Who: Catharine Pendrel

Age: 34

Nationality: Canadian

About: Growing up on a horse farm, it is not surprising that Catharine Pendrel learned to ride a horse before she learned to ride a bike. And although she was already 16 when her older brother introduced her to mountain biking, she wasted no time getting into competition. In fact she was racing within two weeks of trying out her new sport and has never looked back.  At the 2014 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships in Norway, Catharine Pendrel added a second World title to her long and impressive list of achievements.

Currently based: Kamloops, British Columbia

Current team: Luna

Main achievements: 2011 and 2014 World Champion, 2 x World Cup Champion, 11 World Cup wins

Race you would love to win: Olympics

When/What age you started cycling and why? 16.  Looked fun!

First competition:  Local mtb race.  I came 1st and last…

At home: Married, 3 cats

Professional qualification: BA Social Sciences

Work: Full time cyclist

What nobody would imagine:  I lived in Cuba during an exchange programme and was referred to as the girl who likes to eat a lot. They say it like they see it in Cuba!

Food an athlete should not eat, but you love it anyway:  Mr. Noodles!

A song that puts you in racing mode: Get Lucky by Daft Punk

What keeps you motivated? The challenge of mountain biking

What makes you feel beautiful? Sun on my face!

What’s your biggest fear?  Losing someone close to me

What’s your biggest dream? An Olympic medal
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