Tricks Course Gift from Ryan Leech

Tricks Course Gift from Ryan Leech

For almost 20 years I’ve been showing off to make a living. Actually first came the fact that bike tricks were just fun to learn, and it just turns out that others enjoyed watching! Perfect ingredients for a pro riding career!

From the filming of Ryan s free e-course called Fun amp Easy Bike Tricks on Photo credit Connor Macleod

Trials show tricks and skills require a lot of practice, though… so what I’m offering you, as a holiday gift, are 21 tricks that require very little, or no practice! They’re just fun and goofy, and some may add a little holiday spice to your next mountain bike ride!

They’re presented in an easy to use e-course format – all you have to do is register at my website to access for free!

In the spirit of fun, here’s a teaser video of some of silly tricks in the e-course – PUT THE VOLUME UP to appreciate the full silliness! Thanks gyrbeats on fiverr for the custom track – and Mr. Connor Macleod for the edit:

To back up the trick tutorial videos is a collection of fantastic drawings from @WAKIdesigns who also provided his talents for my recent 30 Day Wheelie Challenge course:

 WAKIdesigns created a superb collection of artwork for the Fun amp Easy Bike Tricks eCourse on

 WAKIdesigns created a superb collection of artwork for the Fun amp Easy Bike Tricks eCourse on

Once you’re signed into the course – you’ll have access to three generous discount code gifts for three of my sponsors web stores so you can do last minute shopping, or buy something for yourself – codes expire on Dec. 31st – Thanks, Ryders Eyewear, Nutcase Helmets, and @LizardSkins!

Here’s MY attempt at a teaser edit for this free trick e-course – perhaps not quite as good as the rap one.

Here’s a sample of one of the 21 trick tutorials (minus the written description), though perhaps one of the hardest ones in the course!

Sign up for the Fun & Easy Bike Tricks course – and then let me know what easy to learn tricks I missed as I plan to keep adding to it.

Happy Holidays my riding friends,

Ryan Leech is Pro Mountain Biker & Coach sponsored by @shimano, @norcobicycles, Nutcase Helmets, and Ryders Eyewear. He has performed thousands of bicycle stunt shows around the world including Cirque du Soleil and been featured in dozens of mountain bike films. He credits a dedicated yoga practice for a thriving and sustainable career as a pro-athlete and began teaching to share these benefits. As an avid explorer of human potential, he earned his certification as an Integral Master Coach™, and now is dedicated to creating the highest quality, most comprehensive and effective online technical skill training programs for mountain bikers at

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New Life for 4x with Limitless Racing

New Life for 4x with Limitless Racing

Limitless Racing 2016 Rider Recruitment

After launching our rider recruitment program at the end of last month for downhill and enduro, we received one application from a rider wanting to race 4X so we took a look into 4X. After having a look into the 4X world we noticed that 4X isn’t getting the same kind of money support or coverage that downhill or enduro are getting and we want to help change this. 4X is one of the coolest looking disciplines in mountain biking but the reason that we think there aren’t a massive number of riders racing it is because there aren’t many tracks to practice on in the UK, and there seems to be a lack of support for the discipline.

Pivot Point the bike to be used as the the Limitless Racing Team bike for 2016

Here at Limitless Racing we would like to help increase the numbers in the discipline and try to get more money and resources from governing bodies. To do so support needs to offered, as well as our downhill and enduro teams we will be launching a 4x team. Due to this still being in its early stages only buy in options will be available for the team. For the 4X team we will be including your bike (a custom spec Pivot Point), Your race kit supplied by O’Neal and Bluegrass, online fitness, skills and handling pressure coaching. Depending on how many applicants we get we may be able to offer pit space and a mechanic at races.

Limitless Racing 2016 Rider Recruitment

Although you may think of 4X as a short blast of pedal power and finish, it has a lot more than that. 4X riders need to have skill in riding technical obstacles, big jumps, line choice and be able to pedal hard and fast for 1-2 minutes. We want riders who are stoked to ride 4X and represent the discipline and our brands. This support is open to riders internationally but the chance for pit space and a mechanic will only be available to UK riders. Riders of all abilities will be looked into, but it is preferred that you are not a beginner.

