Rene Wildhaber scandies his way through a hole in the wall.

After a long and prominent mountain bike racing career in the disciplines of enduro and downhill, René Wildhaber will shift his focus to growing the sport he loves with new projects. His charismatic personality, experience within multiple disciplines, and abundant knowledge will make him a pivotal figurehead and ambassador for Trek in support of its trail and e-MTB segments.

Racing will continue to be an important component of René’s schedule, and he will participate in select enduro adventures and EWS stops throughout the year. In addition to these select competitive endeavors, René will advocate for the continued growth of the crucial e-MTB segment in Europe. René will also be involved in photo and video shoots for the Trek brand. His experience and longevity within the world of mountain biking has led to immense success over the years, and Trek is looking forward to the next evolution in René’s career.

Rene Wildhaber is maybe the most experienced big mountain racer in the field this weekend although Abaslon and Clementz would probably stake claims to that title too . It was here in La Thuile two years ago where he really started moving towards the front of the field leading the overnight standings last time the circuit came here. After a rocky 2015 this could be just the race to get him back in contention.

René Wildhaber has always been one step ahead of the mountain bike world,” said Trek Mountain Bike Marketing Manager Travis Ott. “He was enduro before enduro was the thing. He was pedaling big mountain adventures before that was the trend. He embraced electric mountain bikes as a viable option before it became the next big thing. In short, René is truly a champion and guiding force in mountain biking. I’m thrilled that Trek and René will continue to work together, and I can’t wait to see where he takes mountain biking next”.

René’s influence and mark on the sport of mountain biking, in terms of both culture and product development, will be seen for many years to come.

“In his time with Trek Factory Racing, René proved to be one of the most prolific riders we’ve had,” said Trek Sports Marketing Director Tim Vanderjeugd. “Few have pushed the boundaries of the sport more than René, so we’re incredibly excited that he will continue to be an impactful voice for Trek and the sport as a whole.

Look for René at rides and competitions in Europe, as well as events promoting the growth of the e-MTB segment.


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