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Remap has been around for nearly 3 years now and has grown and evolved over that time with the company ethos always remaining the same. It’s easy to say “By Riders for Riders” and despite in this case being true the reality of it was that we wanted to design and make clothes that stood out and functioned perfectly when your on the bike be it at the local park putting in laps, cruising round the pumptrack or in the deepest backcountry hitting the single track with buddies.

Located in Jersey, Channel Islands the cycling communities a close knit one and that’s something we have made the most of drawing on the talent of great family and friends who do things like illustration through to website construction and fulfilment this kind of family attitude has helped us grow to where we are now and develop an amazing group of riders and friends on the island that help push the company forward and keep things creative which leads us on to the latest range of designs and clothes which aren’t just the effort of one individual but many.

Remap LS Jersey’s
• Blended polyester micro fibre giving unmatched sweat and moisture wicking capabilities
• Breathable
• Drop Back
• Sublimated printing for longer life expectancy
Fitted shape means no annoying flappy bits or snagging
• Sizes: Small – X-large
• RRP £42.99

With the first riding tops debuting over 2 years ago and a few fresh designs coming out since then it’s now that we’ve introduced 4 brand new designs, all keep the same fitted cut to avoid any unwanted material whilst still keeping that relaxed comfortable feel so you can shred the trails or the race track. Whether it’s the original Leopard Print or new Bars jersey you choose to let it loose in you’ll be sure to stand out.


Remap SS Jersey’s
• Blended polyester micro fibre giving unmatched sweat and moisture wicking capabilities
• Quick drying for the hot days in the saddle
• Casual fit
• Machine washable
• Sizes: Small – X-large
• RRP £34.99

Remap Short Sleeve (SS) jersey’s were well recevied first time round show casing hand drawn designs at there finest and it was about time for an update. The same great cut and fit remains but with the added bonus of some fresh hand drawn designs including the limited edition “Park Rat” jersey perfect for those sunny days putting in the laps or Rebel SS top for all those who like to rock.

Remap Riding Socks
• Merino/Polypropylene blended fabric
• Smooth toe seems
• Reinforced Cordura heel and toe
• Arch support
• Sizes: 7-11
• RRP £9.99

Remap’s technical riding sock are a new edtion to the line up this year and we think we’ve hit the nail on the head for a first attempt. Packed full of technical features and made using carefully chosen fabrics where they need to be these calf high socks will go the distance with you.


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Is San Martino Bike Arena one of Italy’s Hidden Gems?

Is San Martino Bike Arena one of Italy’s Hidden Gems?

PRESS RELEASE: San Martino Bike Arena

The San Martino Bike Arena Bike Park is located in San Martino di Castrozza, in the Dolomites of the eastern Trentino. Opened in Summer 2013 form June to September, it offers the possibility to ride on three 5 kilometres of downhill tracks and three enduro / XC trails, just in front of one of the most breathtaking views of the entire Dolomites.

Open every day from 8.30 to 17.00 from the middle of June to the end of September, the Bike Park is served by an automatic coupling cable car, which in only 12 minutes will reach the top at 2200 meters covering a difference in altitude of more than 700 meters.

At the cable car lower station and the Campo Base Bikers’ Village several services are dedicated to the bikers: a downhill / enduro bike rental, free bike wash, bike bar with a dedicated menu and a Chill Area on the terrace, special Après-Bike happy hours every weekend, MTB / DH Instructors and guides contacts.

Downhill Tracks:

1. TOGNOLA DH UNO: The first line, opened in June 2013, is the most peculiar course of the San Martino Bike Arena Bike Park. A spectacular and thrilling line, which develops through the woods and on the pastures which surround the legendary ski slope Tognola Uno, just in front of the Pale di San Martino. An easy but very fun track, with more demanding stretches that can be avoided thanks to specific chicken lines. Two parabolic wooden structures, a breathtaking wall ride and several wooden units make this course an amusing and various one.

2. VARIANTE DH TRE: Opened in summer 2014, this course is the natural extension and the conclusion of the Tognola DH Uno line. It is a more gentle and flat course, which develops through the woods and on the Tognola Tre ski slope. The very fun bumps of the first stretch of the line, introduce then a very demanding zigzag winding road where the 30×30? challenge takes place every year, to finally reach the lower station of the Tognola cable car.

3. VARIANTE DH DUE: The new Tognola DH Due line, opened in summer 2015, steeper and more demanding than the DH TRE variant, is a new course which descends under the Tognola cable car line, heading to the steep “walls” of the Tognola Uno ski track, towards Malga Crel. This part of the park has 7 structures and a bridge that cross the road in the final part.

San Martino Bike Arena Bike Park has in total 10 km of tracks with 700 mt of difference in level. Nearby the difficult parts, there are easier versions (chicken line) marked with specific signs: beginners can try our Bike Park too! During the downhill, it is possible to exit and come back to San Martino riding the normal forest road.

Web site: /
Mail: [email protected]
Phone. +39 0439 68026