Pon joins the ECF Cycling Industry Club

Pon joins the ECF Cycling Industry Club

From January 2014, the Pon Bicycle Group has joined the ECF’s Cycling Industry Club. Pon sees the membership as an excellent way to stimulate cycling and development of the bike industry in Europe.

Rob Oudshoorn, Board Member for Pon Bicycle Group said “It is clear all bike businesses should be making this commitment to advocacy. To stimulate growth in the fast moving European bike market, extensive and up to date information exchange between bike manufactures and European stakeholders is essential.  Joining the Cycling Industry Club means Pon will play a leading role with ECF and our industry colleagues in this exchange on legislation developments and supporting measures. “

Pon’s roots are in bike manufacturing in the late 19th century, when Pon Bikes were produced in the Netherlands. The company switched to the import and sales of Volkswagen in the Netherlands in 1947. From that time onwards Pon has expanded their business from car, to truck (MAN) and equipment (Caterpillar) dealerships and has been the Dutch Continental (bike) tyre dealer for several decades.

Pon enriched its product portfolio with the production and sales of bikes in 2012, based on the firm believe that bikes will play an important role in new types sustainable of mobility in the near future. In particular E-bikes will enable international growth for Pon. Therefore Pon enlarged its product portfolio with several leading bike brands like Gazelle, Focus, Kalkhof and Cervelo and has become one of the largest bike manufacturers in Europe.

ECF’s Development Director Kevin Mayne welcomes Pon’s announcement. “This is a fantastic start to 2014 for the Cycling Industry Club. Pon is one of our leading bike companies and we are excited by the discussions we have had with them about working together. It is clear that Pon understands the importance of international advocacy to the cycling industry and intends to be an active force in the Cycling Industry Club. That’s good for the Club and its good for cycling.”

About the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF)


With over 70 members across nearly 40 countries, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) unites cyclist’ associations from across the globe, giving them a voice on the international level. Our aim is to get more people cycling more often by influencing policy in favour of cycling.

ECF’s members are complemented by networks Scientists for Cycling, Cities for Cycling and the ECF Cycling Industry Club.

The Cycling Industry Club was founded at Eurobike in 2011 and now has nearly 30 members from all sectors of the bicycle industry including bikes, parts, publishing and information technology services. It aims to create a €1million advocacy fund for cycling in Europe which supports ECF’s aim to double the level of cycling in Europe.

About Pon


Pon’s leading bike brands include Gazelle, Focus, Kalkhof and Cervelo and has become the largest bike manufacturer in North Western Europe with a particular strength in the e-bike market, notably since its 2012 acquisition of Derby Cycle, the largest bicycle manufacturer in Germany.

Pon is a family owned international trade & service organization, active mainly in the mobility and energy market.  Its 13.000 employees are situated in 130 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. The company imports Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, MAN in the Netherlands, is the Dutch and Scandinavian dealer of Caterpillar machines and engines and has been the Dutch Continental (bike) tyre dealer for several decades. In the US Pon is large supplier of valves, fittings and flow control equipment to navel, off shore and industry partners. Pons Asian activities concentrate on engineering, servicing and certifying flow control and electrical installations for the shipping, off shore and oil & gas industry.

– See more at: http://www.ecf.com/press_release/pon-joins-the-ecf-cycling-industry-club/#sthash.9N4ti55l.dpuf

– See more at: http://www.ecf.com/press_release/pon-joins-the-ecf-cycling-industry-club/#sthash.9N4ti55l.dpuf

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