Race Face Releases Cinch Power Meter

Race Face Releases Cinch Power Meter

Canada Cup XC Champ Evan Guthrie isn’t your typical spandex and salads weight weenie cross country racer. He races in baggies, can send it harder than most, has finished on the podium at BC Enduro Series events and hit top step on the Downtime at Singletrack6. Offered a spot on the Canadian National Team to race XC World Championships this year, he turned that down to go race the EWS Finale instead. With limited time on his “big” bike he went top 10 in a stage against the best dedicated EWS pros in the world in Italy. Nobody talked about it, but it was definitely more fun than doing six laps of a fifteen minute Worlds course down under.

Regardless of if you’re doing specific intervals or pacing yourself over an epic ride or enduro day, having accurate and instant power data is useful and valuable information. Evan eagerly signed on as one of the Cinch Power Meter testers and has been counting watts all year from the Sea Otter Short Track to the Italian singletrack. His data files helped Race Face refine our algorithms to speed up and improve accuracy and well as optimize the data for mountain bike applications. Big impacts and sudden changes in traction aren’t common in road and a road power meter plugged into a mountain bike often contains power spikes and other inaccurate data. The Race Face Cinch Power Meter is made for mountain biking, of all types, just like Evan. Spandex and salad not required.

“cross training”
Guthrie’s RF Next equipped Pivot LES rocking a Team Edition FOX 32 is his go-to choice for training rips.
not so secret training.
The Cinch Power Meter helps athletes track the ride: efforts on the climbs and recovery on the send.
The Cinch system allows for a power meter crankset to be swapped between bike builds with an 8mm Allen key and adjustment of the preload collar. But if Evan is changing riding styles, the power meter spindle can be easily swapped from his Next SL crank arms into Next R crank arms and back with a crank puller tool that is included in the box with the Cinch Power Meter

Enduro may be getting more technical, but the climbs can still make or break a race run.
Guthrie’s Pivot Firebird is loaded with Next R carbon wheels, cranks, and cockpit, steering a FOX 36.
Pedal churning with the Cinch Power Meter puts the information at your fingertips on Bluetooth and ANT head unit.
The Race Face Cinch Power Meter is shipping now to dealers near you!
The Cinch Power Meter gives you the tool to train for the Enduro and XC glory you truly deserve. Protected in your BB Shell, the Cinch Power Meter not only gives you the advantage you need to gauge your training and push your boundaries, but it does it with the compatibility and performance you have come to expect from Cinch. Thanks to the adaptable spindle, you can pick your poison from NEXT SL G4 to our Turbine R cranks, and with our Cinch App and both ANT+™ and Bluetooth®, you can hook it up to your favorite head unit and be on your way to the wattage cottage in no time.

• Power Accuracy +/- 2%.
• Cadence & pedal efficiency data.
• Dual Bluetooth low energy technology / ANT+ for head unit compatibility.
• Battery life over 400h & USB rechargeable.
• Utilizing CINCH for 1x or 2x configurations.
• Cinch Power Meter App for iPhone or Android.
• 134mm Spindle swaps onto 30mm Race Face Cinch capable Next SL G4, Next G3, Next R, Turbine.

Cinch Power Meter Spindle MSRP: $599.99 USD
Next SL G4 Crankarms MSRP: $479.99 USD
Next R Crankarms MSRP: $479.99 USD

Riding: Evan Guthrie
Photos: Niall Pinder
Videography: Connor Macleod for Race Face

Truvativ Introduces New Descendant and Stylo Cranks

Truvativ Introduces New Descendant and Stylo Cranks

Truvativ has new aluminum and carbon cranks on the way that are scheduled to hit shelves this July. The Descendant line is aimed at the gravity crowd, while the Stylo line is geared more towards XC and trail riders. Take a look at the details and pricing below.


Descendant Carbon Crankset
The svelte strength of carbon fiber with the swagger of heavy metal. The Descendant carbon crankset uses a proprietary Truvativ carbon construction process that delivers a crankset light enough for XC, yet bold and badass enough for enduro. Style and substance — Descendant. MSRP: $225 – $245 USD.

