UCI Track Cycling World Cup – The Dutch conquer Guadalajara

UCI Track Cycling World Cup – The Dutch conquer Guadalajara

UCI Track Cycling World Cup – The Dutch conquer Guadalajara

UCI Track Cycling World Cup – The Dutch conquer Guadalajara

With the victories of Jenning Huizenga in the pursuit and Matthijs Buchli in the keirin, but also with the podium places of Hugo Haak on the kilometre, the Dutch stole the show on second day of racing on the Mexican track.

 Men’s kilometre – Sunderland under the minute

 Scott Sunderland will not leave Mexico empty-handed. After his victory in the team pursuit, he became the first Australian inside the minute on the kilometre, winning the event in 59.675. The previous Australian record was held by Shane Kelly. Poland’s Krzysztof Maksel (59.820) and Dutchman Hugo Haak (59.976) took the other podium spots in that order.

 Final standings –  A first for Poland

 On 225 points, Krzysztof Maksel became the first Pole to bag the kilometre World Cup trophy. The 22-year-old rider from Paczkow finished level on points with Hugo Haak but was crowned thanks to his higher placing in the last race.

Simon Van Velthooven lies third on 195 points. In spite of his absence in Guadalajara, French world record holder Francois Pervis finished fourth.overall.

 Men’s pursuit –  Huizenga takes all

 Jenning Huizenga continued the Dutch haul on Saturday by dominating the individual pursuit. Fastest in the qualifications, the Dutchman won in the final in 4:21.931 ahead of Argentine Mauro Agostini (4:25.708). In the third place final, Swiss Stefan Kueng clocked an excellent 4:19.542.

 Final standings – Huizenga crowned

 Fifth in the Manchester opener, Jenning Huizenga took the overall title on 255 points. It was the first UCI World Cup title for a Dutchman since Jens Mouris in 2006. Winner of the fist leg but only 5th in Mexico, Italy’s Marco Coledan had to be content with the runner-up spot, level on points with Huizenga. Argentina’s Mauro Agostini finished third on 209 points.

 Women’s 500 metres – Voinova takes over

 In the absence of Australia’s Anna Meares, who became the first woman under 33 seconds in the previous World cup leg in Aguascalientes, the half-kilometre was wide open and laurels finally went to Russia’s Anastasia Voinova in 33.645. Germany’s Miriam Welte finished second once again in 33.736 while third place went to Hong Kong’s Lee Wai Sze in 33.928.

 Final standings – Consistency pays off for Welte

 Consistency was rewarded for Germany’s Miriam Welte. Second in each stage of the World Cup, she finished top of the final standings on 270 points and became the first German crowned in the discipline. Anastasiia Voinova finished second with 255 points ahead of Lee Wai Sze on 240 points.

 Men’s keirin – Buchli finishes in style

Guadalajara inspired the Dutch and especially Matthijs Buchli. After a disastrous start to the season, he won the keirin in style on the Mexican ring: “I won each of my rounds. What a great way to start 2014,” he said after his victory ahead of Colombia’s Santiago Ramirez and Welshman Lewis Alexander Oliva.

 Final standings – Buchli retains his crown

 Only 25th in the Manchester opening leg of the World Cup and fourth in Aguascalientes, the 21-year-old Buchli finished strong to retain his crown on 264 points ahead of Germany’s Tobias Waechter and Britain’s Lewis Alexander Oliva.

 Women’s sprint – Triumph for Max Success Pro Cycling

 With two girls in the final, Max Success Pro Cycling confirmed their domination in the women’s sprint, Lin Junhong winning ahead of team-mate Tianshi Zhong. The podium was entirely Asian since third place went to Hong Kong’s Lee Wai Sze.

 Final – Sze crowned again

 On the podium of the three World Cup stages, Lee Wai Sze retained her UCI World Cup title on 375 points ahead of Germany’s Kristina Vogel who missed the Guadalajara meet. Australia’s Anna Meares, who also shunned the last event to prepare for the world in Cali, finished third on 248 points.

 Races are broadcast live on youtube.com/ucichannel

Photo: Victorious in the keirin, Matthijs Buchli takes one of the Netherlands’ two victories.

Cyclist, Runners risk dangers of too much water

Cyclist, Runners risk dangers of too much water

runLong-distance runners could be risking their health by drinking too much water, experts have warned.

Most people are aware of the dangers of dehydration, and the need to keep drinking during exercise.

But drinking too much water, plus a loss of sodium, can cause a potentially fatal condition called hyponatremia, or water intoxication.

It is the keen amateur who is most at risk. Elite runners such as Paula Radcliffe move too fast to drink too much.

People who do an hour or two in a gym or go to an exercise class are not likely to develop hyponatremia – because they are exercising for a relatively short time and are unlikely to drink too much.

But experts say the need to keep drinking water during work-outs has been “over-stressed”.

‘Wrong, wrong, wrong’

Concerns over hyponatremia have led USA Track and Field, the body which governs athletes and running in America, to issue new guidelines for long-distance runners.

Dr David Martin, an exercise psychologist from

y, who studied joggers’ drinking habits, said the change was overdue.

He examined the causes of illness in fun-runners since 1985 and found 70 cases of hyponatremia, many more than from dehydration.

He told a national newspaper: “We are very worried about the increasingly large group of people who are taking up running for the first time and who are told the party line Make sure you drink, You can’t drink too much. Carry water with you or you will get dehydrated. Don’t worry about the heat, just drink more’.

“But that’s just wrong, wrong, wrong.”

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Volvo Electric Car ReCharge Concept hybrid In-Wheel Motor EV

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Electric bike Crystalyte 5302 hub motor 91V  166km/h

Electric bike Crystalyte 5302 hub motor 91V 166km/h

maxresdefaultTest using:-Crystalyte 5302 hub motor ( the fastest hub motor for bicycle)
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