Val di Sole to host IMBA Italia Trail Building School

Val di Sole to host IMBA Italia Trail Building School

IMBA Italia Trail Building School

IMBA Italia is glad to announce for the third consecutive year a TBS Trail Building School course. The first edition took place in 2015 in Porretta Terme in the Alta Valle del Reno (province of Bologna), and it was hosted by Happy Trail MTB. Happy Trail is a founding member of IMBA Europe and it opened IMBA Italia to carry out its vision and to organize all events and actions for mountain bike trail advocacy.

The second edition took place in Turin in 2016 in partnership with the Collina Po Park Authority as startup project for future collaborations such as the creation of a Mountain Bike panel with the leading role of IMBA Italia.

For 2017, IMBA Italia organizes in the region of Trentino in partnership with Val di Sole its Third Official IMBA Italia trail building school, with the support of the two main sponsors 4Guimp and Buff and with the support of Vittoria, WD40 and Selle Italia. The Tourism Agency of Val di Sole organizes thanks to its operational branch, Comitato Organizzatore Grandi Eventi, international events and races, and it is also designing an important and ambitious master plan around cycling. Val di Sole (Trento) is working towards a network of new trails and linked services for the riders. That is the reason Val di Sole was glad and happy to host IMBA Italia to organize in a trail building school to educate and train staff and volunteers that will create and maintain the trails. The goal is to have more and better mtb trails.

It will be a great chance to gather and to discuss mtb trails in a world-renowned mtb destination.

4Guimp has once again confirmed its support to IMBA Italia with one of the brands that it imports: EVOC. Enrico Guala and Andrea Balli, 4Guimp co-owners, are well known in the mtb circuit. However, not everyone knows that 4Guimp was started 11 years ago to develop an early day Bike Resort. Enrico and Andrea have been passionate trails advocates since the beginning and that passion translated into the support to IMBA Italia. NOV.ITA Srl is the Italian distributor of Buff and it has confirmed its support again after 2016. Buff® and IMBA Italia share the same values: respect for the environment, the preservation of trails and facilities that allow all to enjoy the outdoors, no matter the sport. Buff® belongs to EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association) and it promotes projects to protect nature and to safeguard life in general.

This mission is carried out in the production process, with promotional events, and in any other activities purposely consistent with that “green’ approach. TBS’s are possible thanks to IMBA Trail Solutions, thanks to the support of IMBA Europe, and with the logistical help of Happy Trail MTB.

IMBA Italia Trail Building School

Participants will learn all of the basics of trail maintenance and construction according to IMBATrail Solutions curriculum (the international standard for over 30 years). The Trail Building School (TBS) course will last one weekend. Instructors will be Mark McClure, professional trail builder with IMBA Trail Solutions, and Edoardo Melchiori, VP at IMBA Italia and IMBA Europe board member. Mark McClure will lecture in English while Edoardo Melchiori will translate into Italian both the theory and the practice.

IMBA Italia Trail Building School

The format involves four hours of theory and 12 hours of practical work on actual trails. There will be 40 participants from Italy and other European countries. These are some of the things participants will learn:

Characteristics of a sustainable trail,
The importance of a good design,
How and where to use rocks,
How to design with the right gradient,
Criteria for multi-use trails,
Water shading and erosion,
Tools and safety,
How to deal with trails that are not sustainable.

Price of the course is € 170.00. Reduced price for IMBA Italia members and supporters € 150.00. All participants will receive handouts in electronic format (Italian or English). Upon completion, participants will receive a TBS IMBA Trail Solution Certificate.

All participants will receive the following welcome kit:

– Note Pad Val di Sole
– Val di Sole World Championship t-shirt
– Bike land keychain
– WD40 lube product
– Fender Mudguard Vittoria

To participate sign up here; read here the accounts of past TBS participants. IMBA Italia will publish on its website hotel stays that will grant TBS rates.

IMBA Italia Trail Building School

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Madison Saracen Development Team Returns in 2017

Madison Saracen Development Team Returns in 2017

Aston Tutt, Harry Barrett, Riley Scott and James Elliott will form the 2017 Madison Saracen Development Team, headed up by Jack Geoghegan.

