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When it’s grim and grey outside, when the clocks change at the end of October, when you are rushing to get ready for an evening ride and you realise your lights aren’t charged, or when you realise you never got round to cleaning your bike after the last mud bath you call a ride, it’s all too easy to slump back in front of the computer and watch videos of other people riding in bright sunshine on exciting mud free trails.

As you sit there, gaining weight, clogging your arteries with goo, and snapping at your loved ones; you occasionally stumble on video of somewhere like Ray’s and you think; “why haven’t we got something like that?”

Well soon you can have, and all you have to do is help a little bit (or a lot).

Sheffield is a shining beacon of innovation. Everything in the modern world is thanks to Sheffield developing the mass production of steel. And now, within spitting distance of where steel mass production was developed, the riders of Sheffield are showing the way out of the darkness and the damp and the wind and the… let’s face it, mud.

2016 began badly, and got steadily worse, 2017 needs to be better and this winter needs to be the last winter where we don’t have an indoor Mountain-bike and BMX park.

Well before October comes around, and the clocks have to crap on our dreams again, we will have a place to go and escape the elements, a place to go and learn new skills, a place to go to build new muscles, a place to go and meet new friends.

Possible bowl design for the new parkPossible bowl design for the new park.

We will have little indoor hills with challenging technical climbs and fun little descents.
We will have twisty trails with berms and drops and gaps and hips.
We will have pump tracks with endless scope to improve your technique.
We will have lumps for trials type stuff.
We will have a wooden bowl to swoop and carve around.
And we will have jumps, oh man we will have jumps, and not just big intimidating stomach churning jumps only for the heavy of testicle, but fun little jumps to start anyone off, and hips to left and right, and medium jumps that just flow and flow, jumps that get you high in every sense.

And if there is a berm, or a jump, or a drop, or a trials obstacle that you want that we don’t have, then you can roll your sleeves up and build it!

And we will be open, not just at weekends and evenings, but 9am-10pm seven days a week, so if you work shifts or unsociable hours you can come and ride when it suits you!

After hours of market research and brainstorming, the name “Sheffield Bike Park” has been conjured from thin air to try to describe what will be a bike park in Sheffield, but no mere words can describe the wonder that is to come.

Sheffield Bike Park will be a bike park by and for the riders of Sheffield and beyond. A not-for-profit community enterprise that ploughs its profits back into the park and the riders. The more money comes in, the more stuff gets built, simple as that.

Sheffield Bike Park will be launching it’s crowd-funding campaign soon. The team is in place, the plans are well advanced, the industry and the council are behind it, and local riders are rolling up their sleeves. But not until the building has been secured will we be launching the campaign itself, so when you see the campaign you know it’s really on.

Get excited and get ready, 2017 is the year.

Inspiration for the logo was the idea of a track so thought I d try modelling it with all the berms etc.Inspiration for the logo was the idea of a track, so thought I’d try modelling it with all the berms etc.

Sheffield Bike Park is currently:-

James Folkes: Rider. Skilled tradesman and catalyst. Now full time project managing Sheffield Bike Park.

George French: Bicycle Design Engineer. Founder of G-Sport BMX, currently with Odyssey BMX, Sunday Bikes, G-Sport, Fairdale and OTX Design. Now also at Sheffield Bike Park.

Steve Rimmer: Socially responsible entrepreneur, setting up numerous Sheffield arts and entertainment based businesses including the hugely successful Creative Arts Development Space Trust (CADS).

The core team have a history of “getting shit done” and “knowing who to ask” a combination of which gets them through anything.

Well wishers, currently include:-

Sheffield “the outdoor city”
Ride Sheffield
This is Sheffield
Steve Peat
18 Bikes
And numerous other local individuals and businesses are jumping in daily.

Future contributors include: YOU!

*On-Board skatepark will be partnering with Sheffield Bike Park to expand their already excellent educational programs and support to local disadvantaged children and groups which will also help us expand our opening hours.

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