New Fork Technology From BOS

FCV, which stands for Frequency Control Valve, is the latest patented innovation from the engineers at BOS. FCV is a technology that BOS has been using in various motor sport categories for the past few years. Most notably in the offroad category (Rally Raid, Rally Cross, Sprint Car and Motocross) such as the Dakar on Carlos Sainz’ SMG-Redbull car.

BOS has been using the FCV system quite successfully in motor sports for a few years now, however adapting it to be a DH world cup contender proved to be an exciting challenge” said Olivier Bossard Founder of BOS MTB.

This adaptation of the FCV is to meet the needs of mountain bike pilots, represents countless hours of development for BOS. The system was developed over 2 world cup seasons with the experience of world cup pilots and extended use of our data acquisition system in the off season. Until now suspension settings were a compromise between grip, efficiency, comfort, support and shock absorption. The FCV will now revolutionize the suspension by acting as a second damper inside the fork. The FCV helps to keep that “BOS feeling” that riders are now accustomed to, while offering a level of comfort and small bumps absorption unseen before with a regular fork.

BOS Suspension images. FCV ClosedFCV Closed

BOS Suspension images. FCV OpenFCV Open

The FCV is a smart system able to recognize if the compression is coming from the rider’s effort applied to the bars or an impact to the wheel. The Frequency Control Valve makes the distinction between the two, at the same time the FCV will filter a wider range of impacts coming to the fork.

Some noticeable effects expected from the FCV:
• A buttery feeling 
• Reduction of fatigue to hands and arms 
• Better absorption of square hits
• Reduces the risk of pinch flatting and rims denting
• More comfort on braking bumps
• Less nose diving 

Look for more BOS models to be equipped with FCV in the coming year.

Newly Redesigned Idylle RaRe

2015 BOS Idylle details
2015 BOS Idylle details

Price to be announced soon.

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