Adam Hunt, the developer of the popular mobile game Pumped: BMX has been hard at work on improving his formula and has just released the first screenshots of the new and improved Pumped BMX 2.

Pumped BMX 2 is an addictive extreme sports game for real enthusiasts. The aim of the game is to make it to the end of the level by landing a series of jumps smoothly, whilst also beating a number of trick and score challenges. The levels start simply but quickly become fiendishly difficult, and literally millions of potential trick combinations ensure the challenges stay fresh.

Pumped BMX 2 adds a number of improvements to the original game, most notably is that it is now 3D, allowing the player to combine spins and tricks such as truck drivers, 360 tailwhips.

Adam has doubled the number of tricks the player can do including some pretty wild additions like the 360 bikeflip frontflip, which he says is “a ridiculous (if not slightly horrifying) trick.”

And if that’s not enough Adam has also added grinds and manuals. “Don’t expect to be doing over-crooks, but icepicks, toothpicks and 50-50s are all locked in.”

In total there will be 16 air tricks to be combined with flips and spins and linked together with grinds and manuals. “I tried (and failed) to do the math, but the number of potential combos is way up in the millions!”

“Ride a relaxed line and do nothing but floaty 360’s, x-ups and kickouts, or go big and throw down double front flips, 720 turn downs or an ice pick to decade – the game is there to let you ride how you want.”

– 16 carefully animated tricks
– Millions of combos including grind and manual lines
– Four worlds with awesome unique environments
– More to be announced…

Pumped BMX 2 will be released Summer 2014 for iPhone and iPad, with Android to follow soon after.


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