The Nukeproof Horizon pedal is arguably the best flat pedal on the market – developed in conjunction with the world’s most famous flat pedal rider, Sam Hill, it recently received 10/10 from MBR magazine.

Nukeproof Horizon pedal

We (Chain Reaction Cycles) spoke to the guys at Nukeproof to see what it takes to make a pedal fit for a downhill legend.

Initial step: Design brief
The key requirements for the design (form and function) are set out and drawn from previous model testing, customer feedback and Team Chain Reaction PayPal riders Sam Hill, Mike Jones, Joe Smith and Elliott Heap.

The initial sketch

Nukeproof Horizon pedal

Nukeproof’s creative designer sketches his vision of what the new pedal should look like, with input from the Nukeproof design team.

Computer modelling
Next, the paper-and-pen drawing is handed to Nukeproof’s Design Engineer who works his magic and translates the sketch into reality, using Solidworks to create a production part drawing meeting the initial brief.

3D printing

Nukeproof Horizon pedal

Once agreed, the Solidworks version of the Horizon pedal is brought to life on Nukeproof’s own 3D printer. The 3D printed version of the pedal is fitted with all the parts of the final version, including the axle and pins.


Nukeproof Horizon flat pedal

Once the team are happy with the 3D printed version, an alloy forging of the pedal is produced, which becomes the unfinished ‘blank’ of the production pedal.

CNC machining

Nukeproof Horizon pedal

The raw forged alloy is then machined to production specification, finished in black ano with a polished face and black height adjustable pins.

Nukeproof Horizon pedal

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