Northern Grip Bike Festival Returns for 2017

Northern Grip Bike Festival Returns for 2017

Northern Grip is an annual celebration of mountain bike culture, following on from the hugely successful inaugural event in Ramsbottom last year it returns on 8-9 July and moves over the valley to Lee Quarry.

Northern Grip

Northern Grip organiser, David Agnew says, “Last year’s event was amazing with our audience loving the combination of trail activity, new bike demos, music, food, and beer. Lee Quarry is a fantastic venue for Northern Grip to shine a spotlight on this year and we’ll be building a festival hub to bring all the comforts and culture which people loved last year – and much more. A bigger, better and bolder Northern grip will include big and little bike brands announced in the coming weeks offering an opportunity to make the most of two days around Lee Quarry and the Rossendale Fells.”

How much bigger will it be? The festival hub is aiming to be double in size for this year. The organisers are hoping to at least double the amount of attendees this year too. More food, more drink, more trade stands, more demo bikes, more music, more surprises and more trails. The whole festival will be very moreish.

More trails? Oh yes indeed. Lee Quarry and neighbouring Cragg Quarry are just the start of the riding on offer at this year’s Grip. The relocation of the festival to Rossendale allows for an unprecedented amount of varied riding. Wild riding, mild riding, singletrack, gravel, rocks, roots, 30km monsters, 3km pootles… you name it. We’ve even got some climb-free options if you want cruise and views. All mapped out and way marked on the day for your convenience.

Northern Grip a Festival of MTB 2016

As with the 2016 festival, there’ll be some surprises out there on the hills too. The epic sausage rolls and the acid-brass band surprises of last year’s Grip will be hard to top but top them we shall. You won’t want to miss this year’s show.

Northern Grip

Northern Grip will celebrate the majestic mountain bike and what it can bring to people’s lives. Northern Grip 2017 is sponsored by Leisure Lakes, with partners Alpkit, Dirt Factory and Team JMC, with the support of Rossendale Council, The Whitaker, PMBA, the National Trust and Sustrans.

Northern Grip 2017
Lee Quarry
Futures Park
OL13 0BB

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Blood Road – Preview

Blood Road – Preview


Blood Road teaser
Red Bull Media House unveils the teaser for its latest feature, Blood Road, coming out in 2017. The bold documentary captures ultra-endurance mountain biker Rebecca Rusch’s inspiring voyage in search of the crash site where her father’s plane went down during the Vietnam War. Blood Road won the Sun Valley Film Festival’s coveted Audience Award, following the film’s world premiere that opened the festival.

Rusch’s father died in 1972 when his U.S. Air Force fighter plane was shot down over Laos. Audiences are taken on a powerful journey as Rusch teams up with Vietnamese competitive cycling champion Huyen Nguyen to cycle 1,200 miles of the notorious Ho Chi Minh trail in search of his crash site more than 40 years after his death. The two women navigate the dense jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, discovering a shared humanity that can help heal the wounds left by this historic conflict.

I’ve spent most of my life racing around the world only to find it was all leading to the most important journey of my life. To be able to share the story with the help of Red Bull Media House is a powerful gift to the memory of my father. I’m so proud to be the messenger for this important tale of healing and discovery.Rebecca Rusch
Directed by Nicholas Schrunk and produced by Sandra Kuhn, Blood Road is more than a history lesson, it’s a daughter’s love letter to her lost father, and a remarkable undertaking fueled by the power of a newly formed friendship.Although Red Bull Media House has been producing films for several years, Blood Road is Red Bull Media House North America’s first feature film to be written, produced, directed and edited entirely in-house. The small production crew rode enduro motorcycles with gear strapped to their backs to capture this story despite the many challenges presented by unpredictable jungle terrain.

“Blood Road is a testament to Red Bull Media House’s commitment to independent cinema, storytelling and the power of human perseverance around the world,” said Scott Bradfield, Senior Vice President of Production and Development for Red Bull Media House North America. “We are very proud of this film, which shares such a unique and inspiring story.”

Blood Road will release worldwide in 2017. For more information about Blood Road and where and when it will debut, contact Red Bull Media

Atherton Academy Camp 2017

Atherton Academy Camp 2017

This weekend in the Dyfi Forest the 2017 Atherton Academy intake enjoyed a weekend riding with the Trek Factory Racing DH team. It was wet, windy and hard work but the three young riders dug in and showed us the kind of talent and determination that earned them these coveted training places. There were smiles for miles as Mille Johnset, Luke Williamson and Jamie Cable shredded Dan Atherton’s Dyfi trails, chilled at the skatepark and collected their specially designed 2017 team strip.