Madison Saracen Development team 2017

The quartet aged from 14 to 19 years old, will also get the opportunity to train alongside and receive advice from the Madison Saracen Factory Team – as well as pitting alongside them at the British Downhill Series.

Madison Saracen Development team 2017

Riley Scott

Madison Saracen started out in 2011 as a grassroots development team, with the aim of progressing riders from the highly competitive British scene onto the world cup podium. However, with its growing international presence, the team split into Factory and Development divisions.

Madison Saracen Development team 2017

James Elliott

With world cup podium performances from both Matt Simmonds and Manon Carpenter in 2014, junior, Matt Walker completed the pathway in 2016 when he stepped up to the Factory squad and won his first junior world cup in Cairns. For 2017 the development team starts afresh, with a team manager who has been on a development pathway of his own. Jack Geoghegan, part of the original team six years previous, has since taken on the role of brand manager at Saracen HQ and will also oversee the development team.

Madison Saracen Development team 2017

Harry Barrett

bigquotes Having been a part of the original line-up back in 2011, I can’t wait to give something back. I can still remember how I felt when I lined up for those team photos way back. Having been involved in the development of the Saracen Myst – from racing the first generation to helping to create the latest carbon model – it has been an exciting journey and one I can’t wait to continue.

I’m convinced the four riders we have chosen will have a big role to play in the future of an already storied history of great British downhill racers and that’s a big motivation for both the Factory Team and myself.

I’m confident that all four are in a great place to learn and push their limits, with everything provided to be their best, with the ultimate opportunity to step onto the world stage. – Jack Geoghegan


Madison Saracen Development team 2017

Aston Tutt

bigquotes I’m delighted to see a return of the Madison Saracen Development Team. We could see a hotbed of young talent emerging once again in the UK and Jack has seized the opportunity to help and support these great riders.

We have had a huge success with our development team riders in the past and I see once again the potential for us to develop UK talent right through to joining the Madison Saracen Factory Team, competing internationally. Right now though I hope they are ready for a fun season of racing and riding together and I can’t wait to get on the hill and try to keep up with them! – Will Longden, Team Manager of Madison Saracen Factory Team


Madison Saracen Development team 2017

Madison Saracen is gratefully supported by Madison Clothing, Saracen Bikes, Lazer, Bliss Protection, Maxxis, Shimano, Fox Suspension, PRO, Animal, DT Swiss, Dragon, Finish Line, Park Tool, Stealth, Ogio, MuleBar and Outdoor Tech.

For more information on the team, visit

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Production Privée’s Steel Full Suspension Frame: The Shan Nº5

Production Privée’s Steel Full Suspension Frame: The Shan Nº5

Following on from the SHAN 26, the SHAN 27, the OKA and the SHAN GT, we bring you our fifth frame, the SHAN N°5. We first outlined this project two years ago, but the developmental pace picked up rapidly at the beginning of 2016.

Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Once the design had been confirmed, the fabrication of the first two prototypes was left to our Pyrenean friends at Milc, a small company specialising in prototype production.

Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
We’ve been intensively (and discreetly) testing the N°5 since May. After 8 months of trail testing, adjustments, suspension tests, and general weeding out of any issues, the SHAN N°5 was born.

Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
As with all our frames in the SHAN range, we’ve created a playful bike with superb versatility, but without sacrificing the comfort and performance a modern full-suspension bike can bring. Throw a steel frame into the mix and you’ve got something very special indeed. The compliance, energy and feel you get from 4130 CroMo tubes is just… magical.

Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
The first pre-series arrives around April, with the first production bikes scheduled for June. We’ve still got a bit of work to do before then, but we will let you know about some tech, specs and price in March.

Like all of our frames, the paint job is chosen with pride at Production Privee. We will release it in March, but be sure SHAN Nº5 will take inspiration from iconic cars like our previous bikes…

This video will hopefully allow you to imagine yourselves by our sides during the last few months of the project.

