Push Announces Trunnion-Mounted Elevensix and ACS3 Kits for RockShox

Push Announces Trunnion-Mounted Elevensix and ACS3 Kits for RockShox

Trunnion and Black Elevensix Models

PUSH Industries is expanding its range of high performance suspension components, and is pleased to announce some new flavors of its tastiest goods.

As a result of the rising popularity of trunnion-mount shocks, PUSH is now offering its Elevensix in a trunnion design to meet the demands of riders seeking the ultimate performance from their bikes using the new wider shock mount design. The new trunnion-mount shock is available in metric sizes comparable to the eye-to-eye lengths of standard Elevensix shocks. In addition, being more compact than eye-to-eye shocks, the new design allows certain shorter-travel bikes to take advantage of the Elevensix’s Dual Valve System. One such example is Evil’s Calling, which will be available with an Elevensix upgrade in the new Liquid Black color.

Liquid Black? Yep, all Elevensix shocks are now also available in a black anodized finish, in addition to the original clear anodizing. In order to ease the concerns of those suffering from extreme colormatch FOMO, PUSH is offering an upgrade/rehab/12-step recovery program. It won’t cost as much as a new kidney, but it’ll be a color change that demands commitment. Riders who already haveElevensix shocks that they wish were black should reach out to PUSH at [email protected]


ACS3 Available for All RockShox Riders

The PUSH ACS3 coil system was released earlier this year as an upgrade for Fox 36 forks, and is now available to order for RockShox Pike, Yari, and Lyrik models. Replacing the stock air spring with PUSH’s proprietary coil and air-assist kit provides a dramatic enhancement in front suspension throughout the travel, enabling supple small bump response as well as greater mid-stroke control and superior bottom out resistance. For Pike riders looking to upgrade to ACS3 performance, there are three options — 140, 150, 160mm. Lyrik and Yari riders have four travel options ranging from 140 to 170mm.

RockShox ACS3 kits are available in seven different spring rates. The Made in the USA ACS3 is an easy install for home mechanics, with convenient step-by-step how-to videos available on Vimeo and the PUSH website.


New Products and Innovative Tuning System from Vorsprung

New Products and Innovative Tuning System from Vorsprung

Vorsprung s Tractive Valve Tuning System for Monarch Plus
TRACTIVE Valve Tuning System
Chapter 1: Rockshox Monarch Plus

“Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey

In 2011, before the company even officially existed, Vorsprung founder Steve Mathews had begun work on what went on to become the Tractive Valve Tuning System. Rather than being a single physical part or mechanism, Tractive encompasses the single most comprehensive and consistent method of damper tuning ever seen in the mountain bike world. Working with engineers from one of the world’s foremost mathematical computing companies, we have developed a truly one-of-a-kind system – and this particular kit is only the beginning. Big claims, we know. What sets Tractive apart?

Tractive is a process, not just a part.

Example 3D plots of vertical wheel output vs displacement vs velocity from our first generation calculation software. Two different frames with two different dampers are shown.
The process begins with the end result that we are trying to achieve with a particular damper curve – it must provide sufficient, but not excessive resistance to compression and extension, in proportion to the rider’s demands.

How do we define and measure this correct amount? It needs to be measured at the wheel – the only place that matters. But direct measurement of forces and velocities at the rear wheel are very difficult to make – especially when the leverage ratio between the axle and the shock is constantly changing. And is the rider a timid 45kg (100lbs) woman, or a hard-charging 140kg (300lbs) hulk of a man, or someone more “average” in stature?

Vorsprung s Tractive Valve Tuning System for Monarch Plus
Tractive Valve installed in the Monarch Plus, custom tuned for rider demands
Our Elite Partner Tuning Centres around the world now have access to our proprietary, cloud-based Tractive Valve Tuning System calculation software. This software lets the tuner observe the true response at the wheel when considering the rider’s weight, the bike’s leverage rate and the damper curve generated by a specific tune.

