Trail Advocacy Programme – Hookit Products

We love trails, you do too, simple huh? Well unfortunately not! The trails don’t build themselves, and they certainly don’t maintain themselves, and if we leave it up to the pesky council they often end up resembling gravel motorways, which we all agree are no fun!
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We started Hookit Products for one reason, we love riding bikes. So we are proud to introduce our ‘Trail Advocacy Programme‘, starting with Joystick Bicycle Components we will be donating 5% of what we make from all Joystick sales to our Trails Advocacy programme.

Through this we will be spreading the money around where it is most needed and working with local charities who fight on our behalf to keep the trails open. Whether its a new shovel that is needed or help to stop the bulldozing of a great set of trails, if we can help, we will. Keep an eye out for the Trails Advocacy logo and Joystick products. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes by local charities to keep our trails open and more importantly enjoyable, now is our turn to lend a hand, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is. We are starting with Joystick but rest assured we will be expanding the programme to include the rest of our portfolio.

Trail Advocacy

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