Many people suffer with painful conditions. Depending on their severity, these conditions can have a detrimental effect on a sufferer’s quality of life – affecting the way they work, or how they choose to spend their spare time.

Certain techniques and over-the-counter products can combat mild pain; while a doctor may prescribe a pain relief treatment such as co-codamol or tramadol to treat some cases of severe chronic pain.

But there are a number of non-medicinal techniques those suffering from chronic pain can employ to limit their symptoms – one of these is cutting out bad habits which may be conducive to feelings of pain. Here are five common offenders which might be making your pain worse:


As well as making people more susceptible to respiratory illnesses and numerous other harmful conditions, studies have suggested that smoking can make chronic pain worse. Smoking can also cause sleep problems, and increase the likelihood of stress – two factors which can create tension and aggravate chronic pain.


It’s a popular assumption that alcohol soothes pain symptoms and works effectively as a numbing agent. However, consuming too much can make chronic pain worse. It can also interfere with the function of some medications, as well as causing sleep problems and headaches. So, if you’re suffering with chronic pain, limit your alcohol intake, or, if possible, cut it out altogether.


High stress levels increase tension – and this can aggravate a number of chronic conditions, especially those responsible for back pain. Take a look at your schedule, and your regular working routine. If you can, work with your line manager to make your working environment less stressful. You might even consider taking a yoga or tai chi class in your spare time to help you reduce your stress levels.

Unhealthy Foods

Carrying around extra weight can put pressure on your back and joints, and potentially worsen chronic pain. Sufferers who are overweight or obese may consider talking to their doctor about a diet plan, to reduce their weight, and relieve chronic pain symptoms.

Late Nights

Sleep deprivation can also exacerbate chronic pain. As pain worsens, it can increase insomnia symptoms – and then the vicious cycle begins. Chronic pain sufferers should always try to get the recommended eight hours every night. Take measures to increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep: block out any noise or light sources which might be keeping you awake; avoid consuming any stimulants such as coffee late at night; and ensure your mattress and bed are comfortable and not further damaging your posture. If your body is well-rested, it will be better able to overcome chronic pain.


Not looking after your health will also have drastic effects on stopping you from leaving bad habits. Sleeping on time, going for a run, spending time in the gym and generally keeping fit will help you immensly in getting rid of your bad habits.

If you’re suffering with chronic pain, always seek medical advice from your doctor.

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