“This is an exciting change for the team and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work together with another great UK company. It’s a new partnership with the guys at Orange and so far we have been really impressed with their drive towards racing and making sure we have everything we need to be competitive. In keeping with our sponsor line up this season we also have a strong UK rider focus but still racing on the international scene.”


Team boss and head honcho Ben Reid railing a berm at the Innerleithen BDS race 2013

“It’s with great pleasure to announce that we are able to support both Harry Heath (aka Baz) and young Jacob Dickson (aka the Ginger Ripper). I have known and traveled with Harry for a few years as we convoyed through the mountains in our vans going from race to race. I respect the way Harry has gone racing with driving himself there, setting up his own pits, working on his bikes and cooking his own food. He has a strong work ethic which stands for a lot. In saying that I also know how hard this approach can be and I look forward to helping Harry reach his full potential. Jacob  I have known since he was no age, him and his Dad Mark bought one of my old bikes, since then its been clear that young Jacob has the drive and the skills to go a long way in the sport. In 2013 he was on of the favourites to take the Youth BDS title but a neck injury put him out for most of the season. Coming back towards the season’s close he finished 3rd in Maribor at the IXS Cup putting him in a strong position for 2014. I look forward to introducing him to his first World Cup season and helping him achieve his goals. I have wanted to get both these riders on the team for a while now and couldn’t be happier that the opportunity has finally come round.”


Harry in action as a privateer last year

“Starting racing as a kid, Dirt Mag is what I read and Orange bikes is what I raced so it’s come full circle for me. To get the chance to be on the Orange/Dirt World Team is an amazing opportunity and one I’m really excited about. The people behind the team work really hard which is great to be around, I’m doing the same and which should make for a amazing first year for the team.”

Saracen British Downhill Series 2013

Jacob in third place at the Fort William BDS race last year

“I’m really excited that Ben gave me the opportunity to ride the Orange Dirt World Team. It’s a dream come true, being on a great team like this is why I started racing back when I was 13. Ben and Ali (Dirt mechanic) got me into racing by helping me put my bike together and making the transition from motocross was easy. I’m over the moon on riding the Orange 322 and the fact that Ben and Harry are my team mates will be great. I’m hoping to gain knowledge from their experience of World cup racing. I have been very fortunate getting the spot on the team after missing the last 3 rounds of the BDS due to a neck injury. now I just cant wait to get riding on the World Cup circuit and enjoying every minute riding my bike.”

Sim Mainey from Orange has been working with the team and everyone at Orange is chuffed that the boys will be flying the flag for them at the World Cup DH races.

“Everyone at Orange is incredibly excited to be working with the Dirt team; Ben, Harry and Jacob. Like the Dirt team Orange has a long and esteemed history in DH racing, on both a local and global stage, and this partnership pushes our racing ambition into the future. Our bikes have helped riders to win World Cup and World Championship races and we’re sure this success can be replicated with the new team. We’re also looking forward to working with the team on developing our bikes and keeping both our products and our riders at the cutting edge of competition.”

Ben Reid won’t be racing World Cups this season but will be concentrating on the media output from the team. We can expect video edits to be dropping throughout the season and you will of course see them here on Dirt first.

We want to wish the team the best of luck for the 2014 season and we should have some more info for you as the bikes come together and Ben’s bus get’s a revamp.

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