g lighter than our competitor’s highest end offerings. In addition to being one of the lightest DOT helmets on the market, it’s also 30% smaller than your average motocross helmet.

These features aren’t just great talking points, they also offer considerable safety advantages. Recent research has shown that smaller and lighter helmets are crucial for reducing the risk of brain trauma during an impact.

Kali Shiva Stripes
Kali Shiva Raw Carbon
Raw Carbon
This reduction in weight and size is possible due to our Composite Fusion Three™ technology, which consists of a multiple density EPS liner that is inmolded to the carbon fiber shell. This new third generation of our technology utilizes triangular pyramids to distribute forces laterally, which allows us to use a lighter density foam throughout, and reduces the thickness of the shell.
Photographer holmesslice
Photographer holmesslice

Brad Holmes Photography


? COMPOSITE FUSION: Unlike standard construction helmets where the foam is glued into a shell, our technology allows us to inject the EPS liner directly into the shell. This inmolding technique is standard on bicycle half-shell helmets, but Kali is the only manufacturer capable of doing this in a full face helmet. The advantage of this design is that it eliminates the gap between the shell and foam, which reduces the number of impacts the brain is subjected to in a crash. Rather than two impacts (ground to shell, shell to foam), there is only one impact with a COMPOSITE FUSION helmet.

? COMPOSITE FUSION 3: We’ve improved on our original in molding technology by adding multi density triangular pyramids throughout the EPS liner, to better dissipate energy laterally. This allows us to reduce the size of the shell, and use a lighter density foam, which is crucial for mitigating the effects of both low and high speed impacts.

? Lighter and Smaller: Everything is subject to the laws of physics. In school the phenomena is explained by the equation Force = Mass x Acceleration. On the trail, it’s ultimately the rider who determines acceleration, so we strive to reduce the weight and size of our helmets in order to minimize the forces applied to the head and neck in an accident. Recent studies have indicated that reducing helmet volume by 10% can reduce rotational forces transmitted to the brain by over 20%.

? Breakaway Visor and Helmet Shape : The Shiva utilizes a breakaway visor and less angular helmet shape, which is designed to not snag the ground in a yard sale.

? Integrated Removable Camera and Light Mount : Includes mounts for GoPro, Contour, Light & Motion, and a universal bar mount.

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evo Gallery Presents Paris Gore – Through the Trees

evo Gallery Presents Paris Gore – Through the Trees

evo Gallery Presents Paris Gore – Through the Trees

When: Saturday | April 11, 2015 | 6 – 9 pm
Where: evo Gallery | 3500 Stone Way N
Cost: Free, All ages
Facebook Evite: here

It’s with great pleasure that evo brings you Through the Trees, a selection of work by action sports photographer Paris Gore, showcasing his passion for the outdoors and love of life on two wheels in our Seattle store this April. Please join us next Saturday, April 11th from 6-9PM for the opening night with beverages provided by Harbinger Winery and Ninkasi Brewing to support The Service Board non-profit.

Graham Agassiz flipping the August 11th Super Moon during the 2014 Deep Summer Photo Challenge. Shot with a Nikon D4 amp 600mm F4 Lens Processed in Lightroom for basic color correction.
Based in Bellingham, Washington, Paris graduated from the Commercial Photography Program at Seattle Central and has pursued his passion of documenting the characters and culture of mountain biking. First as a rider, then as a photographer, Paris has long studied the interplay of movement, light and landscape in the mountains. From behind the lens, he translates those stories for his audience through images crisp with authenticity.His work is routinely featured in major publications and commercial ad campaigns. Shooting a wide variety of disciplines, Paris’ work grasps the raw emotion in World Cup downhill racing to big mountain freeriding, trail riding and dirt jumping. His work has earned top steps at contests such as second place at the 2014 Crankworx Deep Summer Photo Challenge and Top 250 in the 2013 Red Bull Illume Photo Quest.

Behind Deep Summer with Paris Gore

MENTIONS: @parisgore