Dan Hearn was on hand to capture some of the action.

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

The weekend started with a meet at Atherton HQ. It quickly got like Christmas as iXS protective gear, Bell helmets, and new team strip and casual wear were fitted and distributed. Team Director, Dan Brown and Dan Atherton gave a short welcome while Head Technician, Joe Krejbich made sure that set ups were optimal on the Trek Session 9.9s.

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

Jamie ” like Christmas morning!”

bigquotes I’m delighted to be working with these three young riders. Without taking anything away from what they’ve achieved so far, all of this year’s intake have so much to learn and such potential for growth that it’s going to be very exciting to be a part of that journey. The primary objective for all three of them this year is to gain a solid foundation of race experience.Dan Brown
2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

Browny leading by example.

bigquotes We’re all passionate about creating a pathway to World Cups and a pro riding career. Ours is a young sport so there are many young talents out there who are in the dark about the opportunities available. A huge driver for me building these tracks is so that young riders can rock up and ride here on the same facilities that World Cup pros are using for their training, that they get to see real early that there is no reason that they can’t be the best.Dan Atherton
2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

Joe casts an expert eye over Mille’s Trek Session.

bigquotes One of the most exciting things for me this weekend has been watching Jamie and Luke ride together and learn from each other, they are pretty much from polar opposite ends of the scale. Jamie relies 100% on his skill, Luke leans on his strength and power more so over the whole track they are pretty equal but you’ll see Jamie pulling away down the steep sections, Luke is faster where it’s flat – it’s partly physical make-up, partly what they are used to riding.Dan Atherton
2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

Luke and Jamie.

During Saturday night’s skate park session and Sunday’s DH shred the team were joined by Rachel and Danny Hart so the Academy had the advantage of two World Champions to follow down the trails!

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable
bigquotes It’s awesome how these guys would just watch us and then learn from that, if we did tell them something once, that was it they got it instantly, that’s so refreshing.Dan Atherton
Mille Johnset. (Racing Youth Year 2)

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

16-year-old Mille has been working with us for a couple of years now, in last year’s first full season with the Atherton Academy she took a spectacular win at Fort William BDS (16 seconds clear of the field), the Scandinavian Cup and the Norwegian National Champs – despite 10 weeks off the bike with a liver injury.

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

Dan in the observer seat as Mille goes on the attack!

bigquotes I spent a lot of time this weekend riding behind Mille, watching her throw herself into every corner! She doesn’t back off for anything, she’s so brave and her passion shines through in how she rides. Every corner, every pedal stroke she hits it with her full heart. After so long at the top of the World Cup game, Rachel has learned to become a very calculated rider but Mille reminds me of how Rach was when she was young.Dan Atherton
Jamie Cable (Racing Youth Year 2)

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

Jamie is the least experienced racer of this year’s intake but he is a passionate and dedicated rider who has put in unbelievable hours on the bike to achieve the extremely high standard required to be invited to the Atherton Academy.

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

Does Jamie’s style remind you of anybody?

bigquotes I got to know Jamie when I was running some Tuesday night coaching rides with the kids from the local school. There were two kids, in particular, Jamie and Tim, they were always pushing each other on, Tim’s already doing really well on the national XC races and Jamie’s gone a different way to focus on DH. The first thing I noticed about Jamie was his balance, years riding the Dyfi trails on his hardtail had taught him well! He’s so focused and single-minded, absolutely lives for his riding and his digging. He reminds of how we all were when we started out.Dan Atherton
Luke Williamson ((Racing Youth Year 1)

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

At 14, Luke Williamson has seven years race experience behind him, first at the motocross track and since 2014 on a downhill bike. He has a series of local wins to his credit and in 2016 was 4th Overall in the British Downhill Series Juvenile Class (despite missing Fort William) and 2nd overall in the Pearce Cycles Series.

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

Luke! It’s easy to forget he is just 14 years old…

bigquotes Luke is strong! A really powerful rider though you wouldn’t necessarily think so just to look at him, he outputs a hell of a lot of power in every pedal stroke. Maybe at 14 he relies a little bit on that strength but underneath and underpinning that there is a very talented rider. He’s really focused and already one of the most professional young riders I’ve ever seen.Dan Atherton
2017 Atherton Academy is going to be all time.

