BCBR and Kali Join Forces to Make Safety Priority One

BCBR and Kali Join Forces to Make Safety Priority One

BC Bike Race BCBR
British Columbia boasts some of the best singletrack in the world, and what many BC riders call XC, most other people call extreme. The BC Bike Race was the first multi-day mountain bike stage race to set the precedent for the most amount of gnarly singletrack in an XC race, truly blurring the lines between what is regarded as cross country in British Columbia, and what is considered aggressive trail riding by the rest of the world. Racers come from around the globe to experience BC singletrack, and quickly discover they are often in over their heads – sometimes actually landing on their heads.

BCBR and Kali
Consequently, the BCBR has developed an extensive and comprehensive concussion protocol and medical team. In the event of an incident, racer care response is quick and decisive and fully understood by all members of the medical team to ensure the racer received the necessary care as soon as possible.

bigquotes BC Bike Race is an epic adventure and it happens over seven big, technical days. The body gets tired, the energy lags and people make mistakes—coming out the other side unscathed isn’t likely. Putting the assets together to facilitate 600 racer’s expectations and a finish line smile, that’s the secret. Key ingredients like mechanical support, food, water, massage—every bit of the BCBR experience is built by design to ensure rider success. The equipment people use needs to be up to the challenge and we are proud to partner with Kali and to showcase a powerful asset we actually hope people won’t need!Andreas Hestler, BCBR
BCBR and Kali
For 2017, BC Bike Race has taken this new protocol to heart and partnered with Kali Protectives, a company known for its deep commitment to rider safety through innovation. Kali Protectives has spent over a decade engineering the most advanced helmets, perfectly suited to protect riders who choose to take on the rigors of the BCBR or whatever ribbon of loam that lays before them. Kali will provide BCBR with the most advanced helmet on the market—the Interceptor.

Kali Interceptor
BCBR and Kali
In celebration of this new sponsorship, Kali and BCBR have created a limited number of custom BCBR Edition Interceptors that will be available for purchase in the BC Bike Race store, on the Kali website and on location at basecamp during race week. The design prominently features the iconic BCBR B.O.B. (Bear on Bike) on the helmet.

bigquotes The BC Bike Race is on every serious rider’s bucket list. For Kali to be able to support such an acclaimed event is a huge opportunity, and an ideal setting to prove how advanced the helmets we make really are. The BCBR is leading the way in terms of on-site medical support and concussion awareness and for us, that’s a perfect match.Julian Coffey, Kali Protectives
BCBR and Kali
The new BCBR Concussion Protocol

Gregory Clark, MD, CCFP-EM is the Associate Chief for the Department of Emergency Medicine MUHC at Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal—he is also the Medical Director for BC Bike Race. Dr. Clark, along with Safety Director, Brooks Hogya, developed the concussion protocol that is implemented for racer safety during the event. The protocol is based on the SCAT3 exam and the entire medical team (approximately nine people on the course and ten at basecamp) is given information on how to use the tool prior to the event. If a rider has a suspected concussion corroborated by an SCAT3 showing a high likelihood, Dr. Clark will administer the exam a second time before pulling them from the race. This extra step is two-fold. One, while everyone on the medical team is competent to administer the exam not everyone has the same amount of training with it, and two, he understands that disqualifying a rider from the remainder of the race is not something to be taken lightly. As he says, “It is a big deal to tell someone who has trained long and hard that their week of racing is over.”

Riding Fool owner in Cumberland and bike patroller all week sometimes got a chance to let it rip when not helping others have a great race.

If a rider breaks their helmet but the SCAT3 isn’t indicative of a concussion, the rider must still liaise with Dr. Clark—and replace their helmet before racing the following day. In order to enforce this rule, the attending medics will remove the rider’s race plate. The plate and attached timing chip are returned to the rider when they have been medically cleared. During this step in the protocol, the racer will be put through a progressive series of activities to see if they elicit any concussion symptoms. If they do, they will be pulled from the race. If they do not they will be allowed to return to play.

BC Bike Race BCBR
bigquotes In recent years research on concussions has grown and the long-term effects we are seeing of these injuries are alarming. Having Kali on board, not only in providing a custom helmet for retail but also to outfit our team on-course, is an important addition to the BC Bike Race’s commitment to safety.Danielle Baker, BCBR

Kali Protectives bike helmets are also backed by their Lifetime Crash Replacement guarantee. It’s that easy – ‘If you have damaged your Kali helmet in a crash, we’ve got you covered. Send us your helmet and proof of purchase and we’ll send you a brand new replacement.’