Descendant 6K Aluminum Crankset
The Descendant 6K crankset delivers consistent performance every time out. Featuring SRAM’s X-SYNC 2 tooth profile chainring, the Descendant crankset is engineered for complete chain control. Each tooth’s thickness is precisely toleranced and controlled to work seamlessly with the SRAM chain’s inner and outer links. Weight: 622-657 grams. MSRP: $100 – $125 USD.

Stylo Carbon Crankset
We designed the new Stylo Carbon crankset for riders who feel most at home when riding endless single track. This is a completely new crankset, employing our proprietary layup technology. Built tough, to handle lines through rock gardens and trail, the new Stylo Carbon is strong, stiff and light. Combined with the new SRAM Eagle direct mount chainrings, and as a compatible crankset to the Eagle drivetrain. Weight: 568-600 grams. MSRP: $225 – $245 USD.


Stylo 6K Aluminum Crankset
The Stylo 6K crankset delivers consistent performance every time out. Featuring SRAM’s X-SYNC 2 tooth profile chainring, the Stylo crankset is engineered for complete chain control. Each tooth’s thickness is precisely toleranced and controlled to work seamlessly with the SRAM chain’s inner and outer links. Weight: 622-657 grams. MSRP: $100 – $125 USD.


Shimano Announces Affordable Deore M6000 Group and a Wide Range SLX Option

Shimano Announces Affordable Deore M6000 Group and a Wide Range SLX Option

Shimano 2017

Shimano’s latest press release reminds us that, as much as we would all like to own a ten thousand dollar trail bike, many avid riders, and some first-time mountain bikers will be hitting the trails this season aboard far more modest steeds. The new M6000-level Deore component ensemble is targeted at the entry-level enthusiasts and cash strapped shredders who would much prefer XTR, but have not yet purchased a winning lottery ticket.

Shimano 2017
Clutch-type rear derailleur in long and mid-cage options.
Highlights of the new group are a clutch type Shadow plus rear derailleur, a four-arm XTR style crank spider, Centerlock brake rotors and hubs, and while the Servo-Wave brake levers and ICE-compatible calipers are modeled very close to the ergonomically pleasant XT and XTR stoppers, you’ll have to pony up for the finned brake pads, because they are not standard fare.

Shimano 2017
Mid-length levers and servo-wave actuation.
Shimano 2017
The 6000 calipers accept XTR finned brake pads.
Shimano 2017
Choose a two or three-ring crankset with XTR styling.
Equally newsworthy was what was not included in the press release: No eleven speed for M6000, so it won’t be cross-compatible with its pricier siblings. The basic Deore will remain a ten-speed transmission, and there is no mention of a one-by (single chainring) option. Instead, M6000 customers can choose from a number of two and three-chainring cranksets (no surprise there) paired with a new wide-range 11 by 42-tooth cassette, or Shimano’s longstanding 11 by 32, 34, or 36-tooth cassettes. To assist OEM customers, Shimano will offer front changers with every possible cable and clamping arrangement.
Shimano 2017
Side-swing front mech for the entry level Deore group.
Shimano Deore M6000

Shimano 2017
SLX One-By and a Wide-Range Cassette

On the heels of the M6000 Deore ensemble, came the announcement that an SLX-level one-by drivetrain has finally been approved for production, and with an eleven–speed, 11 x 46-tooth, wide-range cassette – both of which will be released this Spring. The affordable one-by transmission, big-boy cassette and the concurrent release of XT-level wheelsets with Boost axle spacing reflect a large-scale adjustment in the Japanese parts maker’s range, presumably, to pull alongside SRAM in the OEM market and to ensure that those customers have the proper tools to outfit mid-priced performance mountain bikes with tip-to-toe Shimano componentry.

Shimano Deore M7000
Entry Level Trail Pedal

Shimano also added an SPD Trail pedal to its range that is reportedly priced to match the M6000 ensemble. The PDED500 pedal once again, puts one of Shimano’s most-wanted products into the hands of entry-level riders. Expect to see the 500-level pedals on demo fleets world wide. No price was available at the time of the press release.

Shimano 2017
Boost Wheelsets

Wheels have gradually become a staple product for Shimano and, while wide rims are still on the horizon, to keep in step, their wheel range is now available in Boost-width as well as standard-width axles. Two new 29” and 27.5” Deore XT wheelsets have wider axle options – a 110x15mm e-thru front- and a 148x12mm rear-axle spacing. Shimano says that the new wheelsets increase stiffness. Also new are rear thru axle hubs (AX-MT700 and AX-MT500) with smaller housings and lighter weights that feature greater clearance for frames and brake calipers.

