If we say to you: aggressive, flowy and aerial, with a very unique riding style, does it mean anything to you? Now if we add that his video filmed in Whistler Bike Park (Canada) ranked 7th among the most viewed videos of 2013 on Pinkbike, do you guess who this new recruit is?

No more suspense, it’s now official: Remy METAILLER will ride for COMMENCAL in 2014!

There was no debate at COMMENCAL’s. In one video and one video only, we understood very quickly he needed to ride on our bikes! The “Flying Frenchy” knows how to get himself talked about, so we can’t wait to see him sending whips all around the world! Originally from France, Remy fell in love with British Columbia where he is living for a part of the year. As a fervent follower of Urban DH, he will attend the first round of the City Downhill World Tour in Valparaiso, Chile next February 23rd. Ultimately, he is planning on entering the North-American rounds of the UCI World Cup circuit next August, where he will be joining a certain Faustin FIGARET…

The words of the person concerned:

“I’m super stoked to ride for Commençal! The perception I have of Commençal, as an innovative and outstanding company, is very much in alignment with my plans. It was very natural to partner with them. From the very start, the people I have met from the company have been very helpful and supportive of me. The bikes from Commençal are known to be reliable, fast and fun and that’s what drew me to the company. I’m really looking forward to riding DH with the Supreme and also Enduro with the Meta AM 650b this year. With Commençal behind me, you will see more of me at the Whistler Bike Park and also at select downhill races throughout North and South America. I’m also very excited about sharing my riding with you in the many photos and videos I’ll be working on this season.”

Follow him on www.facebook.com/remymetailler and instagram @remymetailler

If you haven’t seen Remy in action, check him out here:

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