BC Bike Race
Kali Protectives
Learn more about Kali LCR/Register your helmet

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Ben Skinner-Watts Joins Flare as Operations Director

Ben Skinner-Watts Joins Flare as Operations Director

Ben Skinner-Watts Joins Flare

Flare Clothing Company, the Mountain Bike clothing manufacturer, is delighted to announce that Ben Skinner-Watts has joined the business as Operations Director. Ben, who rides for Transition Bikes, is well known on the MTB circuit and has been working with Flare, supporting wife Hannah, in an informal capacity since the brand launched in 2013. In his new role, Ben will provide administrative support, event management and co-ordinate activity across the company’s sponsored athletes; Team Flare.

“Ben has been involved with Flare since day one so it makes sense for him to join the company on a permanent basis. He knows the business and our customers inside out and shares my passion for the brand,” explains Hannah Myers, Creative Director at Flare.

By taking on the Operations Director Ben will free up Hannah to work on design and product development which in turn will help the brand to continue to move forward. “Flare is such an important part of our lives so I am really excited to be able to work with Hannah on a day to day basis. I love getting out to events and meeting our customers so this is a great opportunity for me,” comments Ben.

The current Flare collection is available online at www.flareclothingco.com and you will see the guys at events across the UK throughout the summer.

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Ripping Irish Loam with the Big Bad Wolfe – Video

Ripping Irish Loam with the Big Bad Wolfe – Video

Dan and Bike

The Big Bad Wolfe“I’ve never ridden a pair of wheels this stiff out of the box, with zero adjustments so far” – Dan Wolfe

The Afterburner WideR wheelset is a delightful choice to feed your inner wolf.
• Available in 27.5″ or 29″ Boost 148, or standard 142 spacing (135mm QR end caps also provided for standard 142).
• Boost 148 (27.5″ – 1,745g / 29″ – 1,830g) – $628.99
• Standard 142 (27.5″ – 1,666g / 29″ – 1740g) – $628.99

Hookless AsymetricalTubeless compatible (FSA rim tape provided) and complete with a hookless bead, these 27mm (inner rim width) rims are easy to mount any type of tire too.

The Big Bad Wolfe

The Big Bad WolfeDan’s Transition Carbon Patrol complete with Afterburner WideR wheels, SL-K Modular carbon cranks, and Grid tool free chain guide.

The Big Bad WolfeThe Wolfe lurks in the shadows…

The Big Bad WolfeWaiting to pounce…

The Big Bad WolfeAnd claim your seat at the big boy’s table.

XC Trail Coronet Peak. Queenstown .“What fine wheels you have!”

Cornering XC trail Coronet Peak. Queenstown “All the better to corner with, my dear…”

bigquotes There are those who are charming, quiet, polite, unassuming, complacent, and sweet, who pursue victory on the trail. And unfortunately, it is these gentle wolves who are the most dangerous ones of all.Dan Wolfe
The Big Bad Wolfe


Red Bull District Ride celebrates comeback with Martin Soderstrom

Red Bull District Ride celebrates comeback with Martin Soderstrom

The gnarliest urban course of all time in the old town of Nuremberg with the world’s best slopestyle athletes: action sport and bike fans can look forward to the biggest Superman-Seatgrabs, Tsunami-Backflips and Twisters this autumn, as Red Bull District Ride finally returns for its fifth installment on September 1-2. Already enjoying a legendary status, the unique contest within the city center of Nuremberg, Germany, will also be the stage for the crowning of the FMB World Champion on a course bearing the signatures of two of the biggest names in the bike world: slopestyle legend Martin Söderström and BMX superstar Drew Bezanson.

Yannick Granieri of France perfoms during the Qualification of the Red Bull District Ride 2014 in Nuernberg Germany on Saturday September 6th 2014 Daniel Grund Red Bull Content Pool P-20140906-00430 Usage for editorial use only Please go to www.redbullcontentpool.com for further information.

The newly designed course will definitely challenge the abilities of the 20 top athletes at the FMB Diamond Series final. To have a shot at the title, the world’s best slopestylers will have to show their raddest tricks in five districts. No other contest on the FMB World Tour features such variety in an urban setting; no other contest demands such all-round prowess of the athletes.

Thomas Genon of Belgium performs during the Red Bull District Ride 2014 in Nuremberg Germany on Saturday September 6th 2014 Marc Muller Red Bull Content Pool P-20140906-00286 Usage for editorial use only Please go to www.redbullcontentpool.com for further information.

