Sun, Snow, and Fog at White Style 2018

Sun, Snow, and Fog at White Style 2018

image by Christoph Laue
 Alex Cahill extending his backflip superman.
PRESS RELEASE: Saalfelden Leogang

Saalfelden Leogang, Austria, January 26, 2018 – Once again the FMB World Tour season started in front of the backdrop of Leogang’s ‘Steinberge’. Now in its 13th year, White Style once again attracted a field of 20 elite slopestyle riders from 6 nations. For the first time in White Style history, the 16 athletes who made it through qualification had to battle each other in a head-to-head elimination format, with the loser of each match-up being knocked out of the contest.

During training, the 20 invited riders already showed that the level of riding continues to rise with each edition. As a result, the crowd at the Schantailift was already treated to several Double-Flips and 720s during qualification. One of the early highlights was an unbelievably clean Backflip-Superman-Seatgrab by Spanish young gun Marcel Durbau.

Training and qualification were held in perfect bluebird conditions. As the sun set and the lights turned on, the elimination rounds started with the Round of 16. Unfortunately, a developing bank of fog led to decreasing visibility for the riders, and as a result, the contest was eventually cancelled after the quarterfinals without a fair ranking.

image by Christoph Laue
 Bienvendio Alba’s 360-whip.
image by Christoph Laue
 Jonny Kielhorn with a 360-unturndown.
image by Christoph Laue
 Marcel Durbau with a stylish 360-whip.
image by Christoph Laue
 Remy Carra with a flip-bar into the fog.
image by Christoph Laue
 Lukas Schaefer throwing a smooth 360-table.
image by Christoph Laue
 Tom Cardy throwing a smooth 360 into the fog.
All images by Christoph Laue.

More info on the Facebook Event page and website. More information about Saalfelden Leogang can be found at and

Race Face Releases Cinch Power Meter

Race Face Releases Cinch Power Meter

Canada Cup XC Champ Evan Guthrie isn’t your typical spandex and salads weight weenie cross country racer. He races in baggies, can send it harder than most, has finished on the podium at BC Enduro Series events and hit top step on the Downtime at Singletrack6. Offered a spot on the Canadian National Team to race XC World Championships this year, he turned that down to go race the EWS Finale instead. With limited time on his “big” bike he went top 10 in a stage against the best dedicated EWS pros in the world in Italy. Nobody talked about it, but it was definitely more fun than doing six laps of a fifteen minute Worlds course down under.

Regardless of if you’re doing specific intervals or pacing yourself over an epic ride or enduro day, having accurate and instant power data is useful and valuable information. Evan eagerly signed on as one of the Cinch Power Meter testers and has been counting watts all year from the Sea Otter Short Track to the Italian singletrack. His data files helped Race Face refine our algorithms to speed up and improve accuracy and well as optimize the data for mountain bike applications. Big impacts and sudden changes in traction aren’t common in road and a road power meter plugged into a mountain bike often contains power spikes and other inaccurate data. The Race Face Cinch Power Meter is made for mountain biking, of all types, just like Evan. Spandex and salad not required.

“cross training”
Guthrie’s RF Next equipped Pivot LES rocking a Team Edition FOX 32 is his go-to choice for training rips.
not so secret training.
The Cinch Power Meter helps athletes track the ride: efforts on the climbs and recovery on the send.
The Cinch system allows for a power meter crankset to be swapped between bike builds with an 8mm Allen key and adjustment of the preload collar. But if Evan is changing riding styles, the power meter spindle can be easily swapped from his Next SL crank arms into Next R crank arms and back with a crank puller tool that is included in the box with the Cinch Power Meter

Enduro may be getting more technical, but the climbs can still make or break a race run.
Guthrie’s Pivot Firebird is loaded with Next R carbon wheels, cranks, and cockpit, steering a FOX 36.
Pedal churning with the Cinch Power Meter puts the information at your fingertips on Bluetooth and ANT head unit.
The Race Face Cinch Power Meter is shipping now to dealers near you!
The Cinch Power Meter gives you the tool to train for the Enduro and XC glory you truly deserve. Protected in your BB Shell, the Cinch Power Meter not only gives you the advantage you need to gauge your training and push your boundaries, but it does it with the compatibility and performance you have come to expect from Cinch. Thanks to the adaptable spindle, you can pick your poison from NEXT SL G4 to our Turbine R cranks, and with our Cinch App and both ANT+™ and Bluetooth®, you can hook it up to your favorite head unit and be on your way to the wattage cottage in no time.

