UCI World Cycling Centre: BMX talent detection

UCI World Cycling Centre: BMX talent detection

UCI World Cycling Centre talent detection camp
UCI World Cycling Centre talent detection camp

The BMX Supercross track at the UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) is currently swarming with talented young athletes from all over the world.

The aim is to detect young riders who have the potential to follow in the footsteps of the UCI WCC’s successful trainees such as Rio 2016 bronze medallist Stefany Hernandez.

For two weeks, 26 athletes from 16 countries are training at the centre in Aigle, Switzerland, under the watchful eye of UCI WCC Coach Thomas Allier and New Zealander Matt Cameron, himself a former UCI WCC trainee who also coaches in New Zealand. The most promising will be invited to join the centre’s high-level training group next year.

“This is a first full-scale BMX talent identification camp held at the WCC for a long time and it is very exciting,” said the centre’s High Performance Manager Belinda Tarling. “We are observing the athletes very closely, not only their sporting abilities but also their behaviour.

“We have to ask ourselves if they are ready to be coached at a high level.”

As well as being put through their paces on the BMX Supercross track, they are being tested in the UCI WCC Laboratory of Sport and Physiology which enables the centre’s experts to analyse each athlete’s morphology, physiological dispositions, technical ability and strength.

Some of the athletes, who are aged between 16 and 21, were nominated for the talent ID camp by their National Federations. Others had already come to Allier’s notice at international competitions.

“We are seeing athletes from all levels,” confirms the UCI WCC coach. “After one week you can already tell which of them could go on to succeed at international level. Physical fitness can be trained up, but if they do not already have the technical ability and aptitude at Junior level, then it is too late,” he said.

“We are also observing their psychological approach and their motivation. We are looking for athletes with a fighting spirit who don’t just give up when things get tough.”

UCI World Cycling Centre talent detection camp

And it is definitely a tough two weeks for the 26 hopefuls, who have been propelled into an intensive routine of two training sessions a day, unheard of until now for the majority.

Despite the differences in their levels, aspirations and backgrounds, the riders are making the most of the camp and forging friendships.

“Some of them were a bit overwhelmed when they arrived and others were more relaxed. But very quickly there was a team spirit which is something I have always observed in my six years coaching at the UCI WCC. The athletes are always united.”

While Allier already has a firm idea of who will be invited to train at the UCI WCC, he will not look too far into the future:

“We will fix immediate goals for those who train here, such as the UCI World Cup and UCI World Championships,” says Allier before adding:

“But any athlete who is selected to join our trainees will no doubt have Tokyo 2020 in the corner of their minds…”

The UCI WCC’s drive to continue the growth of BMX does not stop there: three participants from South Africa, Singapore and Chile are currently on a four-week BMX-specific coaching course.

The presence of raw talent at the UCI World Cycling Centre is giving them the perfect opportunity, guided by our Allier and Cameron, to put their skills into practice

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Fields and Pajon make no mistake in Rio and grab gold

Fields and Pajon make no mistake in Rio and grab gold

BMX Racing at Rio
BMX Racing at Rio

Team USA grabs its first Olympic BMX Gold medal when Connor Fields crossed the finish line in first place during the Olympic Games final in Rio. The final saw many position changes after Nic Long grabbed the holeshot being closely followed by Fields. The speed of Fields moved him to first place with Holland’s Jelle van Gorkom in third who gained ground on Long on the third straight rhythm section. In the last turn Van Gorkom made a pass on Long for the silver medal position and Carlos Ramirez started an all or nothing high-low move in the final turn and kicked off a final sprint that got him next to Long on the line. Fields was celebrating his gold medal at this time already while Van Gorkom cheered for silver. It took a while before the bronze medal winner was announced. The time difference between Long and Ramirez was 0.005 seconds. Ramirez’ sprint got him the bronze. After leading half of the final race Long ended up with 4th place.

Connor Fields

After the semi-final races Australians Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean were high favourites going into the one-race final but neither one was in medal position during the main event. After winning every lap in Rio before the finals, Sam finished on a disappointing 6th place and Anthony DNF-d for last place. In an Olympic final 5th or 7th place doesn’t make much of a difference, but Tory Nyhaug (CAN) took spot 5 and Holland’s Niek Kimmann had to settle for 7th.

Men’s Podium

The Games weren’t going well for Australia in the Women class either. During the 3-race semi finals Caroline Buchanan (AUS) did okay and scored a total of 5 points after two races. On the final and third semi-final race the Australian cased a jump on the first straight which had her bars move forward. She continued to race but hit a wheel in the first corner and went down resulting in another 8 points. The total of 13 wasn’t enough to transfer.

The woman to beat in Rio was obviously Mariana Pajon (COL). Her fans filled up half of the grandstands and weren’t going to be satisfied with anything other than gold. But it’s easier said than done. Sam Willoughby was in a similar position but he didn’t manage to pull it off. Mariana however got a good start and drag raced with Alise Post (USA) to the first turn and got the holeshot being on the inside line. Mariana is such a smooth rider and lead the race all the way to the finish. Post has made mistakes before being in a podium position but fortunately not this time. She was ecstatic and celebrated the silver medal with everyone in her corner. Stefany Hernandez (VEN) made some corner moves that got her to where she needed to be. A podium spot with Bronze was safe when Laura Smulders (NED) crashed out behind her in the last turn just when she was gaining ground on Stefany.

