Electric bike Crystalyte 5302 hub motor 91V  166km/h

Electric bike Crystalyte 5302 hub motor 91V 166km/h

maxresdefaultTest using:-Crystalyte 5302 hub motor ( the fastest hub motor for bicycle)
-Infineon Controller 12 Mosfets
-Cycle analyst with V2.1
-16″ rim from the Zero motorcycle and 12 gauge spokes
-20″ tire at 120PSI limit
-anti nail heavy tube
0-100V 0-10A power supply set at 91V

The motor draw up to 700W at 166km/h but stioll around 110W at 40km/h

Doctorbass test lab

Tron Light Cycle Motorcycle

Tron Light Cycle Motorcycle

Transforming science fiction into reality, Parker Brothers Choppers have worked their magic to produce an absolutely stunning and custom-made Tron Light Cycle Motorcycle. An exact replica of the iconic virtual machine featured in the futuristic movie Tron, this custom chopper motorcycle is an impressive 8ft long, measuring 23 inches wide and weighing 215kg.

Capable of reaching high speeds of 120mph, not only does this unique hubless motorbike chopper give a jaw-dropping wow factor, but really shows off at night when fully lit up thanks to its amazing LED integrated fibreglass body. Attracting the attention of Disney and other film producers to use in their movies, music videos and promotional events, this beautifully crafted customized chopper even has a port specially designed for your iPad to download ride stats from the onboard computer, leaving you only to feel like a real sci-fi action hero.

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