Treelines Official Launch

We’ve been tromping around the woods for a while now. Building trails, riding bikes and coming up with new ideas for a clothing line dedicated to trail building. After several years of learning and growing, we finally put a line together that we think is solid enough to share with the world. Treelines is for profit, but we donate back to local trail clubs and build crews. Trail building is what this is all about. We ride, but spend more time on the shovel creating lines and more riding opportunities. Our website officially launched this week and has an online store that ships globally. 10% of all product sales on the site will go back to trail building via IMBA. You can visit our site

Packing it in.

Heading out for a classic day of digging. The back country grill is designed for cooking with wood, on or keeping a fire contained. Lightweight and packable but really intended to be left and moved down as a trail is being built. The plans and designs for this will be available on our new site very soon. We are always thinking of new ways to make digging easier or more fun. What better then to cook for your build crew.

Cooking Lunch

Over the years we have been known to sponsor trail days for other crews and cook up some of our woods famous tail tacos. This is just another standard we adopted.

Running Saw

All our shirts are a poly/cotton blend work inspired fit, to reduce moisture. Tested in the woods and at the local pub, they are rider and builder approved.

Rolling in

Sometimes we ride, but usually its in the form of a flow check. Always bring the bike into the woods.

cuttin trail

Stepping up

Airing the rock

Product testing is a must. I have been wearing and washing our products for several years now. 

Stepppin Down

I choose a T-Shirt over a jersey, and most days it’s Carharts and work boots. All our products are designed and printed by us. Check up on the website to see new styles added frequently, we are just getting the store loaded up. The plan is to keep this project organic, original, and very non-corporate! We are not trying to be a bike clothing company. We are a trail building clothing company. Support us if you like what we are about.

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