Unprecedented Tuning Advantages:
• Direct comparisons can be visualised between any riders, on any bikes, with suitable benchmarks established and repeatably matched – an industry first.
• Our ever-growing database and the ability to directly compare two scenarios like this gives us an unparalleled ability to analyse and summarise feedback over time.
• Benchmarks are able to shift locally to reflect the different terrain demands in different parts of the world
• The combined experience of your local suspension tuner and Vorsprung’s own expertise can be leveraged to get you the best out of your shock

Proprietary cloud-based tune calculation software enables elite level tuners around the world direct access to our database for comparison of different scenarios.
With Tractive, you directly benefit not just from Vorsprung’s knowledge, but from the collective experience of all of our partners around the world.

Tractive Valve Tuning Systems are built with the following approach:
– Damper architecture weaknesses and problems identified and improved upon with upgrade parts
– Damper tunes selected to be the most suitable custom valving for the rider, frame and terrain
– Damper adjustment ranges and modes altered if necessary

The first shock to receive the Tractive treatment is the Rockshox Monarch Plus.

Vorsprung s Tractive Valve Tuning System for Monarch Plus
Upgraded triple circuit compression base valve assembly
Features and Benefits:
– Improved support
– Superior stability and predictability
– Improved compliance
– Improved grip
– Upgrade compression base valve assembly with triple circuit technology
– More usable 3-position compression adjuster with evenly spaced settings
– Pressure-balanced valving to provide sensitivity and support without cavitation
– Low friction Acetal IFP to replace the stock metal IFP which scores the reservoir bore
– Custom Tractive Valve Tuning System tune selection for each rider based on frame, weight, terrain, aggression and preference
– Customised rebound valving to replace the stock non-functional rebound shim stack
– Over 140 possible valving combinations for this shock alone
– Nitrogen charged via low-profile reservoir end cap
– All upgrade parts developed, tested and machined by Vorsprung in Whistler
– Internal alterations to reduce the typical knocking during direction changes
– Recommendations on spring pressure and volume spacer alterations if necessary.

Who is the Tractive Valve Tuning System for the Monarch Plus NOT suited for:
– Riders who already exceed the maximum rated air pressure of their shock. You need a different shock, sorry!
– Riders who want a firmer-than-stock lockout. The Tractive system offers a firm compression mode rather than a lockout for climbing traction, but if a lockout is non-negotiable, you’ll want to look elsewhere
– Riders who want to service their damper at home. The Tractive kit for Monarch Plus is not available for self-install or self-service as it requires both a vacuum bleeder and a nitrogen charging system to install.
– Riders who are using the Monarch Plus on a frame that is excessively progressive or otherwise completely unsuited to air shocks. These will work better with a coil shock.

Tractive Valve for Rockshox Monarch Plus – $320CAD including full service and installation.

Making a Monarch Plus a Tractive
The Tractive kit for the Monarch Plus is not available for self-install, so you’ll need to send your shock in to Vorsprung in Whistler, or to one of our Elite Partner Tuning Centres.

Vorsprung is actively seeking elite-level partners around the world, as well as dealers for user-installable parts – if you’d like to work with us, get in touch.

What’s next
More tuning systems for shocks and forks. Here’s a little teaser of some Fit4 kits which will be available mid January.

Vorsprung Tractive Valve Tuning System. Pre-production units for Fit4 dampers.
Fit4 Tractive Valve Kit available January 2018
Vorsprung Luftkappe
Fox 34/36 Evol & 34NA2 & Rockshox Pike Debonair 2018+

When we launched the Luftkappe for the Pike, Lyrik and Yari 12 months ago, we were floored by the response – the entire first run sold out within 48 hours of release, and we’ve battled just to make enough of them over the past 12 months. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we got, along with customer demand, pushed us to offer the same kind of upgrade for other forks. We now have four new Luftkappes on offer, all of which are available for self-install. As always, the goal for these was simple: the biggest improvement in how much fun your bike is, per dollar spent.

Vorsprung Luftkappe
Luftkappe options now also available for 34 Evol, 34NA2, 36 Evol and the 2018 Pike.
Vorsprung Luftkappe
The New Kits:
Shipping immediately:
36 Float Evol (2018+): includes Luftkappe piston assembly. MSRP $105CAD ($83USD approx).
34 Float Evol (2018+): includes Luftkappe piston assembly. MSRP $105CAD ($83USD approx).
34 Float NA2 (2016-17): includes Luftkappe piston assembly as well as new low-friction, low-profile sealhead. MSRP $130CAD.

