The UR team is moving forward yet another step in 2014

It will be composed of 2 Enduro riders : Jamie Nicoll and Aurélien Giordanengo who will be attending all EWS as well as other major Enduro races worldwide.

In freestyle it will be composed of Sam Reynolds and Istvan Caillet attending majors FMB events and with Istvan also taking part in some BMX events.

UR team is therefore now representing 3 disciplines :

-Downhill with the “Hutchinson UR” team

-Enduro with “Polygon UR”

-Slopestyle with “Polygon UR “

Polygon is indeed taking the title sponsorship of Slopestyle and Enduro as they are willing to carry on their developpemnt in slopestyle and push their new cutting edge Enduro bikes.


Hutchinson will still remain the title sponsor of the UCI Elite Downhill section as they wish to consolidate their efforts in the “Formula 1? disciplin of mtb.

“Hutchinson UR” announcement in DH will comme later this month along with our partners and sponsors announcement of the whole UR team.

Fabien says :

“As a rider i’m always curious to try and experience new different racing styles, as a team owner I had this same mindset and i’m really happy to explore new disciplines with the team. I’m really happy to have such good riders representing so well those disciplines, with in Enduro, Jamie representing the adventure, incarnating the enduro spirit and Aurélien representing the versatility and competitivness that an Enduro rider needs to have. Sam Reynolds is such a great Slopestyle ambassador, always pushing his limits on any kind of bike and Istvan is a trick-machine let it be on his BMX or on his MTB.

I’m really proud to push further the DREAM RIDE SHARE way of thinking of the team and also really thankfull to have all the sponsors and staff to support this crazy project.


Jamie Nicoll

Age: 35

New Zealand / Queenstown

Riding : Enduro

“Following my great 2013 season, I was looking for the best way to continue riding in Enduro at such a level. Fabien and the Polygon UR structure offered me the complete package and the team projects coïncide with my own. I’m also really interested in helping the brands that support us in getting up to the highest step on the podium; as that’s where I expect to be in 2014!”


Aurélien Giordanengo

Age: 25

French / Draguignan

Riding : Enduro DH 4X

“Fabien suggested that I join the team to race Enduro. From the start this sounded like a great idea! It’s a very professional team but that also has a very fun atmosphere. This Enduro challenge is new for me and will be really motivating along with the few DH races I’ll take part in. The first few runs I’ve taken on the Polygon have been really positive, I can’t wait for the racing season to begin and start my new carear in enduro.”


Sam Reynolds

Age: 22

England / Fleet.

Riding : Slopestyle  Dirt Freeride

“I’m pretty stoked to ride with Polygon for another season after developing some awesome bikes the last few years!  Joining the race team is something new and exciting too and I’m looking forward to riding more on my downhill bike this year with those guys. Having a mechanic look at my bike every once in a while cant be a bad thing either!”


Istvan Caillet

Age: 21

French / Toulouse

Riding : BMX Slopestyle Dirt

“I usually ride freestyle BMX. Being on the Polygon UR team is a great opportunity for me to ride more on my mountain bike and transfer the bag of tricks I have to the Slopestyle bike. Of course having Sam on the team is going to be great. It’s definitely going to help me progress and have fun”

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