2017 Atherton Academy Camp - Luke Williamson Mille Johnset Jamie Cable

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Timo Pritzel, Amir Kabbani and Sam Pilgrim Inspire TSG’s 2017 Apparel Line

Timo Pritzel, Amir Kabbani and Sam Pilgrim Inspire TSG’s 2017 Apparel Line

Gravity mountain bikers Timo Pritzel, Amir Kabbani and Sam Pilgrim have represented the world of TSG for many years and are the standard bearers of the new TSG apparel line S2017. They are its inspiration and driving force and have taken the TSG motto “designed by riders” to the next level!

TSG apparel 2017
TSG apparel 2017
Although very different in personality and style, Timo Pritzel, Amir Kabbani, and Sam Pilgrim make a solid team and together ride and trust TSG protection gear and clothing. TSG head designer Jonas Janssen has tailored the patterns, colours, and cuts of the new TSG apparel line S2017 to suit Sam’s positive vibes, Amir’s multifaceted skills, and Timo’s urban down-to-earthness, all of which leave distinctive marks on the three lines in the new clothing range.

TSG apparel 2017


TSG apparel 2017

Timo Pritzel is one of the founders of gravity mountain biking in Germany, with his experience, self-confidence, and charisma capturing the imagination of consecutive generations of riders. Wild BMX races and his fast-moving urban surroundings have given the Berliner a sharp edge, while power yoga is his calming force: This yin and yang is represented in the TP1 line.

TP1 Jersey LS

The ventilated, quick drying fabric of his red and grey TP1 Jersey LS delivers pro-level performance and is designed to feel comfortable and look rad both on and off the trails.

TP1 Bike Shorts front

His black TP1 Bike Shorts are the perfect partner for muddy downhill runs and freeride adventures, thanks to the waterproof fabric and stretch panels in the back yoke and crotch, which provide a comfortable, performance driven fit for all-day downhill sessioning.

TSG Trail Glove TP1 Timo Pritzel from the summer 2017 line.

The TP1 line is the perfect union of style and functionality for fresh shredding!


Shooting with Amir for the summer 17 TSG bike apparel. He is wearing the AK1 line.
Amir Kabbani is the new skool rider in the German pro mountain bike scene, combining traditional values with new skool trickery.

An industrious builder of parks and obstacles, he embraces freeride, Enduro and slopestyle, is at home on all bikes and is one of the most multitalented riders in the world.

This versatility is the inspiration for his AK1 Line.

AK1 Jersey LS 3 4

The bold black and green AK1 3/4 Sleeved Jersey delivers supreme moisture-wicking, mesh panel breathability and stretch for ultimate riding comfort and regulated body temperature on warm days and intense climbs.

AK1 Bike Shorts front

The AK1 Bike Short is the number one short for charging trails and digging jumps. It is made from a tough, waterproof fabric for maximum durability and adaptability, while stretch panels in the back and crotch give total comfort. An elastic waist and ratchet closure offer secure hold and perfect freedom of movement.

AK1 Bike Shorts back
TSG Slim Glove AK1 Amir Kabbani from the summer 2017 line.


Shooting with Sam for the summer 17 TSG bike apparel. He is wearing the SP1 line.

New skool rider and FMB World Series Champion, Sam Pilgrim rides by the motto “always happy,” combining fun, mountain bike slopestyle, and BMX tricks to explore his limits. This is the inspiration for his SP1 Line, which blends street style with pro-level performance.

SP1 Jersey S S

The short-sleeved, grey and blue SP1 Jersey is made from a breathable, lightweight fabric for all-day comfort and protection, and features a perfect fit, 4-way stretch construction for complete freedom of movement.

SP1 Bike Shorts front

Sam’s black and yellow SP1 Bike Shorts also feature cutting-edge design and riding technology, with a 4-way stretch, quick-drying back yoke providing unrestricted movement, a hardwearing crotch for durability and zonal, laser-cut perforations for perfect breathability.

SP1 Bike Shorts back
TSG Patrol Glove SP1 Sam Pilgrim from the summer 2017 line.


Timo in our Black Edition BE1 Line

TSG’s Black Edition Line combines mountain bike performance with all black street styling.

BE1 Jersey L S combining on-bike performance with street styling.

