Rockstar Beskidia Downhill is a fantastic race series in Poland that is fast becoming the biggest alternative competition to the Polish National Cup.

The series has a great organization team, excellent atmosphere, different tracks and eight different categories. The whole series is also easily accessible for all from amateurs to professional.

Beskidia was proclaimed last year by the participants to be one of the best competitions in Poland and also become known as “the small Polish Word Cup”!

Rockstar Beskidia Downhill is also a great event series for those looking to hone their talents with the “ My first run” category specifically aimed at people who are entering a downhill race for the first time.

Beskidia also has a teams division which usually turns out to be a great form of rivalry for many contestants.

New this year Beskidia has created a special category dedicated to young people called “Young guns” for ages 12 to 14. This category is for those who want to take their rivalry to the next level and for those that think racing with the “kids” is not enough anymore.

Pinkbike will also be an official media sponsor of Rockstar Beskidia Downhill this year.

So …3….2….1….. Beskidia!

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