New dawgs, old tricks, same Jackal, fresh paint job.

Logan Peat and Josh Bryceland paid us a visit during the holiday period, so we gave them a local tour…1950’s style.

Some of you may remember Joe Graney’s classic Streamliner coach from Sea Otter and Interbike a few years ago. Following a stint in retirement she’s up and running again now, so we took the opportunity to bunk off work for the day and cruise around town.

Almost a classic in its own right, I don’t imagine you’re too interested in a list of Jackal specs or prices, seeing as it’s been around a little while now. It’s still as rad as it always was though, and perhaps worth noting it’s only available as a stand alone frame these days. The complete bike images are just a serving suggestion.

So enjoy the clip for what it is, but please don’t refer to the Streamliner as merely a “bus”. It makes Joe very upset.

Have a good weekend practicing those manuals…








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