The long-sleeve BE1 Jersey is made from breathable, quick-dry, stretch fabric with vent panelling and a drop rear hem that can be worn with or without body protection. It also features an under-helmet hood to keep riders on their bikes when a chill sets in.

BE1 DH Pants front

The race-ready BE1 DH Pant is specifically designed for serious downhill descents, offering ultimate durability, long leg protection and strategically placed 4-way stretch mesh panels for superior movement when pedalling.

BE1 DH Pants front
TSG Hunter Glove BE Black Edition from the summer 2017 line.


The Bike Apparel line completes the functional TSG summer 2017 bike clothing collection and offers styles for all conditions. The 3/4 sleeve red John Jersey has loads of performance features including a relaxed fit, lightweight and quick-drying material, mesh armpits for odour and personal climate control, a ticket pocket and sunglass wipe.

John Jersey LS 3 4

The Drop Rain Jacket is an all-weather pass to the trails, made from lightweight, breathable 4-way stretch fabric that is both water resistant and ultra comfortable.

TSG Drop Jacket from the summer 2017 line. Your all-weather pass to the trails.


TSG apparel 2017

TSG also makes clothes for chilling, partying and general off-bike fun.

TSG apparel 2017

The line provides stylish t-shirts, hoodies, caps, longsleeves, and socks.

Sam enjoying the view in our Heritage T-Shirt.

For further information please visit

Photos Credits:

Timo Shots: Viktor Strasse
Amir Shots: Daniel Roos
Sam Shots: Simon Nieborak


3rd Annual Yeti Trans NZ Starts this Sunday

3rd Annual Yeti Trans NZ Starts this Sunday

Coming into its third year, the Yeti Trans NZ presented by Shimano is prepared to deliver one of the finest enduro experiences on earth— where the cinematic scenery is unrivaled; the trails are hand-selected for being steep, deep and chock full of roots and rocks; and there is always cold beer waiting in the chilly bin at the end of the day. Multiply this by five, back-to-back days, with new adventures, quite literally, around each corner.

Looking down on Queenstown from High on the Ben Lomond ridge with the Remarkables in the background

If you’re not one of the lucky 130 lottery-entrants to experience the Yeti Trans NZ firsthand, you can vicariously follow the adventures on Pinkbike starting February 26, for daily recaps and Trans NZ for links to additional media coverage and live social media stream.

“This has been a very good, wet summer for trails on the South Island,” said Megan Rose, founder and event director of the Yeti Trans NZ. “I am excited to add a new stage on day one that will produce the biggest grin factor of the day, on the hardest day of the week, which happens to be straight out of the gate.”

Yeti Trans NZ

The first two days of the Yeti Trans NZ will be headquartered out of Craigieburn, a small community built into the rugged hillside of the Southern Alps. Riders will be whisked away to Queenstown, to race in and around the “Adventure Capital of the World” for the final three days.

Yeti Trans NZ

“This may be the last time that we combine Craigieburn with Queenstown as paired locations for a 5-day enduro stage race,” Rose said. “But you’ll have to wait and see where we are headed next.”

The Yeti Trans NZ will be represented by a melting pot of 14 countries, including 26 percent calling New Zealand home, 38 percent Australians, 15 percent Americans and the remaining 22 percent hailing from Singapore, Chile, Europe and Canada. Riders will have almost 130km of riding, 6120 m of climbing, 8008 m of descending (less climbing, more descending than last year) to make it to the finish line on March 2.

Yeti Trans NZ

“I traveled to New Zealand for this race to capture the unmatched beauty of the country as a racer and behind the lens,” said Nate Hills (Dillon, Colo.), Open Men. “I have yet to explore this corner of the world and am excited to dive into new trails every day.”

Yeti Trans NZ

Every year brings a completely new set of participants with fresh eyes for the tracks and scenery. “I am always jazzed up when people are stoked on the newness of an area,” said Ted Morton, Rose’s wingman for the week. “I am most excited for day four in Alexandra. You never know what Phil’s creative mind will have in store with the pink dots.”

Flynn flying down stage five

The Yeti Trans NZ collaborates with and donates to local clubs who support local trail building projects that in turn provide access to world-class riding. “Kiwis thrive on recreating in the outdoors, and all of the clubs, communities, and Department of Conservation (DOC) have been incredibly supportive of sharing their backyard,” Rose said.

