Shred! 2 is the epitome of “indie” development.The game is a 100% self-funded project produced entirely by one man in a bedroom (well actually it’s now a landing due to having a baby), who is totally and utterly hellbent on creating a video game worthy of our beloved sport.

bigquotes I was super stoked when Sam Pilgrim agreed to be involved in the project. With no riding style off limits and a rowdy bag of tricks equal only in size to his infectious enthusiasm, I knew he was a perfect figurehead for the game. So big shout out to Sam for being super responsive and using his connections to help support the cause!Alex Johnson
ASBO Interactive HQ
Ghetto game development
Ride as Sam Pilgrim in over 50 relentlessly paced levels.
The action takes place in environments inspired by classic video scenes, Mountainbike culture and personal riding experience.
Save your thumbs! The mobile version supports Bluetooth gamepads
Sam Pilgrim’s digital doppelganger
Choose a Haibike hardtail or trail bike and go “Shred!”.
An intense 1st person POV (with nausea-inducing VR support) will be available on PC!
Providing things go according to plan, the game is due to be released in spring 2018 on Android and iOS, for a very affordable price. A graphically superior and VR enabled PC / Xbox / PS4 version is due to follow later in the year.The Pinkbike community was instrumental in getting the first game off the ground and I hope the sequel will prove to be a fun riding substitute for those times where it’s not possible to get out on the trails!

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