With the weather coming in, Enduro World Series organisers were forced to make a tough call regarding racing and sent the following notice out to all riders today:

To All Riders, follows the new schedule for the next days.

Friday 2nd October:
Following a long day of checking the weather forecasts, the organisation have been forced, due to safety reasons, to CLOSE ALL STAGES on Friday 2nd October.

Saturday 3rd October:
Two options:

Plan A (good weather) – Racing will commence as normal, Stages 1-4 will open for competition
Plan B (bad weather) – Stage 2 will be cancelled and Stages 1,3,4 will be opened for competition

We will confirm either Plan A or Plan B at the scheduled rider’s briefing on Friday at 18:30.

We will post further updates as they come to hand.

The town of Varigotti comes at you fast when you reach the end of stage four.Things are not looking this dry or dusty currently…

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