The downhill and enduro rider recruitment programs are still open for applications until the end of January. If you would like to be a part of the team please email: [email protected]

Massive thanks to the team sponsors: Upgrade Bikes – Pivot Cycles, Burgtec, O’Neal, Bluegrass and Nevis Cycles

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Rotorua Bike Festival 2016

Rotorua Bike Festival 2016

The programme is finalised for the 4th Rotorua Bike Festival with six brand new events and successful favourites from past festivals all on the menu. The 2015 Festival attracted around 5000 entrants over 10 days, under glorious Summer skies. The team is anticipating similar numbers in 2016. The Festival will launch on Friday February 12 and run through till Sunday February 21.

The magnificent trails in Rotorua s Whakarewarewa Forest will feature at the Festival. IMBA Gold Status in 2015... Photo

The trails of the Whakarewarewa Forest will feature at the Festival (Alick Saunders/Rotorua Bike Festival; rider: James Alexander)

There are six new events:

• The MTBiker’s Ball – Bow Ties and Bike Shorts – will be a chance for riders to party till midnight in one of Rotorua’s iconic buildings, The Blue Baths. The event is a fundraiser for the James Dodds Memorial Fund. Pioneering downhiller, skills coach, trails and bike builder, Dodzy died in 2012. The Fund has raised substantial sums since then to build and maintain the Dodzy Skills Park on the northern edge of the Whakarewarewa trail network. “He’d be so touched, proud and shocked at how much has been achieved in his memory,” says his former partner, Gabby Molloy. “The ball is a celebration of the people and inspiration that holds Rotorua together and makes it such an incredible place. To be a part of this community and contribute in any small way is a humbling experience and an honour.”

Dodzy would’ve loved another one of the new events:

• The Triple D – Descend Downhill Dash is a short course thrash down the Old Exit Trail, a local favourite. This will include a dog category. “Fido will be pleased,” says event organiser, Dave Hamilton, from Descend Rotorua, with his trademark grin.

• One of the Festival photographers, Mead Norton, will run another new event, a workshop on taking better action photographs, using the Triple D as a subject.

• Also new to the programme is Orienteering Bay of Plenty’s MTB Rogaine, race one of their Summer series and suitable for solo riders or teams.

• A women’s-only event, the Dipper Dash, will debut in 2016. It will be run on one of the original Whakarewarewa Forest trails, by the newest bike club in town, Revolve Rotorua.

• Cycling Rotorua is the city’s road club. However, the Hill Climb Challenge they are running is open to all bikes. It’ll be a test of strength and stamina up Mountain Road on the slopes of Ngongotaha.

• The final new event on the programme is by far the longest:

The World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisation (WEMBO) 24 Hour Solo World Championships will close the Festival on Saturday and Sunday, February 21 and 22. The Nduro24 2-5 person teams event will run alongside WEMBO – same village, different course. Some of the top endurance athletes in the world will take on WEMBO, including 6 times 24 Hour Solo World Champion, Jason English and 3 times 24 Hour Solo Singlespeed World Champ, Brett ‘Jeebus’ Bellchambers, both from Australia. They’ve visited Rotorua before and loved it. Also on the start line, current women’s WEMBO champ, the effervescent Sonya Looney, from the USA. It’ll be her first visit and she’s looking forward to it.

Sonya Looney aboard the Pivot Mach 429 SL on the Hey Bud trail in Whistler Valley. Sonya will be in Rotorua to defend her WEMBO 24 Hour Solo World Champs weekend 2 of the Festival. Photo Colin Meagher

Sonya Looney in Whistler (Colin Meagher)

A new event in 2015, the Runway Project, was a runaway success. 1000 people (all ages, sizes, genders and skills levels) took the once-a-year chance to ride the Rotorua Airport. It is back in 2016, supported by Air New Zealand. It will feature the QE Health Ride the Runway, Holland Beckett Lawyers Flying Kilos (People’s for all-comers and Elites for some of the very best riders in New Zealand). Straight-line drag races. The day will culminate with Project Excalibur, an attempt on the outright New Zealand bike speed record. The Runway Project is a mini-festival of cycling and a reflection of the nature of the overall Festival, which is all about the local community and inclusiveness. Ride the Runway partner, QE Health is a spa and rehabilitation centre, based in Rotorua since 1942. “Every week, we work with people with chronic conditions to improve their lives, with a holistic approach, including Spa treatments that make Rotorua famous round the world,” says General Manager, Andrina Romano. “We also welcome locals, people from round New Zealand and international visitors to experience and enjoy these. For us, this is all about community and wellness, so the healthy, on-your-bike message of Ride the Runway is an exact fit.”