A drop feature from the Kaiserburg, the city’s castle and landmark – logrides, wallrides and dirt jumps at historic locations will deliver a healthy dose of adrenaline for the athletes and breath-taking action for the spectators in the more than 950-year-old city. The absolute highlight will come last: an elevator will take athletes to the fourth floor of the city hall where athletes will look out onto the ultimate Big Air District, where up to 20,000 spectators will be eagerly awaiting the spectacular finish to the riders’ runs on Nuremberg’s Hauptmarkt. In an interview Martin Söderström reveals why Red Bull District Ride will be the biggest event of the year and why this year’s course will be one of the most spectacular and diverse in the world.

Martin S derstr m seen during the locationcheck of the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg Germany on May 17 2017.

Martin, your name is tied to the history of this legendary event. What makes Red Bull District so special?

Red Bull District Ride has always been my favorite event. Since most of our other events on the FMB World Tour are located on top of a mountain, it’s a very special feeling to stand in the start gate and look over the beautiful city of Nuremberg. That gets you in a good mood straight away and then you have the cheering crowd right next to you the whole way down the course. All of this will put a smile on your face even if you are scared of the big tricks you are going to perform.

What is your favorite memory of riding through Nuremberg, when you look back?

When I look back at my whole career I would say that one of the most surreal experiences that I have ever had is from the last jump during the Red Bull District Ride event. I was standing on top of the 10-meter-high roll-in that was built on the big square in the city center of Nuremberg, the adrenaline was still pumping from the tricks I had performed earlier in my run. As I dropped in, I realized that it was impossible to even recognize the square, because every inch of it was fully packed with 20,000 spectators. The feeling I had during that last trick is one I will never forget and I am very jealous of the riders that will experience that feeling again this September in Nuremberg.

Martin S derstr m seen during the locationcheck of the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg Germany on May 17 2017.

What was your motivation to become part of this mega event again?

I never managed to win the event as a rider, I just finished 2nd. So, now I at least get the chance to build the best course in District Ride history (laughs).

You designed the course together with Drew Bezanson and the Mellow Park Crew. What will be new this year?

I am very happy with the crew that we have put together. Drew is an unbelievably creative BMX rider. I am sure he will add an interesting twist and some surprises to the Park District. I on the other hand hope to use my 10 years of experience in the slopestyle sport to create something that will take the riding to a new level. The thing I am most excited about on this year’s course is the new double drop in the Big Air District. If you send a backflip on the first jump, then you will see the huge crowd upside down for the first time. That is going to be awesome!

A lot of FMB World Tour Events are set in the mountains. How do athletes have to adjust to compete in an urban setting?

I would say that the most amazing part of the event is to have the crowds so close to the course, but that is also one of the hardest things for the riders. When you are performing tricks on this level your focus has to be 110% on yourself and your own riding. Whether you can stay within your own contest bubble or not is more often than not the difference between a great result and a big crash.

Martin S derstr m seen during the locationcheck of the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg Germany on May 17 2017.

What is the biggest challenge for the athletes in the five districts?

I would say just that, the five districts. Usually on the FMB World Tour we have around 5-10 different jump features. On the Red Bull District Ride course we have 15-20, spread over all five districts. That doubles the risk to make a mistake on your way down and to lose a lot of points. I would say that the most consistent rider is the one that we are going to have on top of the podium and not the one with the biggest tricks.

Which district would Martin Söderström love to shred in September and which tricks would he send?

I have always been a big fan of the technical riding. The fourth district will have many obstacles in a small area. This is a part of the course where you can either gain tons of points, if you have my riding style, or lose tons of points if you haven’t practiced your technical skills. I would probably do quite alright for myself in that district, but on the bigger hits on the rest of the course we are going to witness tricks that I wouldn’t even dream of!

Martin S derstr m seen during the locationcheck of the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg Germany on May 17 2017.

Who do you think will be contending for the title this year?

As I mentioned before the most consistent riders are going to do good on this course. To become consistent, you need many years of experience and practice so I would say that we are going to see many of the more established riders at the top. My guess would be: 1st Brett Rheeder (CAN), 2nd Max Fredriksson (SWE), 3rd Thomas Genon (BEL).

All the action from the FMB Diamond Series is broadcasted LIVE on www.redbull.tv. Get the latest on everything bike-related at the Red Bull Bike Channel: redbull.tv/bike

Red Bull TV is distributed digitally at www.redbull.tv and as an app across mobile phones, tablets, consoles, OTT devices and Smart TVs.

Kali Releases All New Full Face Helmet – Shiva 2.0

Kali Releases All New Full Face Helmet – Shiva 2.0

The Second Coming - Shiva 2.0

If you’re going to crash, you want to do it in a Kali. If DH, Enduro or Moto dirt is in your future, the completely reimagined Shiva 2.0 full face helmet will be perfect for all of your shredding and yard sale commitments.