• Power Accuracy +/- 2%.
• Cadence & pedal efficiency data.
• Dual Bluetooth low energy technology / ANT+ for head unit compatibility.
• Battery life over 400h & USB rechargeable.
• Utilizing CINCH for 1x or 2x configurations.
• Cinch Power Meter App for iPhone or Android.
• 134mm Spindle swaps onto 30mm Race Face Cinch capable Next SL G4, Next G3, Next R, Turbine.

Cinch Power Meter Spindle MSRP: $599.99 USD
Next SL G4 Crankarms MSRP: $479.99 USD
Next R Crankarms MSRP: $479.99 USD

Riding: Evan Guthrie
Photos: Niall Pinder
Videography: Connor Macleod for Race Face

White Style 2018 – ‘Fight Style’ Goes into its First Round

White Style 2018 – ‘Fight Style’ Goes into its First Round

White Style, the only mountain bike Slopestyle contest on snow, returns to the slopes of Leogang for the opening round of the FMB World Tour 2018 on January 26. This year, Saalfelden Leogang has a surprise in store for both riders and spectators: a new mountain bike head-to-head format! For the first time ever, 20 of the best slopestyle heavy hitters will step into the ring and fight for the championship belt. Can’t wait for the new format? Then check out the teaser:

White Style 2018 judging will be a new challenge as for the first time, the event will see an all new and thrilling format: In qualifying, 20 athletes will send their best tricks and raddest combos in order to reach the finals. The 16 qualified riders will then battle each other in elimination rounds. The fight is expected to be especially fierce, as the top athletes will have to put down not just one, but several top runs. In order to win the championship belt, a rider will have to take out their opponents in each round all the way to the grand final, similar to what you would expect in a speed & style event. Despite the new format, the event will remain its FMB Silver status and give the riders the chance to collect first points for the FMB World Tour 2018. The only question remaining is: which slopestyle heavyweight will make the most out of the new format to claim the win?

White Style 2018
As of right now, the exact list of the top riders following the wake-up call from hibernation is not complete, but one thing is for certain: Rocky Balboa would nod in approval eyeballing up the massive piles of snow that are going to be sculpted into perfectly shaped take-offs, jumps and landings, in short – what the dreams of some of the best slopestyle athletes in the world are made of during the wintertime. Since its inauguration the snow jumps at White Style have proven themselves as the perfect stomping ground for all sorts of slopestyle craziness. Let it be style in its purest form by the likes of 2017 winner and heavy hitter Torquato ‘Toto’ Testa (ITA) or Frenchman Simon Pagès who amazed the judges with a sick combo and placed second in January.
White Style 2018
Another top contender is White Style veteran Sam Pilgrim (GBR), who won the unique event on snow in 2010 and 2011. Will the Brit step in the ring with Adrian Tell? The Norwegian, who will also be back in Leogang in January, loves flatspins and stoked the mountain bike world in 2016 by successfully pulling a world-first backflip-manual-frontflip.Be part of the action and check out the new format! The qualifying will start on January 26 at 4pm at the Schanteilift in Leogang, the finals including the People’s Choice Best Trick will kick off at 7:30pm. Let your voice be heard by your favorite riders and make sure they get the cheers they deserve.

White Style 2018
Everybody who wants to show how fast they can go on snow, can join the Scott Snow Downhill Race which will take place at 6.30pm. The Scott Snow Downhill Race will be one of the races of the ‘LINES Schneefräsn Cup’, more information is availablehere. Just sign up by writing an email to [email protected] and you will be added to the starting line-up.The Saalfelden Leogang region is situated in the heart of the Salzburger Land and offers a wide range of activities. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy 270 kilometers / 168 miles of slopes in the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn as well as 150 kilometers of trails. In summer, beginners and pros alike enjoy either Bikepark Leogang or the numerous trails of the Saalfelden Leogang region.

