Kili Flyer – A Bike for all Trails. A Bike for all Seasons.

Kili Flyer

Remember in days gone by when you just got out and rode? Before being stereotyped by marketing suits selling you the latest buzz words for riding? Well this is what the Flyer is all about. Riding up, riding down, slaying trails, roosting corners, racing your mates, epic days in the saddle and getting loose!

2014 Saracen Kili Flyer 123

We started development of the 120mm travel Kili Flyer in 2012 and we were one of the first bike companies to bring a 27.5” trail bike to market in 2013. It took a while for component manufacturers to catch up and offer a good choice of parts that were not just gravity orientated.

Blake and Manon take the Kili Flyer to the trails.

It’s pretty funny hearing the conspiracy theories about 27.5” but people need to get over the fact that this wheel size is not just hype created to sell more product, but a wheel size that 90% of the population could ride and that offers rolling advantages on rough terrain that when timed on a stopwatch, is faster than our much loved 26”.

Kili Flyer 122 getting wet

The 2014 Flyer is the next step in the development of what we feel is an ideal trail bike.

Kili Flyer 122

We’re a small team designing great bikes that can be ridden anywhere in the world. Our headquarters is home to some of the wettest weather on the planet so we get to test the bikes in the muddiest and grittiest conditions. That’s where the “designed for UK trails” comes from, knowledge that your bike can handle wet weather as well as dry, dusty trails.

Real-world conditions

The Flyer features our own custom butted and formed 6013 Alloy front triangle with a Toray carbon rear triangle for stiffness, strength and weight saving over the original full alloy bike. The Toray carbon rear has been designed from knowledge we gained while developing the Toray carbon swingarm on our Myst DH race chassis. We call the suspension platform, on all our bikes TRL. It’s simple really: Tuned Ride Link. Single pivot for stiffness with a linkage driven shock for great suspension performance and combined together with a long top tube and relatively slack head angle for perfect trail manners.

Kili Flyer 123

The Kili Flyer range starts at £1999 (for the full alloy model) and tops out at £3199 with a framekit option at £1599.

As Manon Carpenter recently said on one of our shoots, “If I could only have one bike, this would be it.”

Kili Flyer – A bike for all Trails. A bike for all seasons.

Kili Flyer 123 - 3199.99
Blake hits warp speed

Kili Flyer 123 – £3199.99

Kili Flyer 122 - 2599.99
Manon Carpenter finding some grip.

Kili Flyer 122– £2599.99

Kili Flyer 121 - 1999.99
Jack getting airborne.

Kili Flyer 121 – £1999.99

Saracen Kili Flyer 12x frameset - 1599.99

Kili Flyer 12X Frameset – £1599.99

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