Shimano Deore M8000
Shimano 2017

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SRAM Tech: Eagle Installation Video

SRAM Tech: Eagle Installation Video

Eagle Tech image
Whether you’re the lucky new owner of a SRAM XX1 or X01 Eagle drivetrain, or one of the talented wrench turners at that lucky new Eagle owner’s local bike shop, the task of working with new technology always requires a bit of “new” education. Not to worry. The following Eagle install video will bring you up to speed in just under 10 minutes. [Or about 20 minutes if you want to watch both the English and German versions.] This Eagle install video quickly walks you through the tools you’ll need, the proper install process, and how to properly use the included Eagle™ B-Gap Adjustment tool.

Don’t need to know how to install an Eagle drivetrain just yet? No worries. We have plenty more SRAM Tech videos online. Be sure to check out —and subscribe to—the SRAM Tech channel on YouTube to stay informed about the best installation, adjustment and service procedures for SRAM and RockShox bicycle components.

More SRAM Tech videos:

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RockShox Reverb Hose Replacement and Shortening

sram.com / @SramMedia

Is Shimano SLX the Best Value Performance MTB Groupset?

Is Shimano SLX the Best Value Performance MTB Groupset?

With the release of Shimano SLX M7000, the company’s latest value-focussed performance groupset, mountain bike riders have never had it so good.

As well as getting an updated look, each part of the new groupset has been given an overhaul. Take a closer look in the video above.

Browse the range at Chain Reaction Cycles

Shimano SLX M7000


Shimano SLX M7000


Shimano SLX M7000


Shimano SLX M7000


Shimano SLX M7000


Shimano SLX M7000
Sam Hill’s Nukeproof Monster Truck

Sam Hill’s Nukeproof Monster Truck

The man Sam Hill with his new vessel and Jacy photo bomming in the background

Vintage Western Gold whiskey, Sam’s ‘Apple Jacks’ cocktail and the stunning views of Dolceaqua, Italy were the backdrop for this projects gestation. After a day riding some of Italy’s finest trails, Sam was explaining how his eldest son had found a new obsession – Grave Digger. Grave Digger is the world famous Monster truck conceived in 1982 by Dennis Anderson. Bam, following in his dad’s love for all things Green and Purple (If you look at Sam’s Leatt helmet earlier this year it was custom painted in black, green and purple.), had discovered the truck and was quickly obsessed with it and his model of Grave Digger. Sam had recently taken Bam to meet the real life truck at a Monster Truck meet in his native city of Perth.

Bam Hill and the Grave Digger

Bam meets Gravedigger earlier this year – Thanks to Sam’s long-term sponsors: Monster Energy.

With Sam killing it in his last two Enduro World Series Rounds (Wicklow and La Thuile), alongside his downhill day job, we thought it was appropriate to do something a little special as a surprise present. Here is the photo story caught by Fraser Britton.

Surprise Nukeproof surprise Sam and Jacy with a new frame inspired by Sam s eldest son Bam Hill.

Surprise! – Sam is welcomed to Canada with a little care package from us.

bigquotes Legends, this is by far the coolest bike I’ve ever had. Thanks so much, I’m pumped on it! – Sam Hill, shortly after getting the new frame.


A man with an eye for even the smallest detail ensuring that his and Sam s bike is always perfect.

Working late in the man cave, Sam’s friend and mechanic, Jacy building the new beast for the EWS.

Nukeproof s new Super Light Spring fitted to the Vivid shock. 200g lighter than a standard steel spring.

Constant testing, Sam trying a coil shock with the new Nukeproof Superlight Steel spring.

The Grave Digger inspired Nukeproof Mega

Hopefully Bam Approves – 60 hours of skilled airbrushing went into the frame from Johnny at Elite Refinish.

Nukeproof would like to thank Elite Refinish (@refurbmybike), Belfast, for turning this project around in a short timescale. The finishing touch is a call out to friend and fellow rider, Stevie Smith #longlivechainsaw

Photos by Fraser Britton

MENTIONS: @Nukeproof-Bicycles / @fraserbritton