As good news never comes alone, we are also launching our brand new website at the same time:

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SRAM Tech: Eagle Installation Video

SRAM Tech: Eagle Installation Video

Eagle Tech image
Whether you’re the lucky new owner of a SRAM XX1 or X01 Eagle drivetrain, or one of the talented wrench turners at that lucky new Eagle owner’s local bike shop, the task of working with new technology always requires a bit of “new” education. Not to worry. The following Eagle install video will bring you up to speed in just under 10 minutes. [Or about 20 minutes if you want to watch both the English and German versions.] This Eagle install video quickly walks you through the tools you’ll need, the proper install process, and how to properly use the included Eagle™ B-Gap Adjustment tool.

Don’t need to know how to install an Eagle drivetrain just yet? No worries. We have plenty more SRAM Tech videos online. Be sure to check out —and subscribe to—the SRAM Tech channel on YouTube to stay informed about the best installation, adjustment and service procedures for SRAM and RockShox bicycle components.

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RockShox Reverb B1 Model 50 Hour Service
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Danny MacAskill’s Book Out Now

Danny MacAskill’s Book Out Now

The autobiography of street trials superstar and YouTube phenomenon Danny MacAskill is in stores from today, September 29th. “AT THE EDGE – Riding for My Life” published by Viking (Penguin, RRP: GBP 14.99) tells the tale of how the Scotsman became one of the most famous cyclists in the world and Danny reveals which steps lead him down this fascinating path to stardom. Order the book here!

by Penguin

Danny MacAskill has inspired hundreds of millions of people around the world with his YouTube viral videos like Cascadia (17 million views), Way Back Home (38 million views), The Ridge (44 million views) and Imaginate (57 million views). Seven years after his first YouTube success the time has come for Danny to tell his tale and give his millions of fans around the world an idea of what goes on in his mind, when creating masterpiece after masterpiece. The fans excitement for Danny’s first written project has been impressive so far. The autobiography is already ranked #1 in the UK Amazon Bestsellers categories “Extreme Sports” and “Cycling History & Biography”.

by Danny MacAskill

In the book Danny sheds light on how he comes up with his stunning tricks and storylines for videos, which get clicked by millions of his fans around the world. Apart from being accompanied with many photos from Danny’s life, the book also contains Danny’s sketches for his most famous film edits. ”I am always thinking about new film and trick ideas. It’s very important to write good ideas down in one way or another. The best way for me to do this is with a stickman drawing”, Danny explains. “I am really looking forward to see what people have to say about the new book”.

by Danny MacAskill

Readers can look forward to the 30-year-old also revealing what it takes to continuously reach the next level – both mentally and physically:

“I checked my balance and peered apprehensively at the sheer drop below. Once I felt comfortable, I radioed down to Stu.

‘I’m just gonna unclip quickly,’ I said.

My walkie-talkie crackled straight away. Stu sounded pretty stressed. ‘Dude, keep the rope on!’

I edged forward, my hands and feet scoping out the summit for any loose rock. The ridge pinnacle was still only a meter wide, if that, but I felt pretty stable. I yelled down to Stu. ‘This bit’s fine,’ I said. ‘The rope makes it harder for me… ’”

by Danny MacAskill

Useful links:

“AT THE EDGE – Riding for My Life”: Order here!

Danny’s website:

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Coming in 2018: Nothing’s for Free, The History of Freeride Mountain Biking

Coming in 2018: Nothing’s for Free, The History of Freeride Mountain Biking

This is a massive project for us and mountain bike industry,” says Freeride Entertainment’s director and founder Derek Westerlund. This film has been in development for over two years and a ton of work has gone into the concept and screenplay to bring this film to the big screen and to the core fan base in the spring of 2018.

The film will celebrate the DNA of Freeride Mountain biking and bring the audience on a three-decade journey with the pioneers, visionaries, and industry masterminds that pushed the sport and got it to where it is today.

bigquotes The story of our sport has been simplified over the years and there is so much to it that people have never really stopped to think about. There has been tons of sacrifice and controversy. We are now a few generations deep in freeriding and the younger audience deserves to know where it came from and where the roots really are – Derek Westerlund
Nothing s for Free The History of Freeride Mountain Biking.