Mariana Pajon

American Brooke Crain finished fourth and 19 year old Yaroslava Bondarenko (RUS) got 5th. The Russian was the youngest BMX rider in Rio and has a good future ahead of her. Elke Vanhoof made the Belgians proud with 6th, Smulders got up and finished 7th. Manon Valentino (FRA) went over the bars on the first straight for 8th place.

Women’s Podium

Less wind resulted in less crashes and better racing during the final day of BMX in Rio. USA has the gold BMX medal they wanted so bad and it’s going to be a long night of celebrating in Brazil.


1) Connor Fields (USA)
2) Jelle van Gorkom (NED)
3) Carlos Ramirez (COL)


1) Mariana Pajon (COL)
2) Alise Post (USA)
3) Stefany Hernandez (VEN)

All the results

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: Women’s lead changes hands in South America

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: Women’s lead changes hands in South America

Mariana Pajon (COL) - 2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Santiago Del Estero (ARG)
Mariana Pajon (COL) – 2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup – Santiago Del Estero (ARG)

Mariana Pajon (COL) and Liam Phillips (GBR) took victory in the fourth of five rounds of the 2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Santiago del Estero in Argentina.

In the women’s race, Pajon took victory in front of Stefany Hernandez (VEN) and Alise Post (USA). The Colombian’s victory places her back on top of the UCI Supercross World Cup standings.

Mariana Pajon simply ruled all weekend. After winning the Time Trials Superfinals on Saturday the 2015 UCI BMX Elite Women World Champion did not lose one race all day: “I think this is my best win.” Pajon said. “The atmosphere and facility are unique and the Argentinean people welcome everyone. They make you feel like home, I feel like I’m in Colombia and it’s awesome to be here. Today I did not lose any laps. I was super confident and got some really good gates and on the final lap I just destroyed my timing and that’s what I wanted to do.”

Pajon goes into the last round, to be held at Rock Hill, USA, with a 30 point lead over Alise Post (USA) and 60 points over Stefany Hernandez (VEN) who sits in third. Everything will come down to the last race to see who will claim the 2015 overall title.

Elite Men: Liam Phillips confirms

When the eight fastest riders in the Elite Men’s category lined up at the gate, the athlete to beat was Great Britain’s Liam Phillips, who had not lost one lap all day. Even with a less than perfect start, he went on to take his third win of the 2015 season. Anthony Dean from Australia could not find a way on the track to pass the winner, and finished safe in second place. Holland’s Niek Kimmann (NED) once again nailed a good result crossing the finish line in third.

After the race Phillips said: “The start in the final was actually not that good. I just clipped it. The gate was a little bit slower than I was used to. I tried to be patient but when you’re on the gate for the final you’re all like, ‘let’s go!’” He continued: “It wasn’t one of my best starts but the key was having lane one. I worked hard in the quarters and semis to give myself lane one in the final. My lap times were all good and got gradually faster and faster during the day. In Sweden I felt like I was in control the whole time and I made it work again in Argentina. I’m really, really, really happy right now.”

Phillips leads the 2015 World Cup with two Dutch riders in second and third. Niek Kimmann moved up a spot to second place and Jelle van Gorkom’s 5th place on Sunday moved him into the top three of the UCI BMX SX World Cup standings.

Results and standings

iLike Interview – Kenny Belaey

iLike Interview – Kenny Belaey

iLike Interview – Kenny Belaey

Kenny Belaey


Kenny Belaey


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A true ambassador of his discipline, Kenny Belaey is not only the trials rider with the most UCI titles but he also likes to introduce people to his sport. He travels the world with his show and produces his own TV show called Kenny Belaey’s BIGtime. It goes to say that Kenny is hyperactive and is always working on a new project. When we contacted him to answer to our iLike Interview, he jumped at the chance to talk about Trials. Let’s get started!

Name: Kenny Belaey
Age: 32
Nickname: The Magician
Discipline: Trials
Main success:
– 4 Elite World Champion titles, 4 Elite European titles, 6 overall World Cup wins, 3 Junior World titles, 2 Cadet World titles, 1 Junior European title.
– Part of the biggest Adidas campaign ever, reaching 1.3 Billion people
– Managed to have the first ever live stream of a UCI Trials event (Aalter, 2012)

An actor/actress: Will Smith
A TV series: Terra Nova
A movie: Avatar
A song: Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd. Goose bump guitar solo
An artist: Jimi Hendrix
A book: Losing my virginity by Richard Branson
A colour: Blue
A meal: Sushi
A country: USA
A race: World Championships
Another cyclist: Sven Nys
Another sport: Enduro
A sport person: Tony Hawk
3 things that you would take with you on a desert island: a bike, a boat and a fishing reel
A person who inspires you: Nelson Mandela
A motto: Winners never quit and quitters never win
A dream: To live long and happily, without regrets and having done something meaningful in life

Something people don’t know about you?
I am a work addict… I can’t stop working on projects and taking on new challenges.



Get to Rays Rookie of the Year Am Jam Comp

Get to Rays Rookie of the Year Am Jam Comp

Get to Rays Rookie of the Year Am Jam Comp

Reed Boggs

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