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This is the balance that bike you need. If you really want to have a little Ripper to hit the trails with, you need to offer your kid the absolute best start at being a mountain biker. Production Privee and Cedric Gracia have the solution. The Mini CG.

Mini CG s in Macaw Yellow and Porsche 917

The Equipment Affects The Child’s Experience

Features Include:
Pneumatic Tires- You can’t be rolling on new Maxxis and let Jr bounce around on solid rubber tires. That’s like you putting 1990’s rubber on your sled and pumping it up to 90 psi. Come on Bro.

Bearings- You’re geeking out about putting ceramic bearings in your derailleur pulleys, don’t make Jr roll on bushings, that’s just plain mean.

Cushioned Seat- Remember that BMX bike you had in the 80’s that had a solid plastic seat? Yeah, you never sat down. Kids are uncomfortable on those cheap solid seats and that’s at least 50% of why they won’t get on the bike. Plus, once they’re jamming off curbs you want to protect them from the inevitable seat bounce, yikes!

If that isn’t enough reason to invest in your future Ripper, consider these features:

– Left / Right Grips are different colors, helps them understand right from left. As a parent, this is also helpful when you’re trying to help them to stay on the right hand side of the road. Or opposite if you’re “down under”.
– DISC BRAKE Compatible. Not only is it super cool to have a brake, it’s also really safe. Learning to stop is an essential building block, plus when they get going really fast towards the street you can yell “STOP” and they skid for you.
– Solid Construction and Standing Platform. There’s a lot of janky frames out there, sketchy foot rests and just overall rattle-traps. This thing takes a beating with it’s alloy construction. The standing platform is solid and ensures confidence when your little one begins to coast, which is really the essence of biking. When the time comes to stand and coast, the platform is non-slip and a secure place to put their feet.

There’s really nothing like seeing a kid enjoy themselves on a bicycle, pure bliss. Here’s a little edit to let you know what kind of fun you are in for with the Mini CG:


There are a limited number of Mini CG’s available starting Oct 1 in the US, to order yours go here.

See the entire range of Production Privee products available worldwide, go here.

The Future Looks Bright aboard the Mini CG

Duncan is 2.5 years old and asks me every day to ride his Production Privee Mini CG. Hopefully he s channeling Gracia s athleticism on the bike.This was my first time using the GoPro Silver and it was magic.

Pinkbike POD on April 16th 2015

Side view of the Mini CG Macaw color

Macaw Version

Side view of the Mini CG Porsche 917 color

Porsche 917 Version

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