Kali Protectives is proud to release the Shiva 2.0 and Shiva 2.0 Carbon. Designed for riders who demand exceptional performance and uncompromising comfort, the Shiva 2.0 incorporates Kali’s industry leading impact technologies: LDL and Nano Fusion, into a hand lay-up, 1050g* DOT certified helmet.

The Second Coming - Shiva 2.0
Kali’s multi-G impact technology is called LDL. This proprietary impact management system is a low-density layer of viscoelastic cushions placed throughout the interior of the helmet. With the perfect durometer, LDL provides a soft yet resilient layer of protection next to your head as well as a great fit. LDL reduces rotational and oblique impact forces by more than 25%. LDL also significantly reduces low-G and high-G linear impacts.
The Second Coming - Shiva 2.0
Here’s Nicoli’s 30ft crash back in 2015 at Red Bull Rampage. Luckily, he was wearing a prototype Shiva 2.0 Carbon fitted with our LDL system. That infamous crash was precisely recreated in a concussion research lab to measure the impact forces he experienced.

The gray area on the chart below shows twice as many potential G forces that Rogatkin would have been subject to without LDL in his helmet. A 50% reduction in impact forces is a significant advantage when you’re launching yourself, and LDL leads the way by combining both rotational and direct impact force dissipation technologies.

The Second Coming - Shiva 2.0

Kali’s Composite Fusion 3 in-molding technology allowed us to make the first Shiva an incredible 30% smaller and lighter than the average DOT MX helmet without any loss in protection. With Nano Fusion, we fuse acrylic self-healing foam and carbon nanotubes, a material called Casidion, into the EPS foam liner and helmet shell in critical contact areas to reduce impact forces while saving weight. Molded into opposing geometric cones in the Shiva 2.0, Nano Fusion dissipates energy more efficiently and in a smaller volume than any other impact technology. In a crash, impact energy is instantly equalized throughout the Nano Fusion material.

? Improved protection by reducing thickness – Helmets using Casidion are lighter with impact reducing properties during normal use, at speed, and in falls.
? Multi-impact – The viscoelastic properties of Casidion guarantee optimum helmet performance even in prolonged rolling with up to 7 impacts per second.
? Energy dispersion – The Casidion energy driver system provides 40% impact reduction. Impact energy is absorbed and diverted away from the head.
? Temperature resistant – Casidion guarantees maximum protection even in extreme temperatures ranging from -70°C to + 70°C.
The Second Coming - Shiva 2.0
Can safe be stylish? We think so. A sphere is the absolute safest shape you can make a helmet. As soon as you add edges to the helmet shell design, catch points develop and the risk of rotational impact increases. The Shiva 2.0 has a round profile for a reason – it is simply a safer design. We use proven I-beam construction for the chin bar to create a higher section modulus in this critical area. Compared to traditional arc-shaped full face chin bars, an I-beam design is lighter and stronger.
The Second Coming - Shiva 2.0
Every aspect of the new Shiva 2.0 has been meticulously engineered for maximum safety and performance. Our Composite Fusion in-molding technology fuses the shell and foam liner providing better impact energy management and increased dynamic range. Our helmets are smaller, lighter and stronger. You can read more about our helmet shells here.
The Second Coming - Shiva 2.0
At Kali, the future of helmet development is always beyond the benchmarks we have already set. With over a decade of producing the world’s most advanced helmets, Kali adds yet another engineering milestone with the release of the Shiva 2.0 and Shiva 2.0 Carbon. Available at your LBS.


? Two shell sizes – Kali developed new molds to better accommodate a complete size range.
? New Pad System – Thicker pads made of new anti-microbial moisture wicking materials means the Shiva 2.0 is cooler, dryer, and more comfortable. Pads and liner are machine washable for easy cleaning.
? Pop-Lock Visor – A breakaway visor system that separates on impact eliminating visor catch points and reducing rotational impact forces.
? Accessory Mounts – The Shiva 2.0 mounts allows riders to quickly and safely attach lights or POV cameras.


Shiva 2.0 Carbon
? Weight – 1050g / 37 oz (size medium)
? Color – Gloss Carbon
? Certifications – DOT, ASTM F1952, ASTM 2032, ASTM F2040, CPSC, EN 1078
? Sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL
? MSRP – $550 USD
Shiva 2.0
? Weight – 1190g / 42 oz (size medium)
? Color – Matte Black/Lime, Black/Red/White
? Certifications – DOT, ASTM F1952, ASTM 2032, ASTM F2040, CPSC, EN 1078
? Sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL
? MSRP – $350 USD
*Shiva 2.0 Carbon, size medium
The Second Coming - Shiva 2.0

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