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We all know that you have to replace bike helmets once they’ve gone through a fall affecting the head because protection capability could be significantly reduced in the next fall. This is no different for a back protector. Our Liteshield Protector technology complies with the standard for personal protection equipment (CE 1621-2). All protectors in this category, whether it’s from our protector backpacks or protection wear, should be replaced after a serious fall.

As we feel very strongly about the safety of our customers, we offer this service free of charge as part of our crash replacement.


So how do I replace my broken back protector?

1. If you have a broken or permanently deformed Evoc Liteshield (air) back protector, register on our website.

2. The request is directed to our customer service, who will then contact the customer.

3. The customer sends the protector to Evoc, we then check the protector and send the customer a new Evoc Liteshield (air) back protector in the appropriate size, where necessary. And all at no extra charge!

For customers outside of the EU, our Evoc distributor will handle the processing. Ride on!

Replacement form in the warranty-section on – or click here:
Free Liteshield protector replacement

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