Outlet Bikes – Calgary’s Newest Shop

Outlet Bikes – Calgary’s Newest Shop

Outlet Bikes – Calgary’s Newest Shop


Times are changing in the world of bicycles. Wheels sizes are getting bigger, then smaller, then bigger again. With the ongoing changes in the bike industry the Calgary Cycle Group has made changes in how they do business. From this thought process Outlet Bikes was born.

With the fast paced changes in the bike industry we were looking for a way to keep the floor filled with fresh and new products so our customers could always have their pick of the latest and greatest products we have to offer.” 

Calgary Cycle Outlet - Mountain Bike Lineup

Walking into Outlet Bikes is not what you would expect from a discount bike store. The walls are lined with custom graphics, there is service stands in the back shop, and the bike selection is far from what you would expect to see in a “clearance location.” This is because the Calgary Cycle Group prides themselves on quality and Outlet is no exception. The floor is filled with a plethora of product from Colnago, Pinarello, Santa Cruz, Scott, Ibis, Niner, Intense, Yeti and many more. With this selection of bikes at rock bottom prices it is almost certain you will find something that is right for you.

Calgary Cycle Outlet - Road Bike Lineup

You would think with the crazy deals at Outlet Bikes you would get a decline in service, as if shopping at some kind of outlet mall store. This is far from the case. Outlet Bikes offers the same service, brand names and expertise as the rest of the Calgary Cycle family but at prices that will leave you with enough cash to buy your friends a round of post-ride beers. Every bike that leaves the doors of outlet is entitled to the same “Full Cycle Service” as a bike purchased from the other 4 CC group locations. This means you can have your bike custom sized to you at any of the locations in the city, as well as you are entitled to lifetime tune ups at no additional charge. 

Calgary Cycle Outlet - Accessories

To complement their 1200 square foot retail space Outlet Bikes is live on the internet at www.outletbikes.ca. This is a live-inventory web page filled with actual photos and descriptions of exactly what Bikes, Forks, Brakes, and any other hard goods they have available, in real-time. ”This helps our customers greatly as being located at #24, 1410 – 40th Ave NE in Calgary we are slightly off the beaten path of bike shops.” Outlet Bikes makes up for this location with the lowest prices you will ever see on these bikes. If you live in the Calgary area and you are looking for a previous season’s bike at a great deal, stop by the bike shop with the “Worst Location, and Best Deals” today!

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