This is a major announcement for the bike industry. Tell us how the project came about?

To be honest this has been in the works for a few years. With these legacy projects, the timing has to be right. The bike industry has changed a lot since the height of freeriding in the 2000’s. We now have a whole new generation of rider that has no idea really where the roots and DNA of freeriding came from. They know all the big names now and probably a few from the past but no real understanding of how the sport was born.

Why is it important to tell this story now?

We are now going into almost the 4th generation of Freerider. The sport is alive and well in some senses and dead in others. I think it is super important to recognize everything and everybody who got us here. It is really no different than we have seen in other sports whether it be the Bones Brigade in Skateboarding or Riding Giants in Surf. When people watch these films they learn a lot about the people involved, the behind the scenes business, good and bad, and gain a new appreciation for what they are doing.

Can you tell us a bit of what to expect from the film?

There are a lot of people that have had to come together to make a project like this possible. You are going to get some epic new action scenes with riders of different generations ripping together as well as all the best of the best from the past. The story is going to be told by people who really changed and had an impact on the sport. There are athletes, filmmakers, industry icons, and more.

Will it be essentially an NWD highlight reel with interviews?

Ha Ha. No, not at all. This film goes way back beyond those days to the earliest days of Hans Rey who is celebrating his 30th year with GT this year. A bunch of the OG filmmakers are involved and the film pays homage to those guys as much as anyone. Greg Stump the famous ski filmmaker who was a massive inspiration to Christian Begin and Bjorn Enga of Kranked and the director of Pulp Traction, the movie that really broke freeriding as we know it. Digger with North Shore Extreme, us with NWD and much, much more.

All those people under one roof? That must have been hard to pull off.

I’m not going to lie….there is a lot of politics involved and work gone into making it all succeed. Christian Begin is working on a really cool project about the roots of the sport in BC and those early years of Kranked etc. so we have had to make sure we are not cannibalizing each other’s stories but they are radically different in the end. Getting back together with those guys after 20 years is pretty cool. There was a lot of bad blood along the way but we have all grown up and our lives have changed a lot. It’s easy to put the ego’s aside when you sit back and really look at it this way. WE STARTED THIS SHIT!

Why this and not another big film like Where the Trail Ends?

The time is right. We have kicked around some other big films. Clay Porter and Freeride have been talking for awhile about a mega project but it is really hard to pull off those kinds of things in action sports these days. Clay has a wicked project coming out with Fairclough that people will be very stoked on. From what I have seen it is f*cking awesome. With a film like that, he is just doing it with one of his best friends. Taking his time and has no pressure to release on any given date.

The whole business model is tough. The sponsorships are just not there. There are very few people with money in the mtb industry and things seem to be getting tighter every year. We almost decided to crowd fund NWD 11 at one point as there has been so much demand for shred flicks. Hard to say. I need to keep reminding myself of why we kind of got out of it in the first place as the writing was on the wall. The internet has changed things. What people used to spend all year working on as a film segment people are dropping 2 or 3 of those a year just to keep their sponsorships going these days.

This film just seems to be the right thing to do.

When are we going to see this hit the streets?

Production is happening now. The film is going to drop in theaters and available for the consumer Spring 2018. The world will get a tease next year. Get ready to hold on. We are pulling out all the stops and it’s going to be awesome.

The film is a progressive timeline as told by:

Hans Rey, Danny Macaskill, Brett Tippie, Wade Simmons, Richie Schley, Josh Bender, Tarek Rasouli, John Cowan, Kyle Strait, Darren Berrecloth, Aaron Chase, Cameron McCaul, and Brandon Semenuk.

And features:

The Laguna Rads, Greg Stump, Mike Sinyard, Christian Begin, Bjorn Enga, Derek Westerlund, Todd “Digger” Fiander, Dangerous Dan Cowan, Andrew Shandro, Scott Markewitz, Bryson Martin, Robbie Bourdon, Jeff Lenosky, Tyler “Super T” Klassen, Cedric Gracia, Thomas Vanderham, Kirt Voreis, Cam Zink and Paul Basagoitia.

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