Are You A Lady? Wanna Race Bikes? Here’s Your Chance!

Wonder Woman - Although you might think she s dressed like either the Flash or Iron Man we think Amanda Batty might actually be Wonder Woman. Earlier in the weekend she made an attempt to gap the rock pictured the rear tire introduced itself to that rock cased the landing and took a massive digger..... BUT WAIT it wasn t over. Someone at speed took the same line and ended up literally landing on top of her. I was told she cracked a couple of ribs yet she continued to ride all weekend and put down a 4th place Pro Women s race time. Prob not the result she was looking for but considering all she dealt with....... she s WONDER WOMAN

For Immediate Release: 

Are you a lady who wants to race downhill? Do you know a lady who wants to race downhill? Calling all girls of any age who just wanna have fun. 

As an ongoing effort to get more women and girls into racing and riding downhill, I’m so excited to announce that a race fund has been set up to cover any race entry fee for first-time female racers in 2015 as part of the ?#?ProvingPossible? project. 

We’re looking for gals who’ve always wanted to try the sport out and have the desire to enter a race and fall in love with an amazing sport! 

This opportunity is available to women and girls of any age and category who have never raced downhill and includes 1 race entry fee cost as well as all-female DH race clinics during the 2015 race season at select race venues across the US and Canada. If you or someone you know is interested, please send an email to [email protected] with your name, email address, location, race date and cost, then spread the word! Let’s get more ladies on bikes!

The #ProvingPossible project is an ongoing effort to inspire women to ‘Prove Your Own Possible’and push their limits by trying new sports and pushing female progression and inclusion inside of the action sports industry. Check out the hashtag and submit your own #ProvingPossible moments on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the #ProvingPossible and#GirlsOnBigBikes hashtags!

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