Shipping as of December 15th:
Pike Debonair (2018+): includes Luftkappe A1 piston assembly + adaptor for 2018 Pike forks (except 29+ wheel size). MSRP $100CAD ($79USD approx). Referred to as A2 variant. Available for pre-order immediately.

Continuing Kits:
Pike/Lyrik/Yari A1 version: fits 2014-17 Pike Solo Air, 2018 Pike 29+ Solo Air, Lyrik/Yari 2016-18+ Solo Air and Debonair

Optional tools are also available for self-install.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a Luftkappe for the 2015-17 36 Float NA.

n a
The dramatic reduction the Luftkappe offers in initial spring rate substantially improves compliance, whilst simultaneously providing more support and predictability in the mid and late stroke.
What The Luftkappe Offers:
– Softer initial stroke
– Larger negative air chamber
– Increased sag without the associated diving
– Coil-like initial and mid-stroke spring rate without the excessive bottoming of a truly linear spring
– Increased sensitivity
– Improved mid stroke support and control
– Superior bump compliance and traction
– Reduced hand fatigue
– Reduces required compression damping
– Retains volume spacer compatibility

How it works
It enlarges the negative air chamber to reduce the initial spring rate and increase the mid-stroke rate. This also lets you run slightly higher air pressure for more support, whilst maintaining improved sensitivity in the start of the stroke.

Compatiblity with MRP’s Ramp Control cartridge
As of December 6, 2017, we are working with MRP to ascertain this. For the time being, we have to say no.

Who is this NOT suited for
The Luftkappe is outright superior to the stock air spring for nearly everyone, however there are a few cases where it might not be for you:
– If you run your 36 at 180mm, it will be quite progressive. At 170mm and below, it should be fine. Likewise, a Yari at 170+mm, Pike at 160mm or Lyrik at 180mm will be quite progressive, and while the overall ride quality improves,you may also find it hard to use the last 5-10mm of travel – if this would bother you then have a think about it first.
– If you like running absurdly low sag for some reason. The Luftkappe runs more sag than the stock fork, but is firmer in the mid stroke – similar to a coil fork, but with ending-stroke ramp up to prevent harsh bottoming. If you’re the kind of person who wants the fork to run 5% sag, this isn’t for you. We could point out that a setup like that possibly indicates that your handlebars are set too low and you’re compensating with oversprung suspension, but we aren’t here to judge you, so maybe just don’t buy it.
– If you’re anal about your fork having an exact (but rounded-to-the-nearest-10mm-increment) amount of travel (it doesn’t ever, anyway, but let’s pretend it does). Because the Luftkappe balances forces at a pneumatic topout, the force right around topout is very low (literally zero other than friction), meaning the weight of the bike alone will cause it to sag a few millimetres. Your car’s suspension sags under the vehicle’s own weight, and realistically so should your bike – unless it was so sticky, overly stiff or over-preloaded that 10kg of bike weight wasn’t enough to cause your suspension to move at all, of course. If the idea of only having an apparent 148mm out of a 150mm fork bothers you, stick with the stock fork.

Using the Luftkappe on Rockshox’s 2018 Debonair spring system
For 2018, the Pike’s Solo Air spring was updated to be more similar to the Lyrik/Yari, which previously had a larger negative chamber than the Pike. Lyrik/Yari were essentially unchanged except the shape of the topout bumper. All of them were given the “Debonair” name even though only one of them changed substantially. 2018 Pikes, Lyriks and Yaris benefit every bit as much from the Luftkappe as the previous generations, and the end result is better to boot.

Why we’re able to do this
We can’t speak for the original manufacturers, but we have a lot less constraints than them. We can say “well at 180mm some people will find it too progressive” – that isn’t a luxury that large OEM manufacturers have. We can also spend months and months optimising the piston design alone. If we made public just how much time goes into developing these, a lot of people would simply think we were lying. In the meantime though, we didn’t have to design the whole rest of the fork.

Negative air chamber size
As negative chamber size increases, the initial rate drops, but space and pressure constraints go up immensely beyond a certain point. We’d happily build negative chambers far bigger than their current size, but you’d also need stanchions that were a metre long (that’s 0.00497 furlongs for those still using imperial measurements) to get enough positive volume in there.

EWS tested
We don’t sponsor anyone, but without violating anyone’s sponsorship obligations, let’s just say that the Luftkappe/Lyrik proved to be a winning combination in the EWS this year.

