New 7 Speed Hub from Atomlab

New 7 Speed Hub from Atomlab

Dedicated 7 Speed
Atomlab is stoked to announce the addition of the DHR 7spd hub. The shorter freehub body allows the drive side flange to be wider spaced from the non-drive flange; as a result, a stronger wheel with more symmetrical spoke angles can be built. This increased triangulation of the spokes increases stiffness, especially important when using a larger wheel than 26″.

New 7 Speed Hub from AtomlabThe flange spacing is highly visible between a standard 150mm hub and the DHR hub.

Short Shift
The 7 speeds of the DHR hub can typically be covered with a two tooth jump between each sprocket. The DHR hub offers an even shift between gears when using a 10 speed 11-34t cassette for a 11 – 13 – 15 – 17 – 19 – 21 – 23 spread. 11-24 and 11-25 spreads are also possible. Installation is a breeze. Simply remove the three largest cogs (fixed to a spider) from a 10 speed cassette, slide the remaining seven cogs on the freehub, torque the lock ring, limit your 10 speed derailleur, and go shred!

New 7 Speed Hub from AtomlabNo spacers, a true 7 speed hub.

DHR Hub Details
• CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum
• 102 Points of Engagement
• (5) Sealed Cartridge Bearings
• 32 Hole
• Black
• 12x150mm = 333g
• 150mm or 157mm spacing
• MSRP $289.95 USD

Atomlab has a limited first release of the DHR hub, contact your Atomlab distributor to order. Riders in the USA and Canada may contact Atomlab through [email protected]

Garrett Robertson, Raymond George and Jared Smith will be putting the DHR hub through it’s paces in 2015. Jared’s first ride on Atomlab wheels was documented below:

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