The Runway Project was a once a year opportunity with anyone with a bike to ride the Rotorua Airport Runway. Photo

QE Health Ride the Runway, all about everyone on any bike. (Alick Saunders/Rotorua Bike Festival)

Also back in 2016: the Redwoods Coast, Giant 2W Gravity Enduro, Rotorua BMX National Qualifier Meet, MTB Adventure Quest, Bike Speedway, The Big Bike Film Night, the 16” Dual Slalom ‘World Championships’, MTB Beginner’s Ride, Bike the Lake, Frocks on Bikes and Sport Bay of Plenty Go-by-bike, Family Fun Ride and Tykes on Trikes. And returning to the festival line-up, after a one-year break, is the very popular Skyline Sprint Warrior, the first event to sell out in 2014.

Everyone’s welcome with all events open to the public to enter and some are free of charge or gold coin donation, only. Spectating? That’s free, too.

Rotorua, New Zealand, the world’s premier, all-year-round, MTB resort.
Check out video from 2015 – by EIVO MEDIA.
Daily video in 2016, exclusively right here on Pinkbike..

Rotorua mountain biking trails

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The Bicycle Cafe Kamloops’ Next Top Model – Job Posting

The Bicycle Cafe Kamloops’ Next Top Model – Job Posting

Chillin at the Bicycle Cafe. Matt Miles Photo.

The Bicycle Cafe Kamloops is on the hunt for new talent to join our team of friendly and down to earth individuals. We are a small shop in a huge riding town, and we pride ourselves on providing both the products and the service to keep our customers rolling stoked – whether they are recreational riders or world class professionals. Our staff is a team of dedicated and passionate cyclists who love bikes of all shapes and sizes. We believe in Nac Nac’s and Rock N Roll, and we keep the stoke turned up to 11. To keep charging hard into 2016 and beyond, we are seeking out our next top models for both the sales floor and the work bench.


As an employee at the Bicycle Cafe Kamloops you will…

– Be keen to share your passion for bicycles
– Establish and maintain excellent customer relationships
– Answer to customer questions and concerns about new products
– Assist customers in making educated choices about the bicycles and gear that fit their needs

Chillin at the Bicycle Cafe. Matt Miles Photo.

A successful candidate would…

– Love to party on the trails
– Posses a wealth of knowledge about bicycles, their constantly growing technologies, and the ability to communicate that knowledge to your customers
– Enjoy petting puppies
– Be highly collaborative and enjoy working in a team-oriented environment
– Feel confident working in a fast paced environment with a lot of multitasking

Chillin at the Bicycle Cafe. Matt Miles Photo.

Feel like you would be a great fit? Get in touch with us via email at [email protected] with your resume highlighting the skills and experience that would make you shine!

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Charge Kids Fat Bikes Now Available in the USA

Charge Kids Fat Bikes Now Available in the USA


UK based bike brand, Charge Bikes, has launched its first Kids range with a 20″ and 24″ version of the ‘Cooker’ fat bike. The range is exclusive to the US market and is available through independent retailers and Performance Bicycle.

The Cooker 20″ is a smaller white 20” wheel for younger riders and the Cooker 24″ a larger blue 24” for children 8+. Both models feature 4” Fat tires. Fantastic fun, grippy, easy to handle and confidence boosting the new range is perfect for parks & pavement or trails & tougher terrain.

According to Logan Argent, Product Manager at Charge Bikes, ‘These bikes are designed for great riding and ‘go anywhere’ fun at an amazing price. The kids Cooker is a fantastic chunky looking machine that will make the owner the envy of all their friends. I wish I was small enough to ride one!

New Kids Cooker 20 and 24

Key features are as follows:


Cooker 20”, White. MSRP $299.99
Cooker 24”, Blue, 4” tyres. MSRP $349.99.


More details can be found at

About Charge bikes.
Charge is a UK based bicycle brand that designs practical, stylish and refined bikes for the everyday cyclist. Charge stands out for being a simple, robust and stylish choice in the increasingly confused world of bike buying and aims to make the buying process simpler for beginner and intermediate cyclists.

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