White Style 2018
More information about White Style 2018 can be found on the Facebook eventpage or the website.Photos: Saalfelden Leogang Touristik GmbH/Christoph Laue


Push Announces Trunnion-Mounted Elevensix and ACS3 Kits for RockShox

Push Announces Trunnion-Mounted Elevensix and ACS3 Kits for RockShox

Trunnion and Black Elevensix Models

PUSH Industries is expanding its range of high performance suspension components, and is pleased to announce some new flavors of its tastiest goods.

As a result of the rising popularity of trunnion-mount shocks, PUSH is now offering its Elevensix in a trunnion design to meet the demands of riders seeking the ultimate performance from their bikes using the new wider shock mount design. The new trunnion-mount shock is available in metric sizes comparable to the eye-to-eye lengths of standard Elevensix shocks. In addition, being more compact than eye-to-eye shocks, the new design allows certain shorter-travel bikes to take advantage of the Elevensix’s Dual Valve System. One such example is Evil’s Calling, which will be available with an Elevensix upgrade in the new Liquid Black color.

Liquid Black? Yep, all Elevensix shocks are now also available in a black anodized finish, in addition to the original clear anodizing. In order to ease the concerns of those suffering from extreme colormatch FOMO, PUSH is offering an upgrade/rehab/12-step recovery program. It won’t cost as much as a new kidney, but it’ll be a color change that demands commitment. Riders who already haveElevensix shocks that they wish were black should reach out to PUSH at [email protected]


ACS3 Available for All RockShox Riders

The PUSH ACS3 coil system was released earlier this year as an upgrade for Fox 36 forks, and is now available to order for RockShox Pike, Yari, and Lyrik models. Replacing the stock air spring with PUSH’s proprietary coil and air-assist kit provides a dramatic enhancement in front suspension throughout the travel, enabling supple small bump response as well as greater mid-stroke control and superior bottom out resistance. For Pike riders looking to upgrade to ACS3 performance, there are three options — 140, 150, 160mm. Lyrik and Yari riders have four travel options ranging from 140 to 170mm.

RockShox ACS3 kits are available in seven different spring rates. The Made in the USA ACS3 is an easy install for home mechanics, with convenient step-by-step how-to videos available on Vimeo and the PUSH website.

Deathgrip Ultimate Roost Contest Winner Announced

Deathgrip Ultimate Roost Contest Winner Announced


Earlier this year, to celebrate the release of DEATHGRIP, Brendan Fairclough announced the #DEATHGRIPULTIMATEROOST competition and the chance to win an incredible prize package worth over $10,000 USD, including a SCOTT-Sports Gambler 710 complete bike.With over 500 entries, Fairclough had his work cut out selecting a winner:

“The level of entries was insane, I was humbled to see how many people were inspired to get out there and put forward their best roost photo or video. When it came to judging I just went with my heart, the winner was the video that put the biggest smile on my face and that was George Minty” — Brendan Fairclough

George Minty, from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, is now the proud owner of an unbelievable prize package including:

• SCOTT-Sports Gambler 710 complete bike
• GoPro Hero 5
• SCOTT-Sports signature DEATHGRIP Prospect goggles
• Monster Energy x DMR DEATHGRIP’s
• LifeProof iPhone 7 case
• Yakima Dr Tray hitch rack
• DMR Brendog Vault pedals
• Deity bar and stem combo
• Troy Lee Designs D3 carbon MIPS helmet

On hearing the news that he had won the #DEATHGRIPULTIMATEROOST Competition, George was overwhelmed:

“Holy [email protected] Balls! That’s madness, thanks so much guys, I am buzzing my tits off”

With so many impressive entries to choose from, Brendan selected an additional 8 winners of the ‘Honourable Mention’ category who walked away with a selection of prizes from the DEATHGRIP partners.

Honourable Mention Winners:
James Risker
Carson Rayner
Isaac Ewen
James Bland
Dalton Bell
Theo Erlangsen
Sam Hardman
Finn Hawkesby – Browne

 DEATHGRIPULTIMATEROOST Honourable Mention Winner Theo Erlangsen - Photo By Eric Palmer

Photo Credit: Eric Palmer Rider: Theo Erlangsen

“I just want to thank everyone who went out there and put together an entry for this competition, it was incredible to see how many exciting and talented riders there are shredding all over the world. I wish everyone could have been a winner.” Brendan Fairclough

DEATHGRIP is available to purchase worldwide on iTunes

Also Available on: Xbox, Playstation, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu, Fandango Now, Vimeo on Demand


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