SR Suntour Partners with the Polygon UR Team World Cup Team

SR Suntour Partners with the Polygon UR Team World Cup Team

In 2011 the RUX was born to enter the DH suspension world. Its test pilots, Garett Buehler and James Doerfling, were dropping big lines in British Columbia in preparation for their first big show at Rampage 2012. The RUX chassis was solid and dependable, but refinement was needed. For three years the WERX team refined the details, and in 2015 things were changing with a Women’s Junior World Championship under Marine Cabirou and a Rampage win under Kurt Sorge.

Last season saw the addition of our R2C2 PCS (piston compensator system) damper earning a bronze medal under Frenchman Florent Payet at World Championships, another Rampage podium, and Best Trick under Carson Storch.

SR Suntour
SR Suntour
SR Suntour
SR Suntour

With solid products, we turned to build our WERX support team to match the needs of a growing world-class family, and the Polygon UR team was a great test of it all. A few laps in Whistler and some pre-season testing at Bailey Mountain, North Carolina, with Mick Hannah showed what the RUX could do. After these tests sessions, the Polygon UR team made a comment, “Wow, it’s surprisingly good.” Most companies would not share this, but we are not them.

We know what the RUX can do, and it’s about to change people’s perception of what SR SUNTOUR is doing. We would like to thank the Polygon UR team for their support, trust, and commitment to us. We welcome you to the family, and good things shall come.

bigquotes I’m excited to develop a new relationship with SR Suntour! So far the performance has been very impressive! It has a good balance between comfort and support, and I love how tunable it is which means we can have a great setup on any course. – Mick Hannah
SR Suntour
bigquotes I am so excited to be partnering up with SR Suntour for the upcoming season. The fork is very comfortable, and from the first run I felt at home; I believe the partnership compliments my goals for this season and I can’t wait to start racing. – Tracey Hannah
bigquotes The team is really stoked to partner with SR Suntour for the coming years! When the team decided to work with SR Suntour we didn’t judge by the reputation, nationality or the size of any company. We are taking the decisions on real facts with the goal of working with the right people to develop the best products that will make us ride faster in the long run. – Polygon UR Team
SR Suntour
SR Suntour
bigquotes Looking at the SR Suntour background, you wouldn’t think they would be the first choice for a World Cup team. But the reality is when you put together hard work, motivation, and humble people and you give them the means to achieve their goals good things will happen! – Fabien Cousinie, Team Manager Polygon UR)
bigquotes This is exactly what happened with SR Suntour over the last few years, and the podium at World Champs from our good friend Florent Payet is unquestionable proof of performance, especially on a track like Val di sole. – Polygon UR Team
SR Suntour
SR Suntour
bigquotes This is where SR Suntour is at now, and haters are going to hate but we believe that adding the suspension experience of the team, and with more hard work with an awesome group of people, we will hopefully have more podiums but for sure more fun. – Polygon UR team


Production Privée’s Steel Full Suspension Frame: The Shan Nº5

Production Privée’s Steel Full Suspension Frame: The Shan Nº5

Following on from the SHAN 26, the SHAN 27, the OKA and the SHAN GT, we bring you our fifth frame, the SHAN N°5. We first outlined this project two years ago, but the developmental pace picked up rapidly at the beginning of 2016.

Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Once the design had been confirmed, the fabrication of the first two prototypes was left to our Pyrenean friends at Milc, a small company specialising in prototype production.

Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
We’ve been intensively (and discreetly) testing the N°5 since May. After 8 months of trail testing, adjustments, suspension tests, and general weeding out of any issues, the SHAN N°5 was born.

Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
As with all our frames in the SHAN range, we’ve created a playful bike with superb versatility, but without sacrificing the comfort and performance a modern full-suspension bike can bring. Throw a steel frame into the mix and you’ve got something very special indeed. The compliance, energy and feel you get from 4130 CroMo tubes is just… magical.

Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
Shan n 5 in the making our very first full suspension bike
The first pre-series arrives around April, with the first production bikes scheduled for June. We’ve still got a bit of work to do before then, but we will let you know about some tech, specs and price in March.