Rose’s goal in growing the event is to reach more viewers around the world. “The event isn’t about bringing in a stacked field of Pros— it’s about the experience, the camaraderie, reveling in each day, watching the wildcard riders come into their element racing blind on the tracks, and sharing the stories.”

Stage 1 - Luge

The Yeti Trans NZ will be posting regular updates on Facebook and Instagram throughout the week, and video recaps on Vimeo. Hashtag your photos #transnzenduro to make their way onto the live stream of the Trans NZ’s Media HQ. For more information email [email protected] or visit

The Queenstown Bike Park in all its glory.

About Megan Rose— Megan has been riding and racing bikes all over the world for 14 years and organizing bike events for the past six years. She splits her time between British Columbia and New Zealand, running the Trans NZ and Trans BC. Over the past three years, Megan has personally raced in over 40 enduro races, timed over 68 days worth of enduro races, and personally organized 30 enduro races. Megan and her team look forward to bringing you the best of the best from all of these perspectives.

Yeti Trans NZ


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Shimano Announces Affordable Deore M6000 Group and a Wide Range SLX Option

Shimano Announces Affordable Deore M6000 Group and a Wide Range SLX Option

Shimano 2017

Shimano’s latest press release reminds us that, as much as we would all like to own a ten thousand dollar trail bike, many avid riders, and some first-time mountain bikers will be hitting the trails this season aboard far more modest steeds. The new M6000-level Deore component ensemble is targeted at the entry-level enthusiasts and cash strapped shredders who would much prefer XTR, but have not yet purchased a winning lottery ticket.

Shimano 2017
Clutch-type rear derailleur in long and mid-cage options.
Highlights of the new group are a clutch type Shadow plus rear derailleur, a four-arm XTR style crank spider, Centerlock brake rotors and hubs, and while the Servo-Wave brake levers and ICE-compatible calipers are modeled very close to the ergonomically pleasant XT and XTR stoppers, you’ll have to pony up for the finned brake pads, because they are not standard fare.

Shimano 2017
Mid-length levers and servo-wave actuation.
Shimano 2017
The 6000 calipers accept XTR finned brake pads.
Shimano 2017
Choose a two or three-ring crankset with XTR styling.
Equally newsworthy was what was not included in the press release: No eleven speed for M6000, so it won’t be cross-compatible with its pricier siblings. The basic Deore will remain a ten-speed transmission, and there is no mention of a one-by (single chainring) option. Instead, M6000 customers can choose from a number of two and three-chainring cranksets (no surprise there) paired with a new wide-range 11 by 42-tooth cassette, or Shimano’s longstanding 11 by 32, 34, or 36-tooth cassettes. To assist OEM customers, Shimano will offer front changers with every possible cable and clamping arrangement.
Shimano 2017
Side-swing front mech for the entry level Deore group.
Shimano Deore M6000

Shimano 2017
SLX One-By and a Wide-Range Cassette

On the heels of the M6000 Deore ensemble, came the announcement that an SLX-level one-by drivetrain has finally been approved for production, and with an eleven–speed, 11 x 46-tooth, wide-range cassette – both of which will be released this Spring. The affordable one-by transmission, big-boy cassette and the concurrent release of XT-level wheelsets with Boost axle spacing reflect a large-scale adjustment in the Japanese parts maker’s range, presumably, to pull alongside SRAM in the OEM market and to ensure that those customers have the proper tools to outfit mid-priced performance mountain bikes with tip-to-toe Shimano componentry.

Shimano Deore M7000
Entry Level Trail Pedal

Shimano also added an SPD Trail pedal to its range that is reportedly priced to match the M6000 ensemble. The PDED500 pedal once again, puts one of Shimano’s most-wanted products into the hands of entry-level riders. Expect to see the 500-level pedals on demo fleets world wide. No price was available at the time of the press release.

Shimano 2017
Boost Wheelsets

Wheels have gradually become a staple product for Shimano and, while wide rims are still on the horizon, to keep in step, their wheel range is now available in Boost-width as well as standard-width axles. Two new 29” and 27.5” Deore XT wheelsets have wider axle options – a 110x15mm e-thru front- and a 148x12mm rear-axle spacing. Shimano says that the new wheelsets increase stiffness. Also new are rear thru axle hubs (AX-MT700 and AX-MT500) with smaller housings and lighter weights that feature greater clearance for frames and brake calipers.

Shimano Deore M8000
Shimano 2017

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