Like all of our frames, the paint job is chosen with pride at Production Privee. We will release it in March, but be sure SHAN Nº5 will take inspiration from iconic cars like our previous bikes…

This video will hopefully allow you to imagine yourselves by our sides during the last few months of the project.

As good news never comes alone, we are also launching our brand new website at the same time:


MENTIONS: @ProductionPrivee

Solid Reverse Factory Racing 2017

Solid Reverse Factory Racing 2017

After a successful three years on the World Cup Circuit, Solid Reverse Factory Racing sees some exciting changes for 2017, continuing their commitment to developing and supporting talented riders who are breaking into the World Cup scene.

Bad Wildbad, a notorious Downhill track in the heart of the Black Forest, brings Solid Reverse Factory racing back to where it all started. Three riders, all from within two hours of the Solid / Reverse Headquarters – form the DH racing team that will compete in German national rounds, iXS Cup and World Cup events. We welcome O’Neal onboard as a new sponsor for 2017 along with Solid Bikes, Reverse Components, Magura, BOS, SAPIM, and Schwalbe.



Julian Steiner – Elite

bigquotes 2016 was the first year for me riding on the Strike for the Solid national squad. Looking forward to spending nothing but good times with my teammates Joshua Barth and our junior rider, Jan Flor at the races all over in Europe. At the moment I’m living in New Zealand getting ready for the new season I never prepared better for a season than this year. So I can’t wait to get out there with the team and see what we can do at the races.
Joshua Barth – Elite

bigquotes 2017 will be my 5th year with Solid Bikes and Reverse Components! For me it’s great to be on a team with two guys I know so well and enjoy riding with. I’m looking forward to helping push each other to ride faster this year.
Jan Flor – Junior

bigquotes It’s amazing to be part of SRF! Since I was a young boy one of my dreams was to ride for a big team. Solid Reverse Factory Racing have made my dreams come true. I’m very excited for the upcoming session and racing around the world with best friends and the Solid Reverse Factory Team.

Solid Bikes will be providing framesets, with their newly designed Strike EVO, an incredible mix of durability, strength, and stiffness.

SRF will be running a Reverse Components cockpit, drivetrain and finishing kit setup, including wheelsets complete with SAPIM spokes.

BOS Suspension will be continuing to provide their high-performance dampers for 2017. The team will be running the BOS Idylle Rare FCV fork aboard the Strike EVO.

O’Neal will be providing all clothing and protective equipment for the riders, including their new Element Fr Blocker kit which will also be worn in 2017 by fellow O’Neal World Cup rider, Greg Minnaar.

Magura will be providing stopping power in the form of the awesome MT7 Carbon brakes and Schwalbe will be the official tire sponsor.


We would like to thank all our sponsors for their support for the 2017 race season and we’re looking forward to seeing our riders on podiums across Europe and beyond.

SRF 2017

MENTIONS: @solidbikes / @schwalbe / @oneal

Fox Files Voluntary Recall of Certain Float X2 Shocks

Fox Files Voluntary Recall of Certain Float X2 Shocks

Fox Factory Holding Corp today announced the filing of a voluntary recall for certain bicycle FLOAT X2 shock absorber products due to a potential failure hazard.

Consumers should immediately stop using this product unless otherwise instructed. Retailers, distributors, and OEM customers should hold this product and stop sales and distribution until further instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

FOX Float X2 shock review
FOX has learned that under certain conditions, some bicycle FLOAT X2 shock absorber air sleeves can rupture due to the increase in internal air pressure which occurs during shock absorber compression. In response to this information, FOX has filed a Section 15(b) report with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) requesting the CPSC’s permission to conduct a voluntary recall of all Model Year 2016 FLOAT X2 bicycle rear shock absorbers and certain Model Year 2017 FLOAT X2 bicycle rear shock absorbers. The shock absorbers subject to this voluntary filing were shipped on or before September 9, 2016 and DO NOT have a “250 psi max” label directly under the air fill boss on the outer sleeve.

FOX is currently working with the CPSC to determine the scope of the voluntary recall and other details, including the remedial plan. A more comprehensive notice issued by the CPSC should be forthcoming in the near future. Meanwhile, if you are a reseller and have the subject rear shock absorbers in stock, please stop selling them immediately.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this announcement please contact FOX, toll-free: 855-360-3488 (M